Ebola truth #11) Ebola can be easily harvested and released as a bioweapon
by S.D. Wells
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security will never tell you the horrifying truth that I'm about to relate here: Ebola can be easily harvested from victims, weaponized into a liquid or powder, smuggled into the United States and released in a large city such as New York or Miami. Almost no one is acknowledging this irrefutable reality.

At the same time, terrorists also fully realize that they don't even need to deploy the virus in the United States at all in order to attack the United States. They can simply release it in Mexico City and wait for it to spread across the wide open U.S. southern border, where the Obama administration has made sure there is zero security.

Scientists already know that under the correct storage conditions (which are reportedly simple to achieve with off-the-shelf equipment), Ebola virus can remain viable for YEARS. Terrorists can easily build homemade dispersal devices that can spread Ebola in crowded places such as subway stations or airports.

DHS is absolutely powerless to stop this from happening. Even more horrifying, even when Ebola is deployed in a crowded place, no one will know it happened. Thanks to the 21-day incubation period, it would likely be two weeks before anyone realizes the attack took place, and by that time the virus could have already been spread to tens of thousands of people in every major city across North America (or Europe, for that matter).

Terrorists of the world have long known that bioweapons are the perfect so-called "asymmetrical warfare tools" because they are self-replicating and bulletproof. They can be smuggled anywhere and deployed without detection. Furthermore, the population of North America is shockingly vulnerable to such weapons precisely because Americans eat diets and take pharmaceutical medications that suppress their immune function, making them far more vulnerable to Ebola than populations of lesser developed nations where citizens are more physically active and fit.

Although I hope and pray that Ebola is never intentionally deployed anywhere in North, Central or South America, it seems that if terror groups wished to accomplish this, there is nothing that could be done to stop them. This is why all of America's effort at "homeland security" may prove worthless against a bioweapons threat. It also underscores the importance of each of us taking care of our own health -- because a viral pandemic may be deployed and widely circulated weeks before anyone realizes what has happened.

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