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Originally published November 3 2014

Flu shot paralyzes healthy Florida girl

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Sure, vaccines are safe -- except when they randomly trigger extreme brain inflammation that leads to vision loss, paralysis and an inability to speak. This is what happened to now-10-year-old Marysue Grivna of Tampa, Florida, just four days after she received a flu vaccine, which left her completely debilitated with a serious brain disease known as acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, or ADEM.

It all began on November 22, 2013, when young Marysue was taken in to get a seasonal flu vaccine. Just days later, the child began to get sick and quickly developed symptoms of paralysis. Worried, her parents took her in for an evaluation and it was determined that she had succumbed to an immune disorder caused by inflammation of the brain.

Similar to multiple sclerosis, ADEM manifests as an autoimmune disorder in which the body attacks itself, in this case targeting the protective coverings surrounding nerve fibers. Known as myelin, these coverings are meant to protect nerves in the brain and spinal cord, for instance, from being harmed. In their absence, symptoms like loss of vision and paralysis can occur.

"Her father Steven and I are certain, due to all our research, that this was what caused Marysue's condition," stated the girl's mother, Carla, during a recent interview with Fox & Friends. "The doctors won't confirm it or deny it... [but] she was a happy, healthy, running, and playing nine-year-old. Then this happened."

5 percent of ADEM cases emerge after vaccination, says NIH

Though the doctors involved were reluctant to admit that the flu shot was the cause, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) admits that as many as 5 percent of ADEM cases emerge immediately following vaccination. The disease can also emerge following certain surgical procedures, says Dr. Juan Dumois, director of All Children's Hospital, where Marysue was admitted.

"It can just appear out of the blue or after maybe a surgical procedure," he told CBS 10 News.

A similar case occurred in 2008 when a 75-year-old woman developed ADEM just two days after getting a flu shot. According to the Daily Mail, the woman began to suffer symptoms of numbness and paralysis, and later died -- all from a vaccine that as we reported back in 2011 is almost completely ineffective at preventing the flu.

"Marysue is now nonverbal, confined to a wheelchair/hospital bed, is primarily eating via a g-tube though we are now able to start feeding her stage two baby food by mouth," says the family on a GoFundMe page seeking financial assistance for the construction of a new room that will accommodate Marysue's special needs.

"Our house is very small and her hospital bed is in our living room because the doors in our house are too narrow to accommodate her bed or wheelchair," they say. "We are also trying to raise funds to purchase a wheelchair van. If we had this, we feel we could possibly get one of our neighbors to put her in her wheelchair... thus providing me and her grandmother the ability to take her [to the doctor] and relieving her father having to carry her."

The Grivna family's GoFundMe page, which contains further details of the girl's demise following her flu shot, can be accessed here:

For more on the ineffectiveness and dangers of flu vaccines, be sure to check out this brief report by Dr. Kelly Brogan, M.D., published by the International Medical Council on Vaccination:


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