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New NASA images show what appears to be liquid water on Mars


Images recently captured by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter undoubtedly illustrate the strongest evidence yet that the "Red Planet" likely contains liquid water, and potentially even life forms of some sort. ... But the new observation of liquid water flow during the spring and summer months may indicate that life exists on Mars right now, say scientists. "...

Inspired by photosynthesis in plants, researchers create liquid fuel with just water and carbon dioxide


Inspired by photosynthesis in plants, researchers create liquid fuel with just water and carbon dioxide Sunday, December 15, 2019 by: Grace Olson artificial photosynthesis , breakthrough , carbon dioxide , Chemistry , chlorophyll , Clean Energy , discoveries , fuel , future science , gold nanoparticles , goodclimate , goodpollution , goodscience , green energy , new energy , photosynthesis , real science , renewable energy , research , science and technology - (Natural News ) Chemists ...

NASA announcement of liquid water on Mars confirms what we've been reporting for years


NASA announcement of liquid water on Mars confirms what we’ve been reporting for years Thursday, July 26, 2018 by: Isabelle Z. ... NASA only recently admitted water exists on Mars After years of denial, NASA finally admitted in 2015 that “liquid water flows intermittently on present-day Mars.” "...

Scientists discover 15 new planets, including one "super-Earth" that could harbor liquid water


As per a report that appeared in Science Daily , one of the newly-discovered worlds is a super-Earth that could have liquid water. ... Furthermore, based on three-dimensional simulations of global climate, they determined that the surface of K2-155d might have liquid water. "...

After decades of cover-up, NASA finally admits water flows on Mars


After decades of ignoring or denying the growing evidence of liquid water on Mars, NASA has finally admitted that water does indeed flow across the surface of the Red Planet. ... "Liquid water has been found on Mars." As early as the 1960s, Earth telescopes found hints of water vapor in Mars's atmosphere. "...

Liquid water on Pluto? Gases trapped in a layer of ice could be what keeps an underground ocean from freezing, report researchers


If their calculations are correct, this means that these gases, if present in other planets, can potentially harbor life-supporting bodies of liquid water. ... Bodies of water remaining liquid also means that the chances of them harboring extraterrestrial microbial life have increased significantly. "...

Water is life: 10 Ways to purify water when SHTF


When you sip water through the straw, the liquid is passed through the filter and purified before it reaches your mouth. 8. ... This lets water pass through the tube, and the liquid is filtered through the wood. "...

Scientists discover a way to produce hydrogen using aluminum and water


According to the authors, their aluminum-water method of generating hydrogen simply called for moving the aluminum and making it react with the water at its destination. ... They then combined gallium and indium, which were both liquid metals, to create a eutectic mixture that remained in liquid form at room temperature. "...

Scientists discover new properties of water


In its liquid form, water is good at transporting the protons and hydroxide ions produced by the process of self-ionization. ... As they get colder, water molecules squeeze into a structure with lower density than that of liquid water. "...

UAE to make drinking water out of thin air


UAE to make drinking water out of thin air Tuesday, August 10, 2021 by: Mary Villareal breakthrough , clean water , condensation , dew point , discoveries , Dubai , future science , generator , Good science , hyper-dehumidifier , innovations , solar panels , UAE , United Arab Emirates , Water Technology Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/541607.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) The United Arab Emirates (UAE) plans to install water ...

Water secrets


"It turns out that liquid crystalline water and sunlight are practically all we need for energy and life. ... Though the concept of a liquid crystalline, or gel-like, phase of water has been around for some time, the generally accepted view is that this kind of water is only two or three molecular layers thick. "...

Water from the Tree of Life - Enjoy the health benefits of coconut water


One of its most prized products is coconut water, the liquid that comes from a fresh young coconut. ... Sweet Water of Life The purest liquid second only to water, coconut water is a very potent source of electrolytes, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and natural sugar. "...

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Water on Mars: The Red Planet is dumping its limited water supply into space, say researchers


Water on Mars: The Red Planet is dumping its limited water supply into space, say researchers Sunday, November 17, 2019 by: Grace Olson astronomy , atmosphere , breakthrough , discoveries , goodscience , hydrologic cycle , Mars , NASA , outer space , red planet , research , Space , space exploration , water cycle , water vapor - (Natural News ) Scientists may have discovered what happened to the water on Mars. ... This is a key indicator that water ...

Long-term water storage: Tips for stockpiling water in 55-gallon drums in your garage


You can also substitute two tablespoons of fragrant-free liquid chlorine bleach to each 55-gallon drum of water. If you don’t have liquid bleach, add four to six percent sodium hypochlorite (pool shock) to the water. "...

Daniel Vitalis Part I: The Basics of Elixirs and Water


So the message that chose me was the message of water. Through that I came to understand the ideas of liquid nutrition. ... The question is, what's the best type of water? Maybe you can take us through a few of the things that you've studied over time about water, some of water's properties and how you can get better water. "...

Sports drinks loaded with liquid sugars


Advertisements for sports drinks tend to portray these beverages as scientifically formulated electrolyte replacement systems designed to help athletes rehydrate their bodies after exertion. ... Another alternative is to drink coconut water, which comes from young, green coconuts. "...

Liquid zeolites provide cellular detox


A research study found that liquid zeolites helped to relieve depression. When taking liquid zeolites, consumers should increase their water consumption to half ounce per pound of body weight, i.e. a 180-lb. man should drink 90 ounces, or about 11 cups of water, to prevent hydration issues and promote removal of toxins from the body by urination. ... Consumers are directed to place liquid zeolites on the tongue; however, many mix the drops in a glass of ...

Is fracking just a cover for a corporate water grab? Control the water, control the people


Is fracking just a cover for a corporate water grab? Control the water, control the people Wednesday, April 10, 2019 by: Jayson Veley clean water , environment , EPA , fracking , government , regulation , water pollution , water supply - (Natural News ) Like most other issues in America today, people are mostly split when it comes to the issue of fracking – that is, the process of fracturing rocks underneath the earth’s surface through the use of pressurized ...

Water WARS erupting across our world as fresh water supplies collide with surging food demand


Water WARS erupting across our world as fresh water supplies collide with surging food demand Saturday, November 25, 2017 by: Mike Adams agriculture , aquifers , Collapse , food collapse , food production , food supply , fossil water , Health Ranger , Natural.news , population growth , sustainability , water , water supply , Water Wars - (Natural News ) Water is a precious commodity, and without it we can’t grow food and survive. ......