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Dumb and Lazy
7/12/2013 | Comments
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Don't wanna work on the car
Won't catch me mowin' the yard
Don't wanna clean up the house
No need to work too hard

I sleep 10 hours a day
Kick ass on video games
My 3 hot girlfriends don't know
I live in the fast lane

Snacks in my belly
Peanut butter jelly
Old socks gettin' smelly

Throw those curtains open baby

Hey, I just woke up
And this is crazy
It's 3pm and
I feel so lazy

It's hard to keep a job
When I'm so spacey
But don't you call me
So dumb and lazy

Hey, when you nag me
You sound crazy
Cuz when I wake up
My brain feels hazy

And I don't want a job
that barely pays me
Where bosses call me
Mister dumb and lazy

I worship Dancing with Stars
Daydream about my swag car
It's the American way
try not to work too hard

I eat my waist line away
I'm Mr. Yolo they say
Take medication to wash
Confusing moods away

Vaccine injection
Flu shot brain infection
Still can't get erection

Voting in that next election!

Hey I just woke up
And this is crazy
It's 6 pm and
I still feel lazy

I gotta have caffeine
Just to raise me
It costs me nothing
Unemployment pays me

Hey, I don't protest
police can't taze me, bro
While we lose freedom
It doesn't phase me

And all the sheeple now
Who want to praise me
Yes I'm the leader
of the dumb and lazy

Before I eat a burrito
I use the microwave
I use the microwave, I use the micro micro wave

Before I take out the trash
I let it pile up
I do recycling
I do recycle cycling

It's hard to look clean
When I'm not shaving
It's not a fashion statement
Just freakin' lazy

Hey, I don't care about
The debt we're facing
I don't do numbers
Mathematics pains me

And all the other girls
who try to chase me
I try to friend them
But they erase me

Before I'm hittin' the big time
You can be my friend
I'll let you hang with me
I'll let you hang with, hang with me

Before I star in my movie
I watch some TV
Amazed at what I see
They're dumb and lazy

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