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Drones with built-in cameras now being used to fight malaria


“This is where drones come in – for the first time, drone imagery can be captured over large areas which can be used to create precise and accurate maps of potential habitats.” ... Thanks to a drone’s ability to map out a huge area in just a short amount of time, Hardy’s team is able to capture imagery and process them for analysis in the same afternoon. "...

Space war brewing? Russia threatens to destroy Starlink satellites


Commercial satellite imagery corporations, such as Planet Labs, Maxar and BlackSky, have also contributed in the war effort against Russia by giving intelligence pictures of the battle from above. ... More related stories: Russia, China make stunning advances in anti-satellite drone swarms, laser weapons to win space war China, Russia developing space weapons that can destroy, disable satellites Pentagon: China’s space weapons program “on the march” Defense Secretary Esper: China, ...

Leveraging new tech for conservation: Drones help researchers track sea turtles, gather data


Used this way, a drone can quickly scope out critical events such as strandings, when animals are unable to return to the sea. ... Their imagery can outperform the satellite or manned-aircraft equivalent, and they can be launched as needed or even on demand. "...

Ancient art: Scientists discover 143 new Nazca line drawings previously hidden in Peru


For the first several years of their study, they relied on satellite imagery and on-site inspection to map Pampa. ... They will be using the company’s PAIRS Geoscope platform to integrate 10 years of drone and satellite imagery with geographical survey data. "...

Spy drones in widespread use across USA, targeting Americans, secret documents now reveal


Take the issue of drone usage to spy on us. The use of drones by government has exploded in recent years, and for reasons that have nothing to do with "security" or "law enforcement" or under the guise of "protecting us." ... Yet, despite this increase - eight-fold between 2010 and 2012 - CBP has failed to explain how it's protecting our privacy from unwarranted drone surveillance. "...

Chinese STEALTH DRONES surveilling US energy infrastructure; Fauci emails reveal explosive admissions of covid cover-up


I reached out to several of my contacts who are current or former military, and I was told that they believe this drone is a communist China stealth surveillance drone. ... This allows China to acquire videos and imagery that are not possible to acquire via satellite. "...

Media blackout over "unimaginable" radiation levels detected at Fukushima... MOX fuel melts through reactor floor... half life of 24,000 years


While everyone was busy watching Lady Gaga channel Satanic symbolism and occult imagery in front of 100 million viewers at the Superbowl, the Fukushima nuclear accident just got a whole lot worse. ... Yet the entire blabbering, idiotic media puppets drone on endlessly about the imminent threat of “climate change” — the greatest quack science hoax and glorious disinformation theatrics ever pulled off in the history of our world. "...

Human agriculture laborers soon OBSOLETE: U.K. researchers grow the world's first crops using nothing but drones and robots


First, they took drone technology and used it to automate some small agricultural machines like chaser bins and tractors. ... “They were essentially our eyes, so we would assess the field using a multi-spectral camera and get imagery from the field showing us where it was strongest and weakest,” he said. "...

Citizens strike back: Tiny, low-cost drones may one day assassinate corrupt politicians, corporate CEOs and street criminals


Next, the Kamikaze drone's on-board operating system is loaded with the facial imagery of the intended target, then released in an area the target is known to frequent (such as near their home, a restaurant, or their place of employment). ... Once the attack is complete, the drone is simply abandoned, having completed its job. "...

Hurricane Ida downs power lines across Louisiana, leaving nearly one million without power... officials say repairs may take up to 3 weeks


Footage of a store being looted was also captured by a drone photographer, with locals being filmed rifling through an ATM and taking drinks. ... He added that he ordered the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security to make available any satellite imagery that could help assess the extent of the damage. "...

We see you! US Army working on "Google Earth on steroids" 3D map that can simulate the inside of buildings


Using satellite imagery and drone technology, the military is able to make these detailed maps a reality. "...

There is a holocaust taking place in China right now and the world is silent, including the NBA


According to Liu, this terrifying imagery of Uyghur prisoners kneeling with shaved heads before being corralled into human cattle cars is inaccurate and could have originated from anywhere. ... Captured drone footage of the area shows innocent human beings being treated like animals, much like the Jews were in Nazi Germany. "...

Wave of shock and outrage over Volkswagen's emissions deception reveals incredible gullibility of young, trendy consumers; VW's real history traces back to Adolf Hitler's Third Reich


Behind the feel-good imagery of focus group-tested advertising and social engineering campaigns lie unethical, evil corporations that run slave labor factories and openly lie to their own customers. ... Language Control and the Rise of the THIRD REICH: Stunning new documentary reveals why we must stop the rise of safe spaces, social justice warriors and progressive fanaticism 70 years after providing key technology to Adolf Hitler's Third Reich, IBM is now lending computing power to U.S....

Touch news, articles and information:


Touch news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It Amazon to help Americans buy more toxic poisons for their home with the touch of a button 3/31/2015 5:31:54 PM - Logistics innovator Amazon, which last year announced a robotic drone concept that cuts out the delivery middleman by shipping goods directly from Amazon warehouses to people's homes via drone, has come up with yet another novel, futuristic concept that will allow people to instantly order the consumer... ... PTSD successfully ...