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Harley-Davidson working on delivering first electric motorcycle in the next 18 months


Harley-Davidson working on delivering first electric motorcycle in the next 18 months Friday, February 09, 2018 by: David Williams e-vehicles , Ecology , electric cars , electric motorcycle , electric vehicles , environ , goodclimate , goodpollution , green living , Harley-Davidson , motorcycle - (Natural News ) You have probably already heard plenty about the many electric cars that will start hitting public roads at some point in the near future. ... - More news on e-vehicles ...

The "great zero carbon" conspiracy


That would suggest that CO2 exhaust gases from vehicles or power plants do not rise into the atmosphere some 12 miles or more above Earth to form the feared greenhouse effect . ... At the same time the German push to end gasoline or diesel transport by 2035 in favor of e-vehicles is on course to destroy Germany’s largest and most profitable industry, the auto sector, and take down millions of jobs. "...

Are futuristic flying cars really better for the environment?


Saturday, May 18, 2019 by: Edsel Cook Air pollution , badclimate , badpollution , breakthrough , Ecology , electric vehicles , environ , environment , eVTOL , Fact Check , flying cars , future tech , goodpollution , goodscience , goodtech , innovation , inventions , research , sustainable technology , transportation - (Natural News ) Better known as “flying cars,” electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL) are said to be the cleaner and more economical mode ...

Drivers, privacy advocates not sold on putting AI-powered cameras in Amazon delivery vans


But some drivers working for the world’s largest e-commerce firm didn’t see it that way. ... They warned that equipping Amazon’s fleet of about 30,000 delivery vehicles with AI cameras could set a dangerous precedent for privacy. "...

A tamer Harley: Iconic motorcycle maker reveals plans for electric scooters aimed at millennials


A tamer Harley: Iconic motorcycle maker reveals plans for electric scooters aimed at millennials Thursday, July 18, 2019 by: Stephanie Diaz BEV , bike , breakthrough , e-bikes , electric bike , electric cars , electric vehicles , future cars , future tech , green living , innovation , inventions , motorcycle , renewable energy , scooter , sustainable living - (Natural News ) Energy is an important factor for economic growth and maintaining the quality of life. ... (Related: Electric ...

Tesla is looking more and more like a shady fraud with each passing day ... Why is the company stockpiling fields full of cars?


(Related: Is Elon Musk selling HYPE rather than reliable vehicles? ) Twitter sleuths on the trail A Twitter sleuth with the handle @IspyTSLA took up the challenge of discovering exactly what message Musk might have been conveying to his staff, and didn’t give up until he discovered that the 5,000 vehicles were sitting in a field at 500 E Louise Ave, Lathrop, California. ... (Related: Why to Tesla electric cars keep bursting into flames and colliding with other vehicles?...

Automakers, Bush administration push flex-fuel cars while ignoring electric vehicles


The "Big Three" automakers have pledged to double the number of flex-fuel vehicles that they produce by 2010, and to make half of their fleets flex-fuel by 2012. ... To date, there are only 1,100 E-85 pumps and 1,000 biodiesel pumps in the United States. "...

Surprising science – There's no such thing as clean energy


Lithium extraction, also required for manufacturing batteries for e-vehicles, requires large quantities of water, and can cause pollution and shortages of fresh water for local communities. ... Lithium extraction, also required for manufacturing batteries for e-vehicles, requires large quantities of water, and can cause pollution and shortages of fresh water for local communities. "...

No drones for drugs in California: State rules marijuana must be transported in commercial vehicles, which will be subject to license requirements


The law specifically lists drones and unmanned vehicles alongside human-powered vehicles, watercraft, aircraft and rail as outlawed methods of delivery. ... Moreover, the vehicles cannot be parked anywhere in residential areas or left unattended overnight. "...

Hundreds of thousands of British pounds spent by the NHS on super-sized ambulances for the obese


All 420 accident & emergency (A&E) ambulances under West Midlands are bariatric-capable, including eight specialist vehicles. ... East Midlands, meanwhile, has 225 bariartric-capable vehicles, with six of them having lifts and hoists. "...

California's massive power outages remind us all why electric cars are useless when the grid goes down


While Californians with combustion engine vehicles have the option to store gasoline or diesel for times of emergency, Californians with Teslas, Priuses, and other electric vehicles can’t do anything during a crisis other than to hope that whatever charge remains in their vehicles is enough to get out of harm’s way. ... Sure, some electric car owners might have a spare battery lying around or an electric generator handy to top their vehicles off at home. "...

Efficacy of TCM can be improved with better molecular delivery methods


However, problems also arise from combining bioactive glycosides with certain drug delivery vehicles. ... Researchers have also explored the use of liposomes as drug vehicles for TCM compounds . "...

Germany preparing for electricity rationing to stabilize green power grid


Germany only has 33,000 electric charging stations serving 50 million vehicles. ... “Controllable consumers such as heat pumps, electric heaters and wall boxes, i.e. charging stations for e-mobiles, would be switched off variably at times,” it said. "...

BREAKING: Black Lives Matter upgrades Rules of Engagement (ROE) to "shoot people in vehicles" -- protester shoots unarmed elderly man in a vehicle; CHAZ "security" opens fire on black teens in Seattle


The Rules of Engagement have been escalated to kinetic engagement of vehicles Why have multiple Black Lives Matter gunmen engaged vehicles on the same day, in two different cities? Sources tell Natural News that the Rules of Engagement (RoE) have been escalated among Black Lives Matter terrorists, and they are now instructed to open fire on “suspicious” vehicles in an effort to spark a civil war. "...

Oracle exec built his own microgrid to escape America's unreliable power grid


(PG&E) roughly $100,000 for engineering work on top of also having to foot the bill for trenching. Combined with the fact that PG&E has often failed to provide stable electricity in recent years amid increasingly ferocious wildfires, Coekaerts decided to go on his own. "...

Review: Tesla Motors pioneers all-electric performance sports car


Soon to be on the road, it would seem that these are among the most environmentally friendly vehicles available. ... This will create an efficient system of supply and demand for electric cars, more e-cars will be manufactured, and competition may arise from other e-car companies that join the movement to switch from gas to electricity. "...

Ammonia identified as a cost-effective material to store energy for fuel cells


They can provide clean electric power for vehicles, without the need for long charging times that plague most EVs. ... While hydrogen has long been touted as the fuel of the future, with automakers such as Toyota actually developing hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), it faces a number of issues that have hampered its adoption. "...