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NEW LOW: Karmanos cancer surgeon David Gorski gloats about death of complementary cancer doctor

David Gorski

(NaturalNews) The quackery of conventional cancer treatment has not changed much over the past 40 years; only the high tech instruments used to con people into believing technology can save them from chemical-driven cell disorder have. Nowadays, people just want the truth about their cancer – how they got it, who is going to help them get rid of it, and most of all, where they can get the most advanced treatment with the best odds of success. In America, the first question, "How did I get cancer?" is never answered by conventional quacks – the MDs and oncologists who know exactly what happened, but won't explain.

One infamous two-faced clown, Dr. David H. Gorski, the psycho-blogger, aka Orac, who leads the oncology racket in Michigan, has recently gone out of his way (as he usually does) to not only insult the people dying of cancer, but to denigrate a wonderful man who recently died of the disease, all because Gorski didn't get a chance to sink his claws (scalpel) into him first.

Gorski uses the same propaganda and intimidation tools to sell his oncology to his unsuspecting victims as the evil Farid Fata did, who is now serving 45 years in federal prison for overdosing more than 500 healthy people with toxic chemotherapy. Gorski degrades his patients, intimidates them, lures them, cons them, scares them, and then goes online and blogs about them, convincing anyone he can that everything natural in this world is useless, and only surgery and chemicals can cut out (and burn up) cancer that travels in the bloodstream. Gorski, aka Orac, even goes on medical message boards and blasts healthy conversations (cancer patient discussions about complementary medicine) to make his points, which are neither valid nor scientifically proven, even though he swears up and down that they are. Gorski names cancer sufferers, one by one, in his insane 15,000-word-rants (for which Big Pharma pays him), and makes fun of everyone who doesn't choose surgery and chemotherapy, including those who have died.

Gorski could not care less about people's grief over the loss of loved ones, or the loss of their savings, or their suffering. All he cares about is cutting people open and insulting the world of complementary medicine.

Gorski gloating about the death of a good man because he didn't get the chance to cut him open first

Cancer coach and bestselling author Bill Henderson was a great influence on many natural health doctors and enthusiasts, including Ty Bollinger (author of The Truth About Cancer). Bill Henderson was a veteran and a health warrior who retired from the US Air Force in 1977 as a Colonel. Henderson's wife Marjorie first died of chemotherapy treatments (two decades prior) that were applied for her ovarian cancer, and Bill wrote books to save people from similar torture.

That is exactly why Gorski decided to attack the topic after Henderson's death from cancer. Gorski thought it was cool that someone who fought so adamantly to save people from toxic chemotherapy had died of cancer, and believed he could benefit his own practice by pushing more propaganda on the heels of something tragic. Gorski's fear-based practice is hinged on people losing faith in natural medicine, since chemotherapy (and surgery) only have a miserable 2.3 percent chance, on average, of saving people from cancer.

Most Americans have no clue that chemotherapy only makes tumors recede temporarily, and then cancer spreads throughout the body, only to come back with a vengeance. Most oncologists, including Dr. Gorski, know this fact. Surgery can also spread the cancer, and puts the patient under undue stress, which also assists the development and spread of carcinogens in the body. Henderson wrote a monthly newsletter exposing these truths about the quackery of the cancer industrial complex.

Heartless Gorski attacks the recently deceased to promote his own agenda

Cold, heartless people like Gorski have no ethics or values. In fact, Gorski blogged his hate-based propaganda about Henderson just 11 days after his death. Gorski's spewing of hateful words were like driving nails into Henderson's coffin, and he loved doing it. Gorski goes on a long rant, denying that acidity in the body assists cancer development, and also denying that Big Pharma is part of the whole insidious cancer racket – this mainly because Gorski gets paid well to push cancer drugs, autism drugs and vaccines in his rogue writings, all of which he posts directly from his quack cancer "cave" at Karmanos Institute in Detroit.

Henderson promoted non-toxic, non-invasive, synergistic ways to battle and beat cancer. This is the polar opposite of what Gorski pushes and practices. Henderson was correct. He addressed people's weak immune systems, their lack of oxygen uptake by the cells, excessive toxins, acidity and specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies. You see, these are all of the areas that pharmaceuticals, vaccines, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy literally annihilate. Conventional quackery spreads cancer while it claims to attempt to stop it. It's complete hypocrisy, and "Orac" is the ultimate propagandist, with no heart and no soul.

Gorski literally pounced on the opportunity to say that because this particular person, who promoted natural treatments for cancer, died of cancer, that no natural treatments work for anyone ever, and that everyone with cancer who wants to survive must undergo surgery and chemotherapy at his quack office to have any chance.

Pseudo-science and its promoters are hard at work, lying to Americans that chemotherapy and surgery are the first and best option for fighting cancer, but all you have to do is use common sense to figure out that this is one huge lie. The number one cause of cancer is chemical consumption. Vaccines, prescription drugs and chemotherapy are all chemical based. Do the math.

Want to beat cancer? Stop consuming chemicals and ignore the evil propagandists. Then, take a picture of this list and head to the health food store:

Organic turmeric
Organic reishi mushrooms
Organic garlic
Organic chaga mushrooms
Organic hemp seed oil
Organic coconut oil
Organic vitamin D
Organic vitamin C
Non-fluoridated spring water

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