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SHOCK: Toxic vaccines are now being produced by supporters of Jihad


SHOCK: Toxic vaccines are now being produced by supporters of Jihad Wednesday, March 29, 2017 by: JD Heyes jihad , priority , Saudi Arabia , terrorism , vaccines - (Natural News ) Millions of Americans do not view Saudi Arabia in the way our government does, as a benevolent monarchy in the middle of the world’s largest sand pit with a lot of oil that just wants great relations with its trading partners and natives. ... Now, it seems, this state sponsor of jihad and terrorism ...

ProPublica is a George Soros funded journo-terrorism organization that targets logic and reason for destruction and censorship


Lauren Kirchner, a senior reporter at ProPublica, stated that Jihad Watch’s “designation as a hate site hasn’t stopped tech companies – including PayPal, Amazon and Newsmax – from maintaining partnerships with Jihad Watch that help to sustain it financially.” ... As a matter of fact, Jihad Watch makes it abundantly clear on their website that their mission is to educate the public on the dangers of radical Islam, and to draw attention to the way in which the jihad ...

Linda Stasi, media Nazi, blames Jewish victim for Christmas party massacre by Islamist terrorists in San Bernardino


Because she has put her life on the line calling attention to and opposing the Islamic hatred and bloodlust that leads to the San Bernardino jihad murders and other jihad mass murders. ... Sources: NYDailyNews.com Breitbart.com JihadWatch.org - Search on GoodGopher.com GoodGopher.com is the new search engine for truth seekers. "...

Is it time to break up the social media giants by using anti-trust laws?


After Charlottesville, the Left sees its chance to crush all dissent, and given its alliance with Islamic supremacists, this means the implementation in the West of prohibitions on criticism of Islam, including counterterror analysis of the motivating ideology of jihad terrorists. ... Islamic groups tied to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, most notably the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), have for years been wielding this term like a club to smear anyone who speaks honestly ...

Far left Twitter identifies only 7 approved outlets to announce presidential election results — EVERYONE ELSE WILL BE FLAGGED


Far left Twitter identifies only 7 approved outlets to announce presidential election results — EVERYONE ELSE WILL BE FLAGGED Tuesday, November 03, 2020 by: News Editors 2020 elections , bias , Biden , Big Tech , Censorship , elections , free speech , government , left , politics , presidential elections , Social media , Trump , Twitter Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/471308.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Twitter has waged a jihad against conservatives ...

Muslim professor says genocide against Whites is "morally required" ... and yes, he works at a California university


It’s the immigration equivalent of jihad, where Muslim invaders flood a nation and out-populate its indigenous people. ... In Islam, Hijrah is actually considered to be far more meritorious than jihad, and fetches a much greater reward in Muslim heaven than the former. "...

In Obama's upside-down world, disarmed U.S. military personnel depend on armed CITIZENS to protect them


Academics and experts who study the relationship between the U.S. military and the civilian population have said that a gap between American society and military culture has widened in recent decades. ... Liberal narratives more loony than the shooters themselves Muslim Somali refugee student unleashes Ohio State attack with a vehicle and a knife... 9 hospitalized... campus was gun-free zone Defending freedom of the press: Activists now suing Facebook over censorship More proof that Obama is a sleeper ...

Finnish court okays Muslim’s rape of a 10-year-old girl as part of his “culture”


(Related: Beheadings, pillage and rape: Islamic jihad is heading to America .) What happens if the next victim of a ‘cultural sex act’ is younger than 10? ... As noted by Robert Spencer at JihadWatch , there are many Muslim experts and clergy that excuse such sexual activity as normal for their culture . "...

Google, YouTube waging "demonetization" WAR on alternative media to bankrupt independent journalism


In effect, Google is now mandating what can only be called “Liberal Fundamentalism” or a sort of “Jihad of the Left.” ... See The Civil War is Here by Daniel Greenfield for a more detailed analysis of this “Jihad of the Left” and why it’s such a danger to society. "...

Is the media TRYING to spread the coronavirus?


Monday, April 13, 2020 by: Ethan Huff China , Chinese Virus , chloroquine , coronavirus , covid-19 , disease , disinformation , global emergency , Global Pandemic , hydroxychloroquine , infection , infections , jihad , mainstream media , media , novel coronavirus , outbreak , pandemic , virus , William Barr , Wuhan , Wuhan coronavirus - (Natural News ) For months, the mainstream media has been pretending as though it desperately wants to save lives by combating the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) ...

Libtards declare WAR on gun owners as NY Daily News declares all Americans with guns are jihadi terrorists


Using its front page recently to label National Rifle Association President Wayne LaPierre – a tireless Second Amendment advocate – a terrorist, the journalistic delinquents on the editorial staff went on to claim he was running a "sick jihad" against the country. ... Under the pictures were these words: "Syed Farook joins long list of murderous psychos enabled by NRA's sick gun jihad against America in the name of profit." "...

Barnes & Noble hosts free download of al-Qaeda bomb-making manuals for terrorists


Barnes & Noble hosts free download of al-Qaeda bomb-making manuals for terrorists Wednesday, January 24, 2018 by: Jayson Veley al Qaeda , Barnes & Noble , information , ISIS , jihad , Radicalism , terror , terrorism - (Natural News ) We live in a dangerous world. ... Notably, the magazine also includes articles on what would-be terrorists can expect in jihad, as well as a message from American al-Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki to other Muslims from his country of origin. "...

Defending freedom of the press: Activists now suing Facebook over censorship


The suit, which was brought on behalf of Geller, the group Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer (director of Jihad Watch) and the American Freedom Defense Initiative, challenges Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act under the First Amendment. "...

Legal firm uncovers taxpayer-funded Islamic propaganda that bashes Christianity is being forced on teachers, students


The law center “filed a FOIA request for documents related to this two-day Islamic training workshop and discovered that the teachers were being told lies about Islamic terrorism, jihad, and Sharia law,” TGP reported. ... For instance, she provided “no truthful information” regarding Sharia law and jihad, which are considered some of the most important tenets of the Islamic religion. "...

FBI halts terror plot dreamed up by the FBI, then claims victory against terrorism


Set up by the FBI - never would have happened, otherwise Court documents say that, during a meeting with the FBI's operative, Cornell said he wished "to go forward with violent jihad" and that was something encouraged by Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. born Muslic cleric who was killed by an American drone strike in September 2011 , becoming the first U.S. citizen known publicly to have been added to the U.S. kill-or-capture list of terrorist suspects. ... Heroically, the moment the 20-year-old ...

Fox News now demanding the criminalization and ARREST of "anti-vaxxers" ... we warned you this was coming


Marc Siegel , drugs , fox news , health freedom , measles , medical freedom , Medical Tyranny , medical violence , MMR , outbreak , propaganda , prosecution , vaccination , Vaccine exemptions , vaccine jihad , vaccines - (Natural News ) A quick reminder to our many faithful readers: Don’t believe everything you hear over at Fox News, despite the network’s seeming support for conservative, a.k.a. liberty-centric, ideals – because things are not always as they seem. ... You can also keep up ...

Was Huma Abedin the ultimate spy, one of the greatest traitors to America in US history? It's time to take down 'the enemies of America within', President Trump!


Back on October 25th of 2016 we published a story on ANP titled “Anonymous Exposes ‘The Grand Jihad To Overthrow America’ – Calls Hillary Clinton ‘The Root Of All Evil’ And Uncovers ‘The Sleeper’ Within” and as we reported in that story, we were likely watching the ‘ultimate infiltration’ of a US presidential candidate, and therefore America, with the infiltration of Hillary by Huma Abedin. ... Proving to us beyond any doubt the strong ties between Abedin, Hillary Clinton and ‘the grand ...

Vaccine propagandists like Jimmy Kimmel called out for pushing hatred toward vaccine skeptics as sociopath makes graphic threats of kidnapping, torture and murder against doctor


Vaccine propagandists like Jimmy Kimmel called out for pushing hatred toward vaccine skeptics as sociopath makes graphic threats of kidnapping, torture and murder against doctor Friday, January 26, 2018 by: Ethan Huff badhealth , badmedicine , badscience , cult , death threat , Hate speech , jihad , Jimmy Kimmel , Medical Kidnapping , medical violence , propaganda , religion , Suzanne Humphries , vaccine injury , vaccine mafia , vaccine violence , vaccines - (Natural News ) The way the ...

William Shatner targeted by vaccine bullies in vicious campaign to silence tweets about autism


What he discovered, however, was the cesspool of vaccine Jihad intimidation and bullying tactics.) ... Refuse to be bullied by the sociopathic vaccine zealots whose actions resemble Jihad more than science. "...

In the deep state coup attempt, all roads lead back to Barack Obama - Watch out for a major breakout of leftist insanity should deep state crooks fall


In this Summer of 2010 story over at the Middle East Forum that Steve Quayle had linked to Monday morning we got a huge reminder about just who John Brennan is, a reminder that the mainstream media will never admit to with Brennan a long time intelligence ‘expert‘ on MSNBC despite the fact that he’s a stooge for jihad, calling jihad ‘a holy struggle‘, as Middle East Forum reported . "...