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The total censorship of nutritional truth and the top 10 corporate culprits


(NaturalNews) The war is on for correct information, and many websites today that "educate" about health, clean food and safe medicine are anything but accurate.

They'll tell you that genetically modified food (GMOs) has been tested for safety and efficacy, but it has not. They'll tell you that vaccines and flu shots are safe and effective, but they're lying. United States regulatory agencies will tell you what the industries pay them to tell you, verbatim. In fact, corporate "shills" create and manage very expensive websites with thousands of articles supposedly written by independent journalists, "academics" and university "fellows," and of course, "public scientists," but they're all just paid hacks and hucksters regurgitating industry propaganda. They'll source a few "peer-reviewed" articles and swear by "science-based-medicine," but the points they make in their articles are NOT founded in the research they quote and cite regularly. It's all a ploy to mislead the masses, destroy health and immunity, and help Big Pharma make money off sick Americans on the back end of the poison consumption train.

The following are the best paid "hit-men" and "hit-women" in the biotech and Big Pharma businesses ... featuring so-called informational websites and their writers who lie and mislead consumers in order to get paid by corporations that pollute our food, water, medicine, personal care products and more.

And the top 10 corporate propaganda pushers and nutritional censors are ...

1. Search.com: 100 percent corporate propaganda.

2. Wikipedia: First written and put together by a guy who ran a soft porno industry website called Bomis, Wikipedia is nothing more than corporate propaganda spewed out and written in encyclopedia fashion so that all the "dumb" Americans will believe what it says. Why wouldn't they? The details about spiders and trees are good, right? Why wouldn't they tell us the truth about nutrition? Stop wondering now.

3. Forbes.com: TruthWiki.org

4. Washington Post: TruthWiki.org

5. ACSH (American Council on Science and Health): GMWatch.org

6. VAERS (Government-run adverse event reporting website for vaccine injuries): TruthWiki.org

7. GMOAnswers.com (All information written by biotech shills): TruthWiki.org

8. WebMD: NaturalNewsTracker.WordPress.com

9. The Rockefeller Foundation: TruthWiki.org

10. Ketchum (public relations firm): TruthWiki.org

And now, for your BONUS offender and ultimate propaganda spreading website ... Wait for it ... Wait for it .... National Geographic! NaturalNews.com

100% U.S. corporate propaganda: A complete blackout of all nutritional information

So, what's the solution to the censorship problem? That answer is multi-faceted. Here's a great way to begin. Start directing questions about all your important health questions to the right search engines. You could use a search engine that doesn't allow THEM – the corporate propagandists – to have any say ... Check out GoodGopher.com. Add it to your favorites, and use it regularly to find real natural health information.

Start second-guessing research that comes from "reliable sources." Don't let the "big guns" fool you with their seemingly sophisticated scientific jargon. They are protecting the money they make through spreading propaganda for the chemical food and chemical medicine makers of America.

Bottom line: My friends, you are witnessing the total censorship of nutritional truth. Search engines and news sites alike are trying to have you believe that there is no research out there confirming that natural, organic food is medicine. Even your beloved Google is black-holing or "memory holing" the best information on natural cures. Whatever cures your ills, you won't find it! Whatever helps you heal naturally, you won't find it. Nothing. Nowhere. It doesn't exist. These are the corporate shills talking. They want you to consume GMOs, drink tap water, get your flu shots, take your prescription meds and STFU about it.

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