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Top 7 reasons chemotherapy fails more than 97% of the time, creating new cancers in the body and crippling the chances of true recovery


(NaturalNews) First of all, most cancers are created by consuming chemicals, and those cancer cells exist in the blood and can travel throughout the body. So what's the use of going "under the knife" to cut out some flesh when that same person keeps eating, drinking, applying and injecting chemicals that cause more cancers? Answer: None.

Plus, tumors are actually one of the body's way of containing cancer cells, and when surgeons attempt to cut them out, they often let many of those cells escape. Then, those same doctors, called oncologists, radiate the "marginal area" where the tumor or cancer was removed, and that radiation itself causes new cancers. Then, to top it all off, afterwards, those patients (victims) are dosed up with chemotherapy drugs that are derived from poisonous mustard gas chemicals used in WWI and WWII (Zyklon B to be specific) to kill people, so where's the logic? Chemotherapy is as archaic as bloodletting, back when doctors believed that a fever could be cured by draining large amounts of blood from people which drastically compromised the person's immune system and usually killed them.

Recent surveys and the resulting statistics show that 75 percent of doctors and oncologists themselves will never take chemotherapy if they get cancer, and they will not recommend it to their relatives, because they know the grim statistics involved and the long-term health damage, including new cancers and death. When will Americans wake up and realize that dousing the body and injecting it with known carcinogens simply creates new cancers, cripples the immune system and exterminates all nutrition, preventing the body from fighting cancer and minimizing all chances of survival?

Just because the mainstream media, fraudulent science, bogus medical journals and rich oncologists push chemotherapy as a "first order of business" when cancer is discovered in the body, doesn't mean it's the right thing to do or even a viable option for treatment. Even mammograms have been nicknamed "scam-o-grams" because they are exposing the body over and over to more radiation, false-positives, stress and likely unnecessary invasive treatments. What's the solution? It's two-fold. One: realize that the cancer industrial complex is one huge scam to make money off Americans' ignorance. Two: research organic food, organic remedies, and holistic therapies that have much higher statistics for preventing, treating and curing cancer.

So, let's review the top seven reasons why chemotherapy fails more than 97 percent of the patients (victims of the chronic care system) to whom it is administered:

#1. Cancer cells are mutated cells that multiply uncontrollably and travel in the blood, so surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are next to useless as means of eradicating them.

#2. Chemotherapy literally destroys good gut bacteria, the "biological seat of immunity" for the human body, and thus cripples your chances of fighting off the cancer, no matter where it is in the body.

#3. Chemotherapy was invented by Nazi scientists hired less than one decade after WWII, who knew then, and still know now, that chemotherapy does nothing more than make the cancer temporarily recede, only to come back with a vengeance, within a few months or a couple of years.

#4. Chemotherapy is a mixture of toxic chemicals that cause cancer, so the treatment itself is a culprit of the "disease" being treated. Would you inject snake venom into your muscle tissue through a needle if you were bitten by a poisonous snake?

#5. Chemotherapy makes people so sick that they can't even eat, so how can a person get the required nutrition to heal if they don't even have a desire to eat food?

#6. Chemotherapy is mostly administered in hospitals, where superbugs (bacteria and viruses) are rampant and are immune to antibiotics, so the longer you're stuck at the hospital, the more your chances of dying there increase exponentially.

#7. More often than not, chemotherapy is administered after intense, invasive surgery and cancer-causing radiation treatments, so the stress to the human body is compounded, adding to the health chaos and an overall crippling of mental, physical and emotional health in general.

Americans are literally scared into death traps by the cancer industrial complex

Pretend for a moment that you're lost in some underground cavern and you're at a crossroads, so to speak, and there are three long tunnels from which you must choose one to pursue in hopes of escape. At the entrance of each tunnel, a sign is posted that tells you your chance of escaping with your life. Tunnel number one says you have a 1 percent chance of escaping by traveling through it. Tunnel number two says you have a 3 percent chance of living through. Tunnel number three, though, says you have a 40–50 percent chance of survival. What's the obvious choice?

Of course, these "tunnels" are a metaphor for cancer situations. Tunnel one describes a person who has been consuming chemicals for years and refuses to take any medicine or change their consumption habits at all – they will most likely die of cancer and never come out of the "tunnel" alive. Tunnel two describes a person who has consumed chemicals for years and who chooses chemotherapy (more chemicals) for the treatment of their chemically-induced disorder of cells, that have turned and attacked their healthy cells. They have, on average, a 3 percent chance of survival past 5 years. There's not much light at the end of that tunnel either, in other words. Tunnel three describes a person who has consumed chemicals for years, but chooses to immediately stop doing so. They will change to a strictly organic food regimen and drink spring water, and explore natural cancer treatments.

Conclusion? Make informed decisions. Cancer can be cured. Check the sources below.

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