#1) Ammonia at the Factory equals Cancer at Home - Should you be asking the US food industry key questions or just boycotting meat altogether?
by S.D. Wells
Have you ever smelled ammonia and been drawn back quickly, as if you've taken a whiff of some smelling salts? You probably know the potent industrial chemical smell from glass and window cleaning products.

The federal school lunch program uses over 5 million pounds of ammonia-injected beef trimming each year. The ammonia "sterilizes" the beef and kills some pathogens, but E. coli and salmonella still contaminate cow-derived products and the USDA has been hiding this industrial chemical ingredient from public awareness.

Become aware! - that ammonia changes DNA cell structure in humans and warps cells, fueling cancer development, especially in cleansing organs like the pancreas, liver, and the list goes on.

Are you eating pink-slime-ammonia burgers? Are you eating an industrial chemical that is allowed to be "classified as a processing agent" and not listed on labels, and just how long does it take to get cancer this way? Learn more about this well-kept secret.


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