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If toxins in cigarettes are unsafe to INHALE, then why are toxins in vaccines supposed to be safe to INJECT?

Vaccine toxins

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(NaturalNews) First, doctors were telling us that cigarettes were good for us and good for digestion. But we know better. Now, they're telling us that vaccines are safe. Again, we know better. Still, vaccines are encouraged.

Like the old saying goes, "They'll get you coming or going."

When it comes to cigarettes, people are aware that they're bad for health. Smoking them is discouraged. But when it comes to vaccines, many people advocate getting them and are told by medical professionals that they're great for health. What's the difference?

Let's take a closer look at the illogical thoughts infiltrating our society.

The toxins in cigarettes are carried on the particles of tobacco into the lungs. Riding on those particles are ammonia vapors, glass fibers from the filter, cellulose acetate -- a form of plastic like in photo film -- aluminum and lead. Over years of smoking, the lead alone can lead to dementia. But the onset of dementia comes over time, with all kinds of muscle malfunctions, central nervous system failures, and eventually, complete memory loss. People forget who their family is and they can't even tell you who they are.

Doctors used to recommend their favorite brands of cigarettes, in prestigious medical journals in the United States less than a century ago. Oh, but people don't recall. They often forget the news they saw just last month or last year, so they're apt to not remember the fact that many medical professionals used to actually tout the health benefits of cigarette smoking.

Now, let's consider that yearly flu shot. Dangerous toxins exist in vaccinations -- just as they do in cigarettes -- yet people still wonder why their health is falling apart. After all, we're told that vaccines are safe, right? Just like we were told cigarettes were at one time too.

Doctors just can't seem to "put their finger on it" so they scribble out chemical prescriptions that get them paid. Then people go on to experience side effects which are significantly worse than the condition being "treated."

This is medical idiocracy and it's time everyone wakes up to this matter. After all, if toxins in cigarettes are unsafe to INHALE, then why are toxins in vaccines supposed to be safe to INJECT?

Are vaccines more dangerous than cigarettes?

Tests regarding heavy metal toxins in a variety of popular cigarette brands such as American Spirit, Marlboro, Pall Mall, Camel and Winston have been conducted by Mike Adams, science lab director of the Natural News Forensic Food Lab. No surprise here, but they all contained a significant amount of lead.

Cigarette smoke provides a direct pathway into the bloodstream for the lead to wreak havoc in our bodies; it's just one of the heavy metal toxins impeding immunity, central nervous system function and brain function. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, tests all of this and provides the public with the heavy metal concentrations down to the parts per billion (PPB). This is invaluable information for anyone trying to quit this toxic habit.

But what about that other habit that doctors and Big Pharma suggest we abide by? Did you know getting two or more flu shots is a toxic habit? It's true. Some Big Pharma giants even outright mention that getting another flu vaccine when a person has already had "previous administration of any influenza vaccine" is not advised. So really, people shouldn't get more than one such shot in their lifetime, right?

Furthermore, the flu vaccine contains 25,000 times more mercury than is legally allowed in drinking water. Then there's aluminum and formaldehyde. Yes, formaldehyde is embalming fluid for the dead.

Still, the fear of infectious disease has been propagated all over U.S. news time and again. They take extreme cases and broadcast them with scary pictures and warnings, conveniently forgetting to tell people that no reported case of anyone dying from the measles in the U.S. has occurred since 2003, yet over 100 people have died from the measles vaccine over the past 10 years.

The bottom line is this: Don't inhale, eat, or inject known toxins. Don't put toxins on your skin either. Also, question everything. Question vaccines. Question the known carcinogens that are purposely added to them and ask yourself: how different are they, really, from the ones people are inhaling from the cigarettes they smoke?

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