#1) Big Tobacco has a criminal track record of brainwashing, marketing to children, and chemically engineering their addictive product with ammonia.
by S.D. Wells
It started in the 1930s when doctors advertised their favorite brands and recommended them, even claiming they were good for digestion.

In the 1960's, major tobacco manufacturers began using ammonia to freebase the nicotine. This makes the nicotine up to 35 times MORE POTENT - a vapor ready form that reaches the brain and heart within 3 seconds. Marlboro once bragged to be the "King of Ammonia."

Big Tobacco had to settle in court for billions of dollars for marketing cigs to kids.

In the 1990's, Biotechnology in the field of Agriculture invented GMO, genetically modified organisms, and you can bet there's GM TOBACCO out there growing, and that means it contains pesticide and/or herbicide inside the seeds before they even grow out of the ground.

If you want to quit smoking pesticide, ammonia and bleach, there is a natural method that involves zero medications. There's a trailer on YouTube where you can become "aware" ...

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