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Breaking down water pollutants in water, naturally: Simple method uses vitamin C, green LED light and a catalyst


Breaking down water pollutants in water, naturally: Simple method uses vitamin C, green LED light and a catalyst Monday, August 06, 2018 by: Michelle Simmons chlorides , chloroacetic acid , contaminated water , electrons , environment , fluorides , goodscience , hydrated electrons , LED light , light energy , photochemistry , polluted water , research , toxic chemicals , toxic water , vitamin C , water , Water contamination , water pollutants , water pollution , water quality - (Natural ...

Elevated levels of pollutants found downstream from fracking wastewater


The pollutants, including radioactive chlorides and bromides, are discharged into the surrounding environment, where they settle into the sediment. ... "The facility is quite effective in removing metals such as barium from the water but concentrates sulfates, chlorides and bromides. "...

Many grapefruit seed extracts are adulterated, non-profit research group finds


Methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, propyl p-hydroxybenzoate, triclosan and benzethonium chlorides all found in GFSE products Back in 1991, a study out of Japan was the first to identify the presence of methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, a synthetic chemical preservative, and triclosan, an antibacterial and antifungal chemical potentially linked to endocrine disruption and cancer in commercial GFSE preparations. ... Later studies also identified the presence of propyl p-hydroxybenzoate, the sodium salt of ...

iPod, iPhone Contain High Levels of Toxic Chemicals, Violate California Law


Apple has not responded directly to CEH's litigation letter, but the company did announce that it plans to phase all polyvinyl chlorides (PVCs) out of its products by 2008. "...

Science proves eating white bread makes you fat


The synthetic bleaching process uses chlorides to bleach the crushed wheat. This produces a compound called "alloxan," which you won't see on any ingredient level, because it is a byproduct of the process. "...

Avoid aluminum - Locate the unexpected sources of aluminum in products


Sources of Aluminum Aluminum cookware and utensils: Boiling water in aluminum pots produces toxic hydro-oxides, boiling meat produces chlorides and frying bacon in an aluminum pan increases nitrates. "...

Russian group launches large-scale, long-term GMO safety study to test Monsanto's transgenic corn


Previous findings show the devastating health consequences of consuming GM foods Previously conducted studies have found that non-GMO corn does not have formaldehyde, chlorides and glyphosate, while such substances have been discovered in GMO corn. "...

Cleaning Products in Hospitals Cause Respiratory Problems in Staff and Patients


According to Bello, product ingredients that were examined included those known to cause skin and respiratory irritation, such as quaternary ammonium chlorides or "quats", and some that can be absorbed through the skin, such as glycol ethers. "...

3 common ways nutrients are being destroyed in your food


Following that, in order to bypass the aging process and add shelf life, as well as keep the clean white color, the endosperm is crushed and treated with chlorides to make it instantly white. "...

Biotech lies exposed: Genetically-modified corn contains practically no nutrients but is loaded with chemical poisons


On the other hand, non-GMO corn was found to be free of chlorides, formaldehyde, glyphosate, and other harmful chemicals, while in GMO corn they were identified in dangerously high levels. "...

How to Avoid the Health Hazards of Modern Grains


In order to bypass the aging process, add shelf life, and get that clean white color, the endosperm is crushed and treated with some nasty chlorides to get it white instantly. "...

Non-GMO corn offers far more nutrition without the poison, study shows


In each of the following categories, non-GMO corn was found to have significantly higher nutrient levels: - Phosphate: more than 14 times higher in non-GMO corn - Potassium: more than 16 times higher - Calcium: more than 437 times higher - Magnesium: more than 56 times higher The soils of the non-GMO corn were also found to be superior in terms of their mineral content, presumably because they weren't sprayed with nutrient-robbing glyphosate, which draws out the vital nutrients of living things: ...