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China's state propaganda now running pro-GMO propaganda campaign to brainwash the population

Thursday, November 21, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: GMO propaganda, China, state-run media

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(NaturalNews) Just like in the United States, the Chinese media is trying to persuade the public that GMO food is safe, getting them "ready to accept" the lie that GMO food is necessary, to assure over a billion people that gene-mutated food somehow helps with food shortages. Because the urban population has spiked rapidly in the past few decades in China, the demand for meat calls for an influx of "supply" to meet that demand. Of course, scientists who are paid off by Big Pharma and Biotech say the same thing over and over again to brainwash the masses, and that is that only genetically modified food can fill that void, but that's simply not true.

For starters, there is nothing that GMOs offer to the food industry that could substantiate claims of being able to produce more, and without further damaging the environment in the process. Genetically modified food has been proven to cause horrific golf-ball-sized cancer tumors in lab rats and breeds more bacteria, E. coli and even superbugs in the CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) across the globe. That is why CAFO farmers/breeders need to use ammonia to neutralize these issues, further endangering the health of the humans who consume this volatile chemical. (http://www.naturalnews.com)

To top it off, CAFO animals are given GMO feed, like soybeans and alfalfa, which gives them digestive infections, requiring more antibiotics be administered, driving up bacterial resistance to them when they are later used by doctors and hospitals for infections and the like. China is already "in the grip of food scares" with chemicals in chickens and heavy metal toxins polluting the environment in general. In fact, new infectious diseases are linked to the rise of factory animal farming.

Still, the media does its best to reject rumors that eating GMO food alters human DNA and alters reproductive abilities. The Communist Party's mouthpiece, the People's Daily, is similar to CNN or Fox News in that it propagates Big Food lies and supports genetically modified food as a legitimate way to feed the masses (much like vaccine propaganda). The U.S.A. and the FDA still refuse to admit the dangers of GM food or recognize the long term studies that HAVE been done. Even though genetically modified rice received certain "safety certificates" in 2009 in Beijing, the public is not supporting its production. That "Bt" rice certificate expires next year, and the re-approval process could take years.

Anyone out there want to eat some pest-killing rice? Why not? They must be smart enough to know that feeding the world pest killer isn't how you save the starving masses. Sounds like common sense. So why are the majority of Americans ignorant of this? Why do millions of Americans buy products every single day that contain pesticide-laden corn, soy, cottonseed oil and canola oil? Do they know about AOFD - Agent Orange Food Disorder? (http://www.naturalnews.com)

The recurring "safety" argument is not valid

The argument you hear over and over and over again from the Biotech/GMO world of quack science is that no long-term studies of toxicity have been done for genetically modified food, but they have. Others argue that humans do not have the same DNA as lab rats tested, but we do, and that DNA is over 96% the same, in fact. In China, the debate continues, but the public isn't buying into the media campaign to denounce the dangers of GMOs and convince a billion people that it's a good thing and helps with food shortage issues.

The Chinese are already "waste deep" in GMOs. China just happens to be the world's top importer of GMO soybeans, used as feed. Plus, they import U.S. GMO corn. Maybe the ultimate goal of the Chinese government and Biotech industry is population reduction, and then GMOs would be the answer, but then they would need a lot more chemotherapy centers and radiation equipment imported. So the debate is not whether GMOs cause disease, but how soon. Is it three to five years or three to five decades before genetically modified humans need chronic care management? Everyone knows that if you label GMO food, hardly anyone eats it, so that is not on the table for discussion. Monsanto and the Big Food Industry Moguls pay millions to prevent GMO labeling state by state in America.

Is Franken-Rice a Food Drug?

Is GMO food a drug? Is it deadly? It is a topic of national security in China, and certain officials are likening it to opium. Are Monsanto and DuPont dumping food drug "products" on China? That scientific debate has been hijacked and no "John Smith" may ever be allowed to talk about anything scientific. The social goons of the planet need to just eat the mutant food and shut up, right? Wrong. Speak up. Be heard. March against Monsanto and expose the GM nightmare for all those who have no clue. Do not play "genetic roulette." This is the war on food. Fight or be defeated; it's a simple choice. (http://tv.greenmedinfo.com)

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