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    (Natural News) Venezuela’s Vice President Tareck El Aissami announced new regulations for bakeries in Caracas that could force many to close their doors and cause 7,000 jobs to be at risk. And for added pressure, Aissami is adamant that any stores that do not comply will be occupied by the government. Under the new regulations, […]
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    (Natural News) To say life is hard in Venezuela is an understatement. The socialist regime has continued to fail their people in every way imaginable. Thousands of natives are forced to stand in lines for necessities like food and medicine. In January the first infant death from starvation in Venezuela this year was reported. Citizens […]
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    (Natural News) Venezuela has a child malnourishment problem. Kids are fainting in classrooms and dying from hunger. Common images of Venezuelan children show how unhealthy and slim they are. Food shortages are causing major problems. Physicians are seeing cases they haven’t witnessed in nearly 40 years, including the fatal malnutrition condition known as marasmus. Children […]