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Originally published August 8 2007

The Amazon Herb Company: An Independent Review

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

I've been watching and reporting on the Amazon Herb Company for three years, paying attention to the quality of their products, people and leadership. This is a company that harvests a wide assortment of rainforest herbs from indigenous tribes in the Amazon, then makes them available in various high-potency formulas to consumers in North America and around the world through a direct sales distribution model. In each of these three years, I've been increasingly impressed with this organization, and they've now reached a point in maturity and purpose where I think it's vital that I share the full story on the Amazon Herb Company with as many people as possible.

Today I've published a special report (click here to read it now) that offers a detailed, third-party review of the Amazon Herb Company from a truly independent perspective (meaning that I'm not an employee or associate of the company, and I have absolutely no financial ties with them, either. I don't even get paid to speak at their events). In this report, you'll learn why you may want to consider becoming a customer or associate of the Amazon Herb Company, and how that gives you the opportunity to take part in an ever-growing campaign of global transformation that's creating health, wealth and natural abundance all at the same time.

The Amazon Herb Company is clearly on the leading edge of harvesting, blending and distributing rainforest botanicals, and they have strong business ethics and demonstrate great care for the environment. Perhaps in some parallel universe all businesses act with integrity and compassion for the Earth, but here in modern society today, the Amazon Herb Company is a rare find.

I encourage everyone to take a close look at what this company (and its products) can do for you. I've been researching these products for quite some time and recently took a trip to South America to interview people and research these herbs first hand. What I found is a powerful system of medicine based on rainforest herbs that can literally reverse serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, depression, joint inflammation and many more. Better yet, these herbs are naturally bio-compatible with the human body, meaning they have no negative side effects and operate at levels of safety that are orders of magnitude better than most prescription drugs. (They're also a whole lot more affordable than prescription medications...)

Sound too good to be true? That's what I thought at first, too. But then I took the time to meet the people, research the rainforest herbs and experience their healing effects myself. Now I'm not only convinced this is the company that's going to pave the way to sustainable business practices in the coming years, I'm also convinced it represents the very best business opportunity available in the natural health industry today for anyone interested in an independent, at-home business where you control your own financial destiny. That's no casual claim, either. Read my full report to see why I've become such an outspoken advocate of the Amazon Herb Company, even while refusing to become an associate myself (due to journalism ethics, because if I got involved with the company, I could no longer offer a truly independent opinion like what you're reading here).

If you're at all interested in enhancing your health, preventing serious disease or even investigating the possibility of taking control of your financial future by becoming an Amazon Herb associate, I strongly encourage you to read this report. Click here to read it now.

Again, please note that I am not paid anything by the Amazon Herb Company, nor do I receive any commission on product sales. Some people flat out find this hard to believe, because they think most people wouldn't recommend some other company unless they were paid to do so. But the truth is quite simple: I've spend the last four years researching and recommending hundreds of different natural health companies and their products, and I've remained completely financially independent from those companies. In all the years I've been writing about natural health, I've never been as impressed with any organization as I am the Amazon Herb Company. Their ethics are solid, their leadership is unprecedented, and their products are quite simply a quantum leap above the rest of the industry. They deserve my recommendation, and that's why I offer it freely.

If you already knew what I know about the Amazon Herb Company, you'd instantly understand why I've become such an advocate. And whether you're skeptical or enthusiastic, I encourage you to investigate this more and find out how the Amazon Herb products or business opportunity can work for you. In my special report, I've listed dozens of top business associates with the company who can help you get started. All you have to do is take a look at the list (click here to see the complete list), find a person you think you might resonate with, and give them a call! You can ask for free samples, additional information or advice on how to become an Amazon Herb associate and grow your business as quickly as possible.

Click here to read the special report now, and feel free to share this information with others once you become an Amazon Herb associate. (Amazon Herb people have open permission to use any content, cartoons or videos from No special permission is required.)

Watch for more upcoming news on the Amazon Herb Company this year. We'll be publishing product reviews, interviews and research findings on rainforest botanicals. It's going to be an exciting year for uplifting the vibration of people everywhere with the help of rainforest wisdom!

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