NJ proposes law to treat marijuana like tobacco, erase all records of marijuana crimes

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Image: NJ proposes law to treat marijuana like tobacco, erase all records of marijuana crimes

(Natural News) One of the most frustrating problems facing the American criminal justice system today is the ridiculous criminalization of marijuana. In recent decades, we have all received so much factual, scientific information on the effects of the “drug” that it’s no longer logical to believe that it is a dangerous, life-ruining evil substance. And still, those who are caught with cannabis are treated like violent offenders, frequently imprisoned with absurd sentences for the smallest offenses.

Thankfully, many states have begun crusades to end the madness by passing the full legalization of marijuana, but that is only the beginning of the battle. Now lawmakers in New Jersey have proposed a law that will treat marijuana no differently than tobacco — and will erase all records of crimes related to the sale and possession of cannabis. If the law passes, it would be huge news for everyone in the state and beyond. It could honestly solve so many problems for a lot of people.

Written in the proposed law is the statement, “This bill would legalize marijuana by removing all criminal liability associated with marijuana from the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice … as well as its regulation as a controlled dangerous substance under the New Jersey Controlled Dangerous Substances Act.” It’s an extremely clear statement that lacks any loopholes. It’s simply a pro-freedom, pro-liberty law that would certainly help a lot of innocent people. There’s no reason for logical people not to support this.

Of course, many of the powers that be aren’t even remotely logical, so there’s still a chance that it won’t pass. Far too many government officials are still clinging tight to the idea that marijuana is a deadly drug that will destroy entire cities before taking the country hostage. It’s a laughable belief at best, and yet it seems to be more common than the reverse at times.

Marijuana education is going to be extremely important in the very near future. We need people to understand that there’s nothing evil about this plant.  It helps relieve an infinite amount of health issues while improving the overall quality of life for people all over the country.

We need to take a stand right now. We need to continue the fight for complete marijuana decriminalization.





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