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Brighteon.com platform update: Code enhancements, free speech protections and resisting censorship by criminal governments


There is some temporary glitching taking place due to CDN caching of video files and thumbnails, but this glitching should self-resolve in about 24 hours. "...

If you've stopped prepping, it could be the biggest mistake of your life


Find a great review of survival caching at SurvivalCache.com , which covers humidity, corrosion control and other topics. ... Search GoodGopher.com for anything, including details on survival caching, gun selection, precious metals and more. "...

The 6 best ways to store emergency supplies in a small space


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UN food chief warns of "chaos," "hell," "devastation" from FAMINE ... expect price controls, rationing and criminalization of preppers ... HIDE YOUR FOOD


Far more effective food caching strategies involve hiding food outdoors. At its simplest, this means hiding food in above ground structures or vehicles such as in the truck of a broken down car, or in the corner of a tool shed, etc. "...

Biden regime wages lawless TERROR CRUSADE against Trump's America


Learn more in today’s Situation Update podcast via Brighteon.com: (note – Brighteon is still not properly counting video views due to a caching issue that emerged after our recent platform migration, so video views are only showing about 1/20th of actual, and this bug applies to ALL video views since Monday of this week) Brighteon.com/221b399a-a1e9-497b-87b8-f4727433c53c Discover more information-packaged podcasts, raw intel reports and interviews each day: https://www.brighteon.com/channels/HRreport ...

The six laws of survival: Strategies for beating the worst case scenario


By caching your supplies within the walking distances described for each part of the "safe" area. "...

Anti-prepping 101: The top unpreparedness skills to master now for the coming collapse (outrageous satire)


To practice the skill of caching gold in your rectum, start with dimes and pennies, then move your way up to nickels and quarters... and finally the Susan B. "...

Urgent notes - China poised to attack America during peak financial / social chaos, prepare for global warfare and economic decimation


Start micro-caching everything. NJ has ordered police to confiscate all medical supplies. "...