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Chicago mayor pushing real insurrection: Lightfoot urges "call to arms" over SCOTUS draft opinion on Roe


Chicago mayor pushing real insurrection: Lightfoot urges “call to arms” over SCOTUS draft opinion on Roe Friday, May 13, 2022 by: JD Heyes call to arms , civil war , false-flag , GOP critics , insurrection , insurrectionist , Jan. 6 , left cult , Left-wing , lgbtq , Lori Lightfoot , Republicans , revolt , Roe v. ... (@RepMTG) May 10, 2022 “Call to arms,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) wrote adding the hashtag #DemMobViolence. > Call to arms....

Buffalo shooter used same neo-Nazi symbols as Ukrainian Azov Battalion... US reportedly trained and armed them


After scrutiny against the organization intensified in 2018, Congress banned sending arms to them. While a de-facto ban is still in place, the US government has acknowledged that it has no way to track the billions of dollars in arms we have sent to Ukraine, including the $40 billion aid package that is being pushed through the Senate right now. "...

Dr. Byram Bridle challenged Canadian health officials to a debate about covid vaccines; "they didn't show up"


“Prior to the call, I had heard of a disproportionate number of my friends being vaccine injured. ... The CCCA call was the missing piece for me.” At least half of Canada supports the Freedom Convoy, Bridle says Following the call, Kirsch reached out to Dr. "...

Hundreds of Azovstal fighters in Ukraine surrender to Russian forces as Putin shakes up military leadership


More than 1,200 fighters have surrendered at Mariupol’s Azovstal steelworks plant since the initial reports earlier this week that 300 had laid down their arms, with the wounded transferred to a Russian-controlled hospital, the Russian Ministry of Defense noted. ... Sources include: ForeignDeskNews.com ZeroHedge.com Previous :Audit reveals HALF of Joe Biden’s Twitter followers really are fake, to go along with his fake presidency and counterfeit votes in 2020 Next : Costa Rican government ...

Why are babies in Scotland suddenly dying at a rate that's 300% higher than normal?


Nobody wants to call out the elephant in the room: covid injections. How many of the dead babies’ mothers took the jabs in obedience to the government? ... “The so-called experts or doctors or whatever they call themselves are either really stupid or just lying as they are ordered to do. "...

Another chicken little summer: Leftists have a new excuse for mostly peaceful riots


Wade their great claim to fame—to make abortion the law of the land—a little known fact is that Jane Doe was a hapless, poorly educated woman by the name of Norma McCorvey who was illegitimately pregnant. ... “Goldberg” (real name: Johnson) should by rights be championing and supporting, who disproportionately abort their children. "...

Prediction: If another "pandemic" can result in more power for the power-hungry, there will likely be another "pandemic"


In fact, we can easily describe the entire known history of the past few thousand years as a story of very successful scams: scams based on sincere illusions, scams based on blatant deceit—but scams none the less, in a sense that somebody had an arbitrary ambitious idea, made it into a cause, got some funding, whipped together a bunch of willing or unwilling men with arms—and here we are. ... Naomi Wolf talks about COVID-19 pandemic, restricting freedoms and the launch of her new book Global ...

2000 Mules documentary by Dinesh D'Souza finally reveals PROOF that 2020 election was completely stolen from Trump


Sources include: CharlieKirk.com NaturalNews.com CharlieKirk.com Previous :Chicago mayor pushing real insurrection: Lightfoot urges “call to arms” over SCOTUS draft opinion on Roe Next : Global reset fully underway as 90% of central banks push for digital currency that governments can control - More news on 2000 Mules 2000 Mules documentary by Dinesh D’Souza finally reveals PROOF that 2020 election was completely stolen from Trump Fox News is headed for disaster “2000 mules” full ...

Dr. Peter Pry: JCPOA with Iran is one of the worst deals in history – Brighteon.TV


Sources include: Brighteon.com ArmsControl.org LiveScience.com TheSurvivalistBlog.net Previous :Leaked full-grant agreement: US donating taxpayers’ money to fund abortion services disguised as COVID-19 overseas aid Next : The Sheriff Mack Show: Early intervention could have prevented thousands of COVID-19 deaths – Brighteon.TV - More news on Ann Vandersteel Dr. Peter Pry: JCPOA with Iran is one of the worst deals in history – Brighteon.TV Steel Truth: CDC’s wastewater testing for COVID-19 ...

Mainstream media still refusing to cover Hunter Biden's connection to Ukraine biolabs


The president has already committed to a third arms shipment, worth at least $800 million. It has been nearly a year since mainstream media outlets have mentioned Hunter Biden’s name As of March 28, it has been 259 days since any mainstream media outlet even mentioned Hunter Biden’s name during a live newscast. "...

Mass shootings just one sign of the systemic collapse of western society... more hunger, violence, debt and destruction yet to come


To call them “retarded” would be giving them too much credit. They run around the world destroying everything in sight and then wonder why things are being destroyed. ... They demand the mass killing of Russians and the mass censorship of conservatives, all in the name of “democracy” of course. "...

Ukraine learns the value of an armed citizenry, but far too late


The types of arms allowed are select and few, and magazines are limited to ten rounds or less. ... Even more disturbing to me is that many of these call-ups for volunteers are peppered with women young and old. "...

EXPLOSIVE REPORT: Rep. Adam Schiff linked to prominent Ukrainian arms dealer


His entire description of the President’s call was a lie – we have the transcript and this was not in it! ... Pasternak is an arms dealer. He has sold arms in places like Syria – There is much more to this Ukrainian Arms Dealer that can be found at this link – Schiff was reportedly scheduled to be in the Ukraine just last month with the Atlantic Counsel. "...

DISINFO HUB: U.S. admits putting out phony information as part of "intel war" with Russia: Report


While many Americans knew before Donald Trump was elected that there really is such a thing as a “deep state” — a cabal of government, intelligence community, Justice Department, and media insiders who call the shots and ‘run things’ from the shadows — many more were aware of its existence after the former president’s term. ... In addition, the government lied about China providing Russia with arms (which is preposterous given that China copies a lot of Russian weapons systems and ...