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EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Democrat whistleblower exposes Biden campaign voter fraud operation


They have two captains, Gerald Womack and Dallas Jones. Jones was hired by the Biden campaign to run the Biden Texas operation. ... Dallas Jones was picked up by the FBI, the weekend before last, for 2 days of interrogation. "...

Alex Jones breaks down the 10 most dangerous IDEAS being pushed by globalists


Alex Jones breaks down the 10 most dangerous IDEAS being pushed by globalists Tuesday, June 07, 2022 by: Ramon Tomey Alex Jones , big government , Censorship , conspiracy , enslaved , Globalism , great reset , InfoWars , Klaus Schwab , mind control , new world order , Orwellian , privacy watch , surveillance , trackable clothes , world economic forum This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens....

Dallas Methodist church self-appoints two LGBT PASTORS after bishops deny request for appointments


According to the Dallas church, the conference did not cite a reason for turning down the request to appoint the two. ... Sources include: DallasNews.com USAToday.com Columbian.com Brighteon.com Previous :Alex Jones breaks down the 10 most dangerous IDEAS being pushed by globalists Next : China’s Xinjiang province now a giant PRISON CAMP as Uyghurs face abuses inside their own homes - More news on Christianity Dallas Methodist church self-appoints two LGBT PASTORS ...

Biden's Texas political director, other Democrats accused in illegal ballot harvesting scheme


Steven Hotze and several others, two investigators accuse Dallas Jones and several prominent Democrat officeholders of organizing a ballot harvesting scheme. Jones was named Joe Biden’s political director in Texas in late August with stories appearing in media in September. "...

Mississippi judge rules in favor of election re-do after nearly 79 PERCENT of mail-in ballots are found fraudulent


Weill also issued a bench warrant for notary Dallas Jones, who handled absentee ballots. ... Jones has since been released on bond. The judge added that there was clear evidence of voter intimidation and harassment at the polling place on Election Day. "...

Project Veritas infiltrates "ballot chasing" ring targeting senior citizens in Texas


A number of Democrats – including Dallas Jones – were recently accused of organizing a ballot harvesting scheme in Harris County, whose county seat is Houston. Jones was named as Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s political director in the state in late August. "...

Massive vote fraud across U.S. as Trump decries attempted coup


The state political director for Joe Biden’s campaign, Dallas Jones, has been accused in affidavits filed at the Texas Supreme Court of operating a massive, illegal ballot-harvesting scheme involving as many as 700,000 ballots. ... Using interviews, documents, and other information, Aguirre publicly identified Jones, Texas State Senator Borris Miles, political consultant Gerald Womack, and Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis. "...

More than 70 kids rescued from trafficking ring in multi-state operation


Operation’s success comes after kidnapping in Dallas The success of Operation Lost Souls followed an incident where a 15-year-old girl was kidnapped during a basketball game in Dallas. ... “My daughter went missing in the city of Dallas, this is Dallas case, but they refused to open a case for her,” said the father. "...

Beto O'Rourke flips again, now backs mass confiscation of AR-15s


Greg Abbott in the November election, endorsed the forcible confiscation of semiautomatic rifles in a Dallas town hall event on Tuesday. ... Read more at: WesternJournal.com Previous :Zucker-Bucks Facebook is paying $397 to a million people over disturbing privacy breach – check if you’re affected Next : Mike Tyson podcast with Alex Jones censored after pressure from Big Tech - More news on deception FBI goes completely rogue: Report finds bureau illegally spied on millions of Americans ...

Aussie air carriers suppressing vaccine injuries, persecuting unvaxxed pilots


Snow experienced sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in April 2022 immediately after landing at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in Texas while awaiting the results of the CT scan. ... Watch InfoWars founder Alex Jones discussing the death of four British Airways pilots after their vaccination below. "...

Colorado woman previously denied transplant for being unvaccinated finally gets the medical care she needs


Lutali and Fougner received necessary medical care in Texas Lutali and Fougner were given accommodation by a surgeon in Dallas who was willing to consider their case. ... Grueling process: Canada has only settled 8 COVID-19 vaccine injury claims; HUNDREDS are still on waiting list Alex Jones challenges Trump to admit he was DECEIVED about harmful and experimental COVID vaccines Pandemic of plastic waste: Animals found entangled, dead in direct contact with single-use PPE Pfizer’s ...

Dr. Peter McCullough: No need to panic over monkeypox


Host Alex Jones, who was also joined in the episode by author John Leake, agreed. ... Jones then played a video clip of Bill Gates talking about the next pandemic that is going to happen. "...

Students reveal 'forbidden lessons' taught at anti-woke University of Austin


During the two, week-long summer sessions, funded entirely by donor contributions and held at a temporary location in Dallas, students attended small, discussion-based seminars, such as “Critical Thinking and Freedom of Expression” taught by feminist and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, alongside shorter workshops, like “How to Be Liberal in an Illiberal Age” taught by Weiss. Eighty students attended the first summer sessions at the University of Austin, taught at a temporary space in Dallas, ...

Texas National Guard activated, deployed in anticipation of Election Day chaos


Texas Guard spokesman Brandon Jones told Express-News that troops could be deployed to Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Austin. ... Tracy Norris, adjutant general of the Texas Army National Guard, seconded Jones’ remarks. "...

Human trafficking victims in America could be as many as 17,500 annually


Meanwhile, a shocking piece of footage showed a human sex trafficking victim being beaten and forced into a car in broad daylight outside some shops in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area. ... Alex Jones reveals MASSIVE child trafficking scheme operating in plain sight at US border… while local police watch and do nothing . "...

Ignorant, abusive cop tases diabetic teen suffering a medical emergency - caught on video


When 19-year-old Ricky Jones of Cleburne, Texas, collided with another vehicle while driving his car back on April 9, his blood sugar had been running exceptionally low, which put him into a state of extreme disorientation and confusion. Consequently, when a cop rolled up to question Jones following the accident, he was unable to give proper responses to the officer, who quickly became irritated at the young man. "...

'Conscious living' community raided at gunpoint by SWAT in yet another paramilitary police action


The Dallas Morning News reported that, despite finding nothing but a few code violations, the city is defending the raid and, especially, the raid utilizing SWAT officers. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on SWAT raid at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on SWAT raid Helmet cam video footage released of police raiding the WRONG home with flashbangs and military weapons SWAT team disfigured toddler with grenade - Habersham County, Georgia, ...

Coronavirus sinks Dow into bear market territory, other major indices down 5% – the bear is back with a vengeance


Coronavirus sinks Dow into bear market territory, other major indices down 5% – the bear is back with a vengeance Thursday, March 12, 2020 by: Franz Walker Bubble , Collapse , coronavirus , covid-19 , Dow Jones , economic collapse , economy , Federal Reserve , finance , financial crisis , government debt , market crash , pandemic , priority , risk , stock market , stocks Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/410517.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) The coronavirus ...

White House RESCINDS mask mandate for public transportation following federal court ruling


Airports in Houston and Dallas immediately eschewed mandatory face coverings after the TSA announced it will no longer enforce the mandate. ... Watch former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano commenting on Mizelle’s decision on “The Alex Jones Show.” "...

October news, articles and information:


October news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It Health Ranger appearing LIVE in Dallas Texas this October 14, 15, 16 as part of The Truth About Cancer Symposium... once in a lifetime event 8/23/2016 - I'm appearing LIVE in Dallas, Texas this October 14th, 15th and 16th, as one of the headline speakers at The Truth About Cancer LIVE event. ... Health Ranger to join Alex Jones show this Friday, October 1 9/29/2010 - NaturalNews editor Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) will ...