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FRAUD at the FBI: Agency leaked fake news stories to the left-wing media, then cited those same published stories as "evidence" to get a FISA spying warrant


House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows tweeted overnight Tuesday that his office had obtained evidence indicating that the FBI purposefully – and illegally – leaked information to the Left-wing establishment media then used those stories to justify obtaining FISA court warrants. "...

AG Jeff Sessions must be fired: He’s a traitor to POTUS Trump and the rule of law in America


As reported by The National Sentinel, the lawmakers – led by House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows of North Carolina and Rep. "...

Ted Cruz just came up with the perfect health care reform: Real consumer CHOICE and FREEDOM


“If the Cruz consumer choice amendment gets there, yes I can support it without the MacArthur amendment in there, because I think it gives everybody some options,” said House Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. ... The House Freedom Caucus is comprised of the chamber’s most conservative members. "...

National bipartisan caucus emerges to combat unconstitutional abuse by TSA


Several state legislators are outraged over the US Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) continued and escalating assaults against individual freedom, personal privacy, and even the Constitution itself, through the use of naked body scanners and full-body pat downs. So these lawmakers from Hawaii and several other US states are banding together to form the "United States for Travel Freedom" (USTF) caucus, whose aim is to pass state laws that combat TSA tyranny ...

House conservatives planning reboot of Obamacare repeal and replace — and it just might work


The House Freedom Caucus announced Friday its plan to collect the 218 signatures required on a “discharge petition” to pull that legislation out of committee. ... “I signed the discharge petition because the things we have done so far to appease moderates in our party haven’t worked,” Gaetz, who is not a Freedom Caucus member , said. "...

Sen. Paul says House GOP leaders "pulling wool over Trump’s eyes" on Obamacare repeal bill


This is a hell of a Mexican standoff—it’s Freedom Caucus versus Trump, and Ryan who I think is driving the process. ... It’s bigger than the Freedom Caucus but the Freedom Caucus has planted their flag on this one. "...

Rep. Louie Gohmert: DOJ should go after Black Lives Matter as a group using RICO Act


Republican members of the House Freedom Caucus held an event on June 25 denouncing the domestic terrorist movement for wanting to “burn down” the country if it doesn’t adhere to every single one of their demands. > Joined with the @freedomcaucus > today — calling on Attorney General Barr to take full & immediate advantage of all actions avail to him—including investigations, arrests, & prosecution—to thwart those vandalizing & defacing churches, national monuments, public property, ...

NO PRIVACY: Biden creating database of unvaccinated Americans with medical exemptions


“President Biden must rescind his unconstitutional COVID-19 vaccine mandates,” wrote House Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. "...

Hispanic Dem lawmakers meet with YouTube CEO to double down on CENSORING misinformation in Spanish


Hispanic Dem lawmakers meet with YouTube CEO to double down on CENSORING misinformation in Spanish Tuesday, May 03, 2022 by: Ramon Tomey big government , Big Tech , Censorship , Congressional Hispanic Caucus , democrats , disinformation , First Amendment , free speech , freedom , Google , Government Slaves , Spanish language , speech police , suppression , Susan Wojcicki , tech giants , technocrats , thought police , Tyranny , YouTube This article may contain statements that reflect ...

Texas lawmaker claims your child "belongs to the state" and can be forcibly vaccinated


Bill Zedler (R-Arlington) of the Texas Freedom Caucus proposed an amendment to the bill which would exclude vaccines from the required treatments. "...

Is Obamacare repeal-and-replace back on? Vote could come as early as next week


The plan is to revive substantial portions of the failed Ryan bill, but with major compromises and additions hammered out between Tom MacArthur, head of the moderate Tuesday Group, and conservative Freedom Caucus head Rep. "...

True tyranny always begins with the censoring of free speech - This is why big tech must be 'taken down' for the good of humanity


Brown and Cefaratti also turn their sights on the multiple instances Twitter shadow-banned conservatives, such as Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel and House Freedom Caucus members Reps. ... And as this story over at the Beacon For Freedom of Expression reports , “censorship has followed the free expressions of men and women like a shadow throughout history.” "...

More PROOF that the left-wing media is an extension of the deep state that's trying to overthrow America


During an appearance Wednesday with Fox Business host Stuart Varney, Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. "...

Rep. Nunes: If politicized FBI under Obama PAID someone to spy on Trump campaign, “it’s an absolute red line”


(Related: House Freedom Caucus chair Meadows to Rosenstein: ‘Give ME documents; you can’t investigate yourself’ .) "...

Deep state FBI agents plotted "media leak strategy" to overthrow Trump using complicit media outlets


Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC), Chairman of the Freedom Caucus Chairman and member of the House Oversight Committee, recently sent a letter to the DOJ (Department of Justice), addressed to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, explaining that a “review of the new documents raises grave concerns regarding an apparent systemic culture of media leaking by high-ranking officials at the FBI and DOJ related to ongoing investigations.” "...

Democrats chose ILLEGAL aliens over U.S. military personnel by letting govt. shut down


(Related: Line in the sand: House Freedom Caucus chair vows NO DACA amnesty in upcoming spending bill .) > Democrats are far more concerned with Illegal Immigrants than they are with our great Military or Safety at our dangerous Southern Border. "...

Texas takes the lead in fight against social media censorship: Bill would allow state to sue tech giants over free speech violations


In addition to being a leading driver of our nation’s economic growth, the Lone Star State is a leader in reclaiming freedom and liberty while pushing back against Left-wing authoritarianism, as evidenced by new legislation aimed at holding the social media giants accountable. ... But, he continued, the same Senate GOP caucus ran an ad regarding the chamber’s property tax bill that users were also asked to share, and the company had no problem with it. "...

Marine veteran Adam Kokesh hosts new podcast on TalkNetwork


Adam Kokesh is a Marine and decorated veteran of the War in Iraq and the author of the book FREEDOM! ... If this message rings true with you, then you need to tune into Loving Freedom. "...

Price of liberty: Manitoba cabinet minister loses post for refusing to reveal vaccination status


She added that all her caucus members had met the requirement to be fully vaccinated by December 15. ... Requiring every member of the caucus to be fully vaccinated is the right thing to do.” "...

Melissa Red Pill celebrates the injunction against Biden's vaccine mandate for employees of federal contractors – Brighteon.TV


Melissa Red Pill celebrates the injunction against Biden’s vaccine mandate for employees of federal contractors – Brighteon.TV Friday, December 10, 2021 by: Arsenio Toledo badhealth , badmedicine , big government , Big Pharma , Brighteon.tv , coronavirus vaccines , covid-19 , Dangerous Medicine , democrats , Freedom Force Battalion , health freedom , Joe Biden , Joe Manchin , Medical Tyranny , Melissa Red Pill , pharmaceutical fraud , Resist , revolt , vaccine mandate , vaccines ...