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Studies prove that vitamin D works against the coronavirus


It argued that vitamin D promotes the expression of anti-inflammatory cytokines and reduces pro-inflammatory cytokines. ... Cytokines are proteins produced by the body to control inflammation. These cytokines are released in the case of infections, but there are times that excess cytokines than needed are produced. "...

Study reveals that intake of dietary grape powder can help promote cytokine production


Cytokines have various functions in the body. Some cytokines stimulate the production of blood cells; others mostly function as part of different processes, such as development, tissue maintenance, and repair. There are also cytokines whose functions are limited to the immune system. There are more specific names given to cytokines based on either the type of cell that makes them or the action they have in the body. "...

Nature, art, and spirituality relieve inflammation and improve health, study shows


However, it's known that cytokines, or the proteins that signal the immune system to work harder, kick in depending on one's positivity; lower levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines have been linked to the uplifting emotion. ... Cytokines: why they matter Cytokines are a necessary element of our immune responses to infectious threats. "...

Scientists link chronic inflammation to low motivation and reduced dopamine levels


From the results, the researchers found that higher levels of cytokines predicted a much greater temporal discounting. ... These findings suggest that these cytokines play a mechanistic role in the desire for immediately-available rewards. "...

Scientists link chronic inflammation to low motivation and reduced dopamine levels


From the results, the researchers found that higher levels of cytokines predicted a much greater temporal discounting. ... These findings suggest that these cytokines play a mechanistic role in the desire for immediately-available rewards. "...

Obesity can make breast cancer cells more aggressive


Obesity and cytokines Health experts are worried because the number of people with obesity around the globe is increasing rapidly. ... Once cytokines reach the bloodstream, they can make cancer cells more aggressive. "...

Ashwagandha extract helps cancer patients stay strong


The antioxidant activity of the extract means it can reduce inflammatory cytokines and stop apoptosis. ... By lowering the levels of those cytokines, the extract protects both types of tissues from wasting. "...

Researchers discover that Kefir (fermented yogurt) can halt cytokine storms observed during SARS-CoV-2 infections


Cytokines are cell signaling molecules that facilitate immune responses. These molecules communicate between cells to stimulate the movement of immune responsive cells toward sites of inflammation and infection. ... Further studies should investigate the role that the vaccines play in altering the gut microbiome and causing further problems with cytokines and cellular communication. "...

Jian-Pi-Yi-Shen, a Chinese herbal decoction, found to promote kidney health


In the study, published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, they looked at the effect of Jian-Pi-Yi-Shen on the expressions of erythropoietin and pro-inflammatory cytokines in cultured cells. ... Moreover, Jian-Pi-Yi-Shen increased the expressions of pro-inflammatory cytokines, but at the same time inhibited the expression of lipopolysaccharide-induced cytokines, suggesting that it possessed bi-directional immune-modulatory roles. "...

Compounds from traditional Chinese medicine effectively treat ulcerative colitis


The efficacy of the compounds was primarily focused on targeting either inflammation or oxidative stress, which is associated with increasing the levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines and suppressing the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Cytokines are secreted proteins released by cells that affect the interactions and communications between cells. "...

TCM found to protect the intestines from injury by preventing inflammation


Excessive production of these cytokines leads to systemic inflammation, consequently increasing the risk for other diseases . ... The researchers observed that untreated mice experienced an increase in pro-inflammatory cytokines, indicating that lipopolysaccharides induced inflammation. "...

Spirulina significantly aids allergy sufferers and improves exercise performance


In this study, researchers measured the amount of cytokines, interferon, and other immune system signals found in the bloodstream before and after taking spirulina. Cytokines are immune system molecules which send signals to alert immune "fighters" to come to the body's aid when a pathogen is encountered. "...

TCM's Si Jun Zi found to protect against the spread of cancer cells in the liver


Cytokines are signaling molecules used by immune cells to mediate immune responses. By increasing the production of cytokines, modified si jun zi helps attract more macrophages to the cancer site. "...

Study: IV vitamin C an effective therapy against the cytokine storms that are killing COVID-19 patients


These chemicals are known as cytokines. When they do their job properly, cytokines are an important part of the body’s natural immune response, but in some cases a certain pathway can be overstimulated, causing damage to the patient. ... This is followed by increased oxidative stress because of the release of free radicals and cytokines. "...

Vitamin E Could Reduce Muscle Inflammation, Study Finds


Here's how: Cytokines are regulatory proteins that are released by cells of the immune system to act as intercellular mediators when an immune response is needed. ... The researchers found that the mice who had received Vitamin E had a significant decrease in two of the inflammation-causing cytokines, IL-6 and IL-1beta. "...

Weeping wattle shows potential in treating pain-related conditions


They observed that the treated cells had reduced production of pro-inflammatory cytokines. ... The mechanism behind its anti-inflammatory activity involves the reduced production of pro-inflammatory cytokines brought about by NF-kappa B inhibition. "...

The great health benefits of elderberry


Anthocyanins have been shown to boost the production of immune cytokines. The cytokines are key messengers in the immune system to help regulate the immune response. ... "The effect of Sambucol, a black elderberry-based, natural product, on the production of human cytokines: I. "...

Eat a diet rich in fermented foods to help achieve optimal health


Probiotics also trigger signaling events on cell receptors that result in the manufacture of cytokines. ... News-medical.net, "What are Cytokines" http://www.news-medical.net/health/What-are-Cytokines.aspx Wild Fermentation.com, "Vegetable Fermentation Further Simplified," by Wildadmin http://www.wildfermentation.com/2012/04/ About the author: Brad Chase is the President of ProgressiveHealth.com. "...

Obesity and breast cancer: Scientists explain how being overweight makes breast cancer cells more aggressive


They found that obesity causes the release of cytokines into the bloodstream that affect the metabolism of breast cancer cells, which in turn make them more aggressive. ... “However, its function is impaired by the cytokines leptin and TGF-?.” Extremely overweight subjects have been found to have increased levels of cytokines in the blood. "...

Chinese herbal formula wu mei wan reduces insulin resistance, protects pancreas, prevents diabetes


This inflammatory process is mediated by various inflammatory cytokines, especially those that belong to the interleukin family. ... These results suggest that WMW alleviates insulin resistance by inhibiting NLRP3 inflammasome formation and reducing the expression of proinflammatory cytokines. "...