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"Call to arms" - The Spike Wars


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Chicago mayor pushing real insurrection: Lightfoot urges "call to arms" over SCOTUS draft opinion on Roe


Call to arms? Are you declaring an insurrection? Civil war? What is wrong with you? ... Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) added in a tweet. > Call to arms? Are you declaring an insurrection? "...

National security experts call for peace and end of arms shipments to Ukraine


Search Follow National security experts call for peace and end of arms shipments to Ukraine Tuesday, May 23, 2023 by: This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/728797.html - ( ) A group of national security experts published a full-page advertisement on the New York Times calling for and for the U.S. to end all of its military aid shipments to the country. ... More related ...

Trans activist's call for violence sparks outrage and concern


The activist’s call to arms and brazen threats drew overwhelming attention, highlighting growing concern about the against opposing views and dissenting voices. But despite the seriousness of the issue, only a few media outlets reported on the explicit call to arms. "...

Mazie Hirono, a Democrat senator for Hawaii, apparently wants Democrats to SHOOT pro-life advocates


In a rant she spewed on the Senate floor the other day, Hirono blasted the pro-life movement and issued “literally” a “call to arms in our country” against it (Related: Remember when Mazie Hirono called for a blanket ban on “white” people occupying any positions within Joe Biden’s cabinet?). ... “Call to arms? I thought the Democrats were against guns,” wrote a commenter in response to Hirono’s statements. "...

Coronavirus hijacks immune cells to create cytokine storms, says new study


“Most other viruses interfere with some aspect of both the call to arms and the call for reinforcements,” tenOever added. ... Within three days of infection, the team found a mild response from the “call to arms” genes that inhibit replication and a large introduction of the “call for reinforcement” genes. "...

Group using West Virginia model to create "New California" serves Gavin Newsom notice of constitutional default


Read more at: TheGatewayPundit.com Previous :“Call to arms” – The Spike Wars Next : The Gates Foundation is researching how to manipulate you into taking ‘future’ COVID vaccines - More news on big government EU’s Ursula von der Leyen needs to resign IMMEDIATELY over covid “vaccine” scam, says Romanian MEP Biden vows to codify Roe v. Wade if Dems take control in 2022 midterms Prisoner swap: Biden eager to trade Russian arms dealer for basketball player before midterms China ...

Chicago declares itself a 'sanctuary city' for abortion, transgender surgeries


The homosexual leftist mayor has also used heated rhetoric against social conservatives, urging a “call to arms ” upon the leak of the Roe v. "...

Columnist: When the U.S. housing bubble bursts, it will not burst gently


According to Koza, another name for ARMs is 2/28, stemming from the fact that the first two years' payments stay low, but the payments for the next 28 years shoot up 40 or 50 percent. Estimates are that at least $1 trillion in option ARM payments will increase this year - that is 41 percent of all option ARMs - and Koza says he has seen estimates as high as $2 trillion. "...

Study on cell phone dangers prompts major call for school bans


An influential European committee known as the Council of Europe has ruled that cell phones and wireless internet connections pose a risk to human health and should subsequently be banned from schools. The committee concluded that immediate action was necessary to protect the children from the potential dangers, releasing a report that acts as a call to arms. "...

World-renowned photographer declares humans are predators pushing planet toward extinction


His images have served as a call to arms of sorts for humans to begin to preserve what they still have. "...