Leonardo DiCaprio: People who believe in the laws of physics should not be allowed to hold public office

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Image: Leonardo DiCaprio: People who believe in the laws of physics should not be allowed to hold public office

(Natural News) When it comes to Hollywood liberals, they truly say the darnedest things. Every time you think they’ve said the dumbest thing ever they one-up you by saying something even stupider. On the issue of climate change they’ve said some pretty preposterous things already, but Leonardo DiCaprio is now looking to take the cake, it seems.

At a recent speaking engagement at the White House, DiCaprio stated, “If you don’t believe in climate change, you don’t believe in facts, and science, and empirical truths. And, in my humble opinion, [you] should not be allowed to hold public office.” It was an obvious dig at presidential hopeful Donald Trump who has made vocal hesitations about accepting the climate change theory.

DiCaprio’s statement is ridiculous for two reasons. For starters, attempting to discredit someone’s entire political ideology for being unconvinced by one particular scientific theory is borderline insane. After all, these things are still just theories. There have been numerous scientific theories throughout history that, despite being widely or universally accepted as truth at the time, were later revealed to be false. Remember that people once believed that the Earth was flat. …

Secondly, it’s hilarious how we as a society are treating DiCaprio as some sort of scientific expert on the subject of the world’s weather. The man is an actor, and yet he has begun passing himself off as some sort of brilliant scientific mind that couldn’t possibly be wrong about any sort of climate issues. Why people have bought into this charade is baffling, but when it comes to the Regressive Left, logic is never required.

When it comes to these kinds of issues, we really need to get the opinions of experts instead of the emotional responses of people in the entertainment industry. DiCaprio is a talented actor, but he clearly has no idea what he’s talking about here, and should be disregarded as such. In times such as these, when everything seems to be going wrong, the only way to maintain a healthy society is by behaving logically and refusing to react emotionally.

We have to keep calm and carry on if we are ever going to make America sane again. And when you look at the 2016 presidential election under a critical lens, that is definitely what we all need right now. There is no denying that anymore. …





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