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Denmark set to launch digital coronavirus passport


Denmark set to launch digital coronavirus passport Sunday, February 07, 2021 by: Arsenio Toledo coronavirus , coronavirus vaccine , coronavirus vaccine passport , covid-19 , Denmark , discrimination , estonia , EU , Europe , European Union , government , health freedom , infections , medical fascism , Medical Tyranny , obey , outbreak , pandemic , superbugs , Sweden , Tourism , travel , vaccine passport , vaccine wars , vaccines , virus Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www....

Denmark abandons forced vaccination law after public protests


New “epidemic law” was set to replace expired emergency law Denmark’s “epidemic law” was set to replace an emergency law that was passed in the spring and expired on Nov. 13. ... For nine days, protesters waged public protests outside the halls of the Folketing – Denmark’s parliament – leading to it eventually being dropped. "...

Denmark locks down ENTIRE COUNTRY in response to coronavirus pandemic


Denmark locks down ENTIRE COUNTRY in response to coronavirus pandemic Thursday, March 12, 2020 by: Michael Alexander China , closed , containment , coronavirus , covid-19 , Denmark , disease , epidemic , Europe , global emergency , goodmedicine , infection , infections , Italy , lockdown , novel coronavirus , outbreak , pandemic , priority , public events , Public Health , public schools , quarantine , schools , virus , Wuhan , Wuhan coronavirus - (Natural News ) In a surprise ...

Denmark claims pole position in race to maximize wind power


Denmark claims pole position in race to maximize wind power Thursday, February 07, 2019 by: David Williams Denmark , electricity , hydroelectric power , renewable energy , renewables , wind energy , wind farm , wind mill , wind power - (Natural News ) The world is now, after a few long years, slowly starting to come around on the concept of renewable energy. ... Study of how soil minerals affect nutrients - More news on Denmark Denmark claims pole position in ...

After months of strict coronavirus border controls, Denmark is ready to reopen


(Related: Denmark locks down ENTIRE COUNTRY in response to coronavirus pandemic .) ... Last month, Denmark became the first nation in the EU to open its primary schools. "...

Denmark taxes avocados, butter, eggs, nuts, chocolate and coconut oil


Citizens of Denmark who don't count saturated fat grams can count on an increase in their grocery bill this fall. In early October, Denmark officials placed a tax on foods which contain saturated fat. "...

Bizarre! Government of Denmark tells Kellogg's to take vitamins out of their breakfast cereals


Government of Denmark tells Kellogg's to take vitamins out of their breakfast cereals Thursday, August 19, 2004 by Mike Adams , the Health Ranger Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...) ... Perhaps people in Denmark get better vitamin supplementation than those in the United States, but most people in industrialized countries around the world suffer from chronic vitamin B deficiencies. "...

Bizarre! Government of Denmark tells Kellogg's to take vitamins out of their breakfast cereals


Government of Denmark tells Kellogg's to take vitamins out of their breakfast cereals Thursday, August 19, 2004 by Mike Adams , the Health Ranger Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...) Tweet Pin It In a move that can only be described as bizarre, the government of Denmark has banned the sale of fortified breakfast cereals made by Kellogg's. "...

Following Denmark's example - Cleaning up the meat industry by monitoring antibiotic use


Antibiotics are used both by people and within the farming industry, to quickly decimate bacteria and micro-organism cultures that may degrade health. ... Only two years later, Denmark's pork industry made the same change. While Denmark's poultry production largely stays within the country's boarders, the country is the largest exporter of pork in the world. "...

Danish food safety laws ban products containing added vitamins, allege they are threat to public health


So-called food safety laws enacted in Denmark back in 2004 have restricted the sale of any food products that contain added vitamins and minerals, and all on the outlandish premise that such nutrients are a threat to public health. ... It is the way Denmark is going." Meanwhile, efforts are underway to push the same highly-restrictive measures in the US. "...

Trans fat restriction in Denmark offers success story for similar initiative in New York City


So far, Denmark is the only country to impose a stringent restriction on trans fat. ... At least one natural health author disagrees, and said that New York should look to Denmark's restriction as an example. "...

Denmark discovers an alarmingly high concentration of pesticide poisoning in their population - school children are especially vulnerable


Researchers in Denmark are concerned about the levels of pesticides found in Danish children and mothers – chemicals that could cause brain damage among other debilitating illnesses, as reported by CHP Post Online. ... Researchers suspect that the pesticides could harm children's brains, and Philippe Grandjean, professor of environmental medicine at the University of Southern Denmark, stated: "It is alarming that we have such a high concentration of pesticides in Denmark....

BIZARRE: Denmark may tax red meat as part of 'ethics' law that claims to halt global warming


It's official: The global warming-climate change loonies have officially taken over the asylum, at least in Denmark, where a 'respected' panel just made one of the most incredibly short-sighted and dumb recommendations to the national government. "...

Critics slam Biden administration's vaccine passport plan for being "un-American"


Denmark and Israel are two such countries who have developed vaccine passes amid ongoing COVID-19 immunization programs in their territories. In February, Denmark announced that it will launch a vaccine passport by that month’s end. "...

CBS declares vaccine passports as must-haves for 2021 summer travelers


The CBS News journalist cited Denmark’s use of the vaccine passport as a model for the U.S. to follow. ... Danish Acting Finance Minister Morten Bødskov described the passport as “extra security” for re-opening Denmark. "...

Governments gearing up for global vaccine passport implementation as vaxxed sheeple gladly submit to medical tyranny


In February, Denmark announced that it would launch a vaccine passport by that month’s end. ... Denmark already has a secure digital ID system called NemID, to which the Coronapas will be linked. "...

Two Danes suffer from brain hemorrhage after getting AstraZeneca coronavirus jab


The incidents of brain hemorrhage followed the death of a 60-year-old woman in Denmark on March 11, which led the Nordic country to halt the use of the jab. ... Denmark’s Minister of Health and Elderly Affairs Magnus Heunicke confirmed the March 11 suspension of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine, set to last for two weeks. "...

Danish regulator says woman who died after AstraZeneca jab had "unusual symptoms" including from blood clots


Meanwhile, Denmark’s northern neighbor Norway said on March 13 that three people were being treated after getting the AstraZeneca vaccine. ... The incidents in Denmark and Norway came amid vaccination programs in Europe that use the AstraZeneca jab hitting a roadblock. "...

New research points to link between AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clots


Denmark reported on Saturday that two more people experienced brain hemorrhages after receiving AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine, and that one of them had died, according to the New York Times . ... Denmark has suspended the use of AstraZeneca’s vaccine until Thursday, despite the EMA’s reassurances that the vaccine is safe. "...

Eight European nations pause AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccinations after reports of "serious" blood clot


At least one of the cases, in Denmark, resulted in death. “This AstraZeneca story isn’t getting enough attention,” tweeted ForexLive. ... Magnus Heunicke, Denmark’s health minister, is bending over backwards trying to separate the vaccine from the blood clots. "...