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Walensky blames "comorbidities" for widespread death among fully vaccinated


In an interview with “Good Morning America,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mouthpiece insisted that 75 percent of fully vaccinated deaths occur in people with at least four comorbidities, which she says are the true culprits. ... Walensky also insists that the remaining 25 percent of fully vaccinated people who were found to have died without four or more comorbidities still died from “at least one other risk factor.” "...

SLOW MOTION GENOCIDE: Excess mortality up 40% all around the world following release of covid "vaccines"


“A sad outcome of the first two years of the Covid pandemic is that Covid killed persons with ‘comorbidities,’ very old people, and so on,” Chudov explains. "...

STUDY: Vaccinating children against COVID makes zero sense; more children are harmed by the vaccines than from COVID


Any one of these comorbidities could have been the cause of the patient’s death, not covid-19. ... Likewise, most of the post-inoculation deaths occur in the elderly who already suffer with comorbidities. "...

Misinformation superspreader CNN covers study that shows ivermectin saves lives, but the network claims the OPPOSITE because CNN's job is to LIE


The study tested a five-day course of ivermectin on hospitalized covid patients 50 years and older with mild to moderate disease and pre-existing comorbidities. ... However, oxygen is typically used early on as part of a standard protocol for managing severe disease in obese patients with comorbidities. "...

Nutraceutical supplementation and a calorie-restricted Mediterranean diet can improve biomarkers for longevity


. - Among the comorbidities of high body mass index, cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death and disability around the world, followed by Type 2 diabetes. - For their study, the researchers assigned a modified Mediterranean diet which included protein shakes and targeted supplementation (PROG2) to 50 overweight and obese subjects with cardiometabolic risk factors. "...

Obesity and other serious health conditions are allowing the coronavirus to kill more Americans


Rampant obesity in the U.S. is helping the coronavirus epidemic In a report posted on medRxiv on February 27, researchers evaluated the impact of comorbidities on COVID-19 patients in China . For their nationwide analysis, they included 1,590 confirmed cases from 575 Chinese hospitals and found that comorbidities were present in one-fourth of the patients. "...

Another Black Lives Matter activist arrested for misappropriating (aka stealing) funds


Floyd died from a combination of positional asphyxiation and drug intoxication which was complicated by other comorbidities. "...

"Co-morbidities" are the ultimate excuse for vaccine-induced death of the immune-compromised masses in America


Aseem Malhotra: The whistleblower who put the dangers of mRNA vaccines back in the news String of deaths among young Canadian doctors prompts call to end COVID-19 vaccine mandate Canada’s military to discharge unvaccinated soldiers despite withdrawal of vaccine mandates Tokyo Disney Resort to charge unvaxxed patrons higher ticket fees Johnson & Johnson sells its largest manufacturing plant in India Hurricane Ian aftermath: Floridians grappling with spread of flesh-eating bacteria The ACIP vote today ...

Nurse aide dies after receiving work-mandated coronavirus vaccine shot


Moore had no known comorbidities and was found unresponsive in her car outside her apartment complex on Dec. 31. "...

Can heart enlargement predict coronavirus deaths?


In their preliminary report, which was published online in JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging, the team also noted that none of the patients with RV dilation had “significant differences in the prevalence of major comorbidities,” which include diabetes, hypertension and coronary artery disease. ... Sources include: MedPageToday.com Academic.OUP.com MayoClinic.org Pubs.RSNA.org TheConversation.com Edition.CNN.com Previous :The Cook Islands has no coronavirus cases – and no source of income Next ...

CDC reports thousands of coronavirus deaths involve other contributing causes, raising questions about America's real death toll


In its report, the CDC also provided a list of comorbidities – health conditions and contributing causes of death – mentioned on death certificates in conjunction with deaths involving COVID-19. Included in these comorbidities was a category called “intentional and unintentional injury, poisoning and other adverse events,” which were cited in 4,401 cases, or around three percent of the total COVID-19 deaths. "...

Health Ranger Report: Cancer cases up by 1000% since COVID-19 vaccine rollout, Jonathan Landsman tells Mike Adams


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Keep the Republic with Dr. Daniel Bobinski: US medical system is being totally destroyed, warns Laura Sextro – Brighteon.TV


She noted that here has never been a child in America under the age of 18 with no significant multiple comorbidities that died from COVID-19. "...

Panel of experts: More and more young people are dying because of COVID-19 vaccines


She had no comorbidities and was considered very healthy. This panel discussion was held less than a week after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced it was officially recommending the COVID-19 vaccine for all children in the United States as part of their annual vaccination schedule. "...

Klaus Schwab issues THREAT to Brazilian president for refusing to sign WHO pandemic treaty


I said we had to take care of the elderly and people with comorbidities, and today’s studies outside of Brazil especially show that I was right.” ... But according to Tedros, it was possible for vaccinated people to die if they had comorbidities. "...

Utah, Minnesota face legal action for factoring race, ethnicity in administering COVID-19 drugs


The racial/ethnic category receives two “points,” similar to patients with the “highest-risk comorbidities” such as being severely immunocompromised, having diabetes, or being obese. The system grants one point for COVID-19 patients with “other high-risk comorbidities,” including hypertension, coronary artery disease, chronic kidney disease, congestive heart failure, and chronic liver disease. "...

WARNING: Discussions I had secretly with FDA, NIH, CDC, Moderna & Pfizer official(s) July/Aug 2020 told me that they feared these COVID injections can & WILL kill healthy children; will KILL our kids


Your child can be harmed and die from the injections and you can do nothing about it. 1)This LANCET study shows you that SOURCE: Variation in the COVID-19 infection–fatality ratio by age, time, and geography during the pre-vaccine era: a systematic analysis “Age-specific IFR estimates form a J shape, with the lowest IFR occurring at age 7 years (0·0023%, 95% uncertainty interval [UI] 0·0015–0·0039)” Look at the infection fatality rates (IFR): 2)This German study showed SOURCE: Risk of Hospitalization, ...

Hospitals intentionally inflating COVID cases to collect financial incentives, whistleblower says


COVID-19 can also be severe for patients with comorbidities and underlying health conditions like diabetes, pulmonary diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The death certificates for these COVID patients will also have to reflect these comorbidities. "...

Two states face legal action over RACIST policies on COVID treatments


Patients with the “highest-risk comorbidities” such as diabetes, obesity and an immunocompromised immune system receive two points. An additional one point is granted to those with “other high-risk comorbidities,” such as hypertension, chronic liver disease, chronic kidney disease, coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure. "...

Jonathan Landsman warns COVID-19 vaccines cause liver injury – Brighteon.TV


Landsman pointed out that health practitioners knew those who had died because of the virus really had comorbidities that severely impacted their health. These comorbidities include poor kidney and liver function, cardiovascular diseases, obesity or diabetes, among others. "...