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Prickly but valuable: How to use thistles as food, herbal medicine and cordage when SHTF


Bull thistle as cordage Fresh thistle stems contain hard fibers that run parallel from the roots to the flower head. ... When SHTF, you can use thistles as food, herbal remedies , or as emergency cordage. "...

Fun bushcraft projects to practice with your kids to increase their survival skills


Making cordage for survival use Survival bracelets, made from parachute cord, can come in handy if your child goes missing. ... There are many fun ways to use cordage and practice for survival. To prepare for a situation where there is no cordage available, practice making natural cordage out of tall grasses. "...

16 Survival uses of a leather belt


Cordage If there ever comes a point when your belt can no longer be effectively used, you can cut it down into strips to turn into cordage. ... This cordage can then be used in a variety of survival applications, such as making shoelaces or a fishing line. "...

The versatile safety pin: 17 reasons you should have some in your bugout bag and survival cache


Straighten out the pin and use the sharp end to pierce the material, then twist it around to make the hole large enough for cordage. Push the cordage through the holes. - Stitch wounds – When you need to stitch up a cut, you can use a safety pin as a makeshift needle. "...

Prepare for common survival scenarios by stocking up on these lifesaving tools


(h/t to AmericanPreppersNetwork.com ) Woodcutting tools, cordage, and tarps A prepper may have acquired at least one tool for working with wood . ... A prepper may keep unwanted precipitation out with cordage and tarps. Bank line and paracord are good options for cordage, while utility tarps and rainfly units offer options for tarps. "...

How to create an at-home survival kit on a budget


Cordage also plays a key role in survival during emergencies. Cords are used as fishing line, lashings, bowstrings and a lot more. ... Just as in the first trier, fire starters and cordage remain vital parts of this survival tier. "...

How to make 9 improvised survival items that can save your life when SHTF


(h/t to SurvivalSchool.us ) Shoelace cordage Shoelaces, especially the ones for military-issued boots, are made of strong material, similar to parachute cords. If you find yourself in need of additional inches or feet of cordage, use the laces on your hiking shoes or boots. "...

Top 12 NECESSARY items for survival when SHTF


Force multiplying survival skills: - Avoiding conflict - Creating improvised weapons - Self-defense classes - Firearms training - Non-lethal options Cordage When SHTF, cordage might just save your life. You can use various types of cordage to build a shelter, fishing, trapping, and other survival uses. "...

A super weed with powerful nutrition


If you are into primitive skills, nettles stems have a lot of fiber and make fine cordage. ... If you haven't ever made cordage from plants it is a skill that is pretty simple to learn - it will make you appreciate rope and para-cord so much more. "...

10 Survival trees EVERYONE should plant on their property


The tree is known to produce some of the best natural cordage. American basswood is also one of the most ideal trees for firewood use, as its soft wood is highly susceptible to friction. ... These wood peelings make for excellent cordage. - Hazelnut – Hazelnut trees produce one of the most nutritious and delicious nuts in the market. "...

Thinking outside the box: Common items with unusual survival uses


. - Tied and stretched condoms can be used as makeshift cordage. - Two condoms can store at least a week’s supply of water for one person. - A condom can be used to keep matches or kindling dry, as well as for starting fires. - Use condoms to design a makeshift slingshot for self-defense or for hunting small animals. - If you lose the lid of your water bottle, use a condom as a temporary cover for the opening. - Condoms can also be used to waterproof your electronics, especially when traveling ...

Prepping basics: Tips for building a pocket survival kit


Keep tins closed using a ranger band, a hook and loop wrap (wraps used for horticulture are thinnest), tape, or cordage. ... This emphasizes the need for cordage and shelter materials, which you can use to build a fire and a shelter to protect yourself from the elements. - Three days without water – Dehydration can kill within days, so include items in your PSK for finding and storing water. "...

5 more everyday items that can be used for survival


Wicks can be made using cotton string or any plant based cordage such as jute or even from twisted strips of cotton material. ... Dip cotton string or any plant based twine or cordage in wax to help create a fire in wet conditions. "...

Everyday items that can be used for survival and prepping


Use as cordage where length is not an issue such as holding a splint in place. They can be used as a small snare and even as an emergency tourniquet. ... Bandanas: It may just be easier to list a few of these because bandanas have literally dozens of uses: - wind/dust mask - debris water filter - soak in water and use as a neckband to keep cool - use dry as a neckband to keep the chill out - sling - secure a splint - rip up as cordage - rip up and use as trail markers - bandage ...

How to personalize a survival kit for your individual needs


Keep in mind that whatever the situation, your kit should satisfy the 5 C’s of survival : cutting tool, combustion device, cover, container and cordage. "...

Ranger Gear giving away 5,000+ folding credit card knives for ONE PENNY each (while supplies last)


It's razor sharp and can be used in an emergency to cut cordage, slice a stuck seatbelt, sharpen a pencil, open a box or maybe (in a pinch) as a tool of last-resort self-defense. "...

The fairer (and better) sex? How women excel at prepping


. - Period kit — Maxi pads and tampons are not only useful for when the red days come, but they can also be used for bullet wounds, as bandages, for fire kindling, for water filtering, for waterproofing, for fishing, and as cordage or wick. "...

Prepping for SHTF: Top gear you need


Survival knives are more versatile than other weapons, such as pistols or assault rifles, since they can be used for anything, from cutting cordage to dressing wild game. "...

Edible, medicinal, utilitarian: Cattails are a wonderful survival resource


The leaves can be used to: - Make baskets - Weave doors for shelters - Make cordage - Make sleeping bags Lastly, take note that some people can confuse the cattail with a yellow-flag iris. "...

Camouflage gardening: A must-have for survivalist and preppers


The stems of the Roselle are also very tough and durable, meaning that they can be used to make cordage or jute-like materials. "...