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How to grow, dry and grind your own turmeric powder from fresh roots


How to grow, dry and grind your own turmeric powder from fresh roots Wednesday, April 04, 2018 by: Edsel Cook drying turmeric , grinding turmeric , growing turmeric , Herbs , indoor garden , indoor gardening , natural medicine , turmeric , turmeric powder - (Natural News ) Like any other superfood, turmeric powder is most effective when it’s freshly-grown and prepared by hand at home. ... Drying turmeric Now ...

The six health benefits of turmeric


The six health benefits of turmeric Friday, August 11, 2017 by: Kristine Payne curcumin , healing foods , Herbs , natural medicine , nutrition , Spices , superfood , turmeric , turmeric powder - (Natural News ) Once a prized ingredient in the cuisine of India and Pakistan, turmeric (Curcuma longa) has since gained worldwide renown as a potent superfood. ... Furthermore, turmeric can help decrease the amount of oil produced by overactive sebaceous glands ...

Climate change blamed for drying of Great Plains streams, but it's actually caused by groundwater pumping for irrigation


Climate change blamed for drying of Great Plains streams, but it’s actually caused by groundwater pumping for irrigation Tuesday, August 08, 2017 by: Amy Goodrich agriculture , climate change , climate science , farming , fossil water , global warming , Great Plains , groundwater , irrigation , skeptics , water - (Natural News ) Streams and rivers in Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, and other parts of the central Great Plains are drying up as farmers continue to pump groundwater to ...

How to use turmeric as a potent cancer fighting food


Turmeric is a spice that comes from the Curcuma plant. ... Dried turmeric is a powder whose color ranges from orange to yellow. You can make your own turmeric powder by peeling, boiling, drying, and then grating fresh rhizomes, but consume fresh, uncooked turmeric to maximize its health benefits. "...

Mainstream media finally starting to ask why TURMERIC isn't being promoted as a safe, affordable treatment for CANCER


Mainstream media finally starting to ask why TURMERIC isn’t being promoted as a safe, affordable treatment for CANCER Thursday, August 17, 2017 by: Amy Goodrich Big Pharma , cancer , cancer industry , cancer solution , cancer treatment , curcumin , mainstream media , turmeric - (Natural News ) A common kitchen staple has saved the life of a 57-old woman who had been battling blood cancer for five years. ... Curcumin is the yellow pigment extracted from turmeric , the healing ...

Here's how to make your own healthy, zero-waste herbal tea blends


Different plants can be dried using three different methods: Air drying, drying in an oven, or dehydrator. ... Oven drying Oven drying can help speed up the process. However, you need an oven that can be set at 135 F. "...

Home gardening tips: How to grow flowers and vegetables in bucket planters


Here are some of the best plants to grow in bucket planters: - Beans - Beets - Carrots - Cherry tomatoes - Cucumbers - Garlic - Ginger - Kale - Lettuce - Okra - Onion - Peas - Peppers - Potatoes - Radishes - Spinach - Swiss chard - Tomatoes - Turmeric When building a planter, make sure it sits at 30 inches off of the ground. ... Sources include: OldWorldGardenFarms.com SlickGarden.com Brighteon.com Previous :Following a plant-based diet and reducing sulfur amino acid intake found to lower ...

Learn how to grow these 8 medicinal plants in your indoor garden


Turmeric Turmeric has been used for thousands of years as a spice and as a medicinal herb. ... This will cause the turmeric to rot. - It takes about eight to ten months for turmeric to mature. "...

A guide to building your own solar dehydrator


Enjoy naturally sun-dried fruits with a home-made fruit dryer Now for the drying area itself. ... This will remove the incline and support the drying area. With the new support points added, slide the drying area into the dryer box. "...

6 Scientifically proven benefits of green tea


Green tea is made by steaming the leaves, pan-frying then drying them. Since brewed green tea is primarily water-based, it’s free of the usual macronutrients found in other foods and drinks. ... Watch the video below to know more about the health benefits of combining green tea and turmeric , another amazing superfood. "...

Natural Remedies Cure Summer Colds


Salt and Turmeric Gargle for Summer Colds Salt and Turmeric gargle moisturizes the lining of the throat and speeds recovery of a summer cold. ... A turmeric gargle without salt is utilized in the same way but can be swallowed. "...

Natural medicines to use after SHTF


Turmeric Turmeric is an herb that contains an anti-inflammatory compound called curcumin. Turmeric is useful in drawing out infections, alleviating pain, improving blood circulation, and stopping blood clots. "...

Revitalizing natural remedies for common complaints


Do not drink or eat anything for at least ½ hour after you gargle for the salt and turmeric to do their job of killing harmful bacteria. ... After towel-drying your skin, see if you can gently rub a layer of the callus away with just your finger. "...

Vast quantities of crops dumped with cancer-causing glyphosate right before harvest


According to the company, killing crops this way leads to lower drying times and costs. ... “Desiccants (or harvest management tools) are used worldwide by growers who are producing crops that require ‘drying down’ to create uniformity of plant material at harvest,” says the Manitoba Pulse Growers Association. "...

Prepping basics: 8 Types of foods to keep in your survival pantry


Some of the best ways to preserve fruits are canning and freezing and drying. Vegetables Your survival stockpile should contain vegetables because they are chock-full of important nutrients. ... Include salt, pepper, garlic , onion powder, turmeric, parsley, sage and any herbs in your food stockpile to spice up your dishes. "...

Acupuncture found to be an effective therapy for psoriasis


. - Prevent skin from drying – Dryness is a trigger for flare-ups, so keeping the skin moist is a great way to prevent them. ... In fact, one study found that women who drink five non-light beers or more are twice as likely to develop psoriasis as those drink less. - Take turmericTurmeric can help provide relief from psoriasis flare-ups. "...

A beginner's guide to starting a medicinal garden


Turmeric Turmeric contains curcumin, a very powerful antioxidant. Curcumin is harvested from the dried root cutting of turmeric. ... Preserve herbs by air- or oven-drying. Store dried herbs in sterile dark glass jars with airtight lids. "...

Interview: Zach Adelman and Navitas Naturals discuss maca, cacao, Incan berries and goji berries


It's never allowed to go above 110 degrees Fahrenheit through the drying process. ... The important thing is to get it from the harvesting into the drying stage as fast as possible. "...

Natural Remedies for Poison Ivy and Poison Oak


The remedy soothes the itch by absorbing the irritating plant oils and drying the rash. ... The poison will flow out of the blisters like water. * Turmeric and lime or lemon juice. "...

Wave your microwave goodbye: How to reheat food without a microwave


Use the stovetop If you find your food drying out too much or too quickly in the oven, then the stovetop method might be what you need. ... Sources: NaturalNews.com NaturalNews.com ThatCleanLife.com WholeNaturalLife.com OliviaCleansGreen.com Next : Brain power: How one paralyzed man was able to move his arm again - More news on food safety Leaked documents reveal China’s use of paid online trolls to shift public opinion Just as we’ve been warning: Turmeric from Bangladesh sometimes ...