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Blockbuster new study: Vegetarians are less healthy than meat eaters in key health categories


Vegans take note: A blockbuster new study from Austria which is sure to send shock waves and generate massive denials among vegetarians has concluded that people who eat only vegetables are less healthy in key health categories and have a poorer quality of life than people who include some meat in their diets. ... Participants were divided into four groups: - Vegetarian - Carnivorous diet rich in fruits and vegetables - Carnivorous diet less rich in meat - Carnivorous diet rich in meat Those ...

Retail monster Amazon is bigoted against transgenders because they sell clothing and shoes divided into "Men's" and "Women's" categories


Retail monster Amazon is bigoted against transgenders because they sell clothing and shoes divided into “Men’s” and “Women’s” categories Thursday, November 29, 2018 by: A. ... Eliminate “Men’s” and “Women’s” categories now and for good. After all, the science is settled. "...

Brighteon.com free speech video platform rolls out new features: Video categories, channel subscribes, viewer donations and more


Users see all the videos of the channels they follow. - Automatic categories for all videos, and a new home page that shows videos by category: Politics, Health, Food, Climate, Survival, Finance, Science, etc. Owners of videos can determine video categories by adding keyword tags to their videos, and they can change their video categories by changing those keyword tags. - Video “likes” so that users can express their support for the videos they like. - New dashboard enhancements ...

Brighteon.com video platform rolls out huge new features next week: Channel subscribes, video categories, video likes and more


This will allow users to focus on the video categories they prefer. Here are the categories being launched. Users do not select categories for their videos. Rather, categories are automatically calculated based on your keywords and title. "...

Animal cognition may have much in common with humans, study shows


In their initial research, the researchers showed the birds' ability to categorize 128 photographs into 16 distinct categories. ... "And our pigeons were trained on all 16 categories simultaneously, a much closer analog of how children learn words and categories." "...

Facebook and Twitter now censoring anyone posting about Kyle Rittenhouse


We also prohibit the glorification of mass murderers or genocides when protected categories have been the primary target or victims. ... The implications are clear: Twitter assumes that Rittenhouse is guilty of mass murder and that his “victims” belonged to “protected categories.” "...

Why doesn't the U.S. government track prescription drug death statistics more diligently ... since they spend so much time surveilling everything else?


But CDC Wonder records death statistics only for certain categories of drugs, not for the individual drugs themselves. ... These are the only "specific" categories that the CDC supplies in its database. "...

New analysis finds that most yogurts contain excessive amounts of sugar


The results of the analysis showed that while the sugar contents varied widely across categories, the average sugar content of products in all the categories exceeds the low sugar threshold, except natural or Greek yogurts. ... Products in the children’s, flavored, fruit, and organic categories followed after. "...

'Peak food' production now a reality as corporate chemical agriculture continues to fall apart


Production is still expanding in most food categories, in other words, but just at a slower rate than before. ... Meanwhile, many of the other categories measured appear to reaching their peak, which doesn't bode well for an ever-growing global population. "...

Recent analysis reveals that many yogurt products found in supermarkets contain a dangerous amount of sugar


The analysis revealed that there was a huge discrepancy in the sugar content both within and across the categories. ... Desserts were followed by the products in the children’s, flavored, fruit, and organic categories. "...

Over half of China's water polluted beyond drinkability


The ministry divides water safety into six categories, the first three of which are safe for drinking and bathing. ... Another 26.4 percent of China's water is considered safe for agricultural and industrial uses (categories IV and V). "...

Are you about to lose your freedom to choose homeopathic medicine?


However, because the categories are so vague, it will make it easier for the FDA to go after homeopathic remedies. ... General categories, however, wouldn’t make this distinction; it would simply be toxic and therefore disallowed. "...

Obese Americans now outnumber those who are merely overweight: Could the BMI scale be the problem?


In this way, we merely categorize people into overweight and obese categories without looking at the various factors that determine a person's weight. ... Shouldn't we be looking at the internal health of the organs first, instead of putting all the focus on weight categories? "...

World's oceans now contain 5 trillion pieces of plastic waste created by humans


Their observations were broken into nine categories, with four of them being fishing-related debris: buoy, line, net and other fishing gear. The other five categories included bucket, bottle, foamed polystyrene, bag/film and miscellaneous plastics. "...

Stop the Phytonutrient Deficiency in America


When it comes to fruits and vegetables, there are generally five color categories that are recognized. ... Experts recommend ingesting a diverse selection of fruits and vegetables from all color categories in order to obtain the maximum benefits from each, which work synergistically to fortify the body. "...

Organic Sales are Up More Than Seventeen Percent in 2008


In the primary categories by segment, fruit and vegetable sales were up 6 percent from 2007, dairy up 13 percent, non-dairy beverages up a whopping 32 percent, breads and grains up 35 percent, and meat and fish up 12 percent. Other categories include packaged-prepared foods up 21 percent, snack foods up 11 percent, and sauces and condiments up 23 percent. "...

The total failure of modern psychiatry


Its early years were marked by a psychoanalytic approach that categorized mental disorders in broad, fluid categories such as "nerves," "melancholia" or "manic-depressive illness." ... As a result, the DSM-III introduced the vague new categories of "major depression" and "bipolar disorder," even though evidence suggests that there is no substantial difference between the two conditions. "...

Walmart, Costco, Kroger, Publix and Albertson's all receive failing grades for selling meats loaded with antibiotics


These locations were then graded according to the following categories: policy (20 points), consumer education at point of purchase (five points), brand score antibiotic use (20 points), and brand score certification (10 points). ... Whole Foods may not have included in the survey, but the NRDC lauded it as the sole grocer to “have earned top score in all categories.” "...

The VAP test for cardiovascular health


This test looks at three lipid categories: high density lipoproteins (HDL), low density lipoproteins (LDL) and triglycerides. ... The VAP test breaks the lipoproteins into sub categories and allows a much closer look at these molecules. "...