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Scientists study how proteins affect the quality, flavor and bubbles of beer


The scientists posit that future analysis will highlight how these proteins contribute to the flavor, bubbles and overall quality of beer, and how protein content could be modified to produce better beer. ... Oats can protect the liver from alcohol-induced damage, study finds 4 in 10 cancer cases can be prevented with these lifestyle changes Take more curcumin – your liver will thank you for it - Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink ...

SEC now silencing people who criticize overvalued market bubbles on social media


SEC now silencing people who criticize overvalued market bubbles on social media Wednesday, March 24, 2021 by: Ethan Huff bubbles , Collapse , corruption , cryptocurrency , government , hyperinflation , markets , Michael Burry , NFT , obey , Orwellian , risk , SEC , Securities and Exchange Commission , silenced , speech police , stock market , thought police Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/505413.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Michael Burry, ...

Is this the biggest financial bubble ever? Hell yes it is


What happens when one of these bubbles bursts? The others burst too, in short order. ... Meanwhile, the actions necessary to fix some of these bubbles are mutually exclusive. "...

Marine scientists use underwater microphones to "hear" the sound of photosynthesis


Once these bubbles get big enough, they will slip free of the confining leaves and head upwards. Their size will keep the bubbles from dissolving before they reach the surface. "...

The illusion of getting rich while producing nothing - (excellent commentary by Charles Hugh Smith)


All speculative bubbles pop, and all speculative bubbles inflated by borrowed money and central bank manipulation pop even more ferociously than bubbles funded by actual savings. "...

Sovereign Man agrees with the Health Ranger: Bitcoin has become a "tulip bulb mania" speculative bubble... and all bubbles end badly


Sovereign Man agrees with the Health Ranger: Bitcoin has become a “tulip bulb mania” speculative bubble… and all bubbles end badly Thursday, June 08, 2017 by: Ethan Huff bitcoin , Bubble , tulips - (Natural News ) Everyone is jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon these days as the popular cryptocurrency continues to soar in perceived value relative to the dollar. ... Japanese billionaire, founder of SoftBank, lost $130 million on Bitcoin after the crypto-hype imploded Health Ranger fact check: ...

Everything is on fire


The money obviously creates massive bubbles in stocks, bonds, houses, used cars , boats, puppies and other massively overvalued investments and consumer items. ... Bubbles are called bubbles because they consist of air. And when bubbles become too big, they ALWAYS and without fail burst and implode. "...

Suddenly 2015 feels a whole lot like the delusional financial euphoria we saw before the dot-com crash


Not surprisingly, the stock market has steadily risen alongside the money printing scheme, and real estate prices have boomed almost everywhere, creating so many bubbles that the bubblecrats in Washington can't even recognize them as bubbles anymore. In fact, they point to the bubbles as "proof" that their economic policies are not merely brilliant, but possibly even omniscient. "...

Nobel prize winner warns of rising stock market bubble


These are called "bubbles," and it is what happened in 2007 when inflated home prices finally fell back to Earth. ... "Bubbles look like this. And the world is still very vulnerable to a bubble," he said. "...

Scientist discovers way to extract clean drinking water from tree bark


The plant's problem is something called cavitation, or the growth of air bubbles, which makes it harder for water to reach the leaves. But Karnik says xylem has a way of getting rid of these bubbles. "The xylem has membranes with pores and other mechanisms by which bubbles are prevented from easily spreading and flowing in the xylem tissue," he said. "...

America's universities rapidly becoming "thought-free zones" as left-wing bubble excludes all conservatives speakers, debates and events


The bubbles will pop, and suddenly, these millennials-turned-adults will be lost in the big, merciless world without the skills and the psychological strength to live day-to-day. ... How much longer will professors and school administrators keep students inside of their bubbles? "...

Noted financial guru Roubini says Bitcoin is the "biggest bubble in human history" and will crash to ZERO


He described cryptos as: “…the mother of all scams and (now busted) bubbles while blockchain is the most over-hyped technology ever.” ... “It is clear by now that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies represent the mother of all bubbles,” Roubini stated unequivocally. "...

Scientists declare that testosterone impacts stock market trading decisions, but reject the politically incorrect notion that estrogen feminizes males


Being a man, according to the study, means bidding and selling at much higher prices, apparently, and this somehow creates stock market bubbles . ... “We also show how the changes in buying and selling pressures give rise to bubbles and subsequent crashes. "...

Fascinating video shows humpback whales using "bubble-net fishing" to catch their prey


The humpback whales can be seen swimming in a circular pattern while blowing bubbles to create a “net” and encircle their prey. ... The bubbles rise to the surface, trapping the school of fish and forcing them toward the surface near the center of the circle. "...

Water purifier inspired by mangrove trees can draw salt from water


What is even more impressive, according to researchers, is the way the trees minimize the formation of air bubbles inside their system of water tubes. When water form bubbles under high negative pressure, it can disrupt the flow of water in the plant’s xylem. "...

GOLDEN MEDICINE: Nano-pyramids made of solid gold found to deliver "cargo" molecules into targeted cells


However, it caused bubbles to form at the tip of the microscopic pyramids. Researchers said these bubbles gently penetrated the cell membrane and opened temporary pores that enabled surrounding molecules to circulate into the the cancer cells. ... Researchers said they could control the size of the bubbles by managing the parameters of the laser. "...

Sugar and alcohol are bad right? Expert reveals why it's not always that simple


This is because of the bubbles — these bubbles fill up your stomach and force it to dump the alcoholic content into the intestines faster than normal. ... “Coffee does nothing to our metabolism and actually speeds up stomach emptying, which, like bubbles, can serve to increase our alcohol levels.” "...

Bitcoin advocates insist the crypto-currency isn't in a bubble and it's a great store of wealth... here's their argument


Bubbles can be much smaller than the U.S. stock market and still be bubbles. Individual company stocks, for example, experience bubbles and crashes all the time, and they aren’t anywhere near the market cap of the entire nation. ... With so many bubbles in everything else, where can you hold value that won’t disappear? "...

The Electoral College is the very definition of inclusiveness and diversity... no wonder the crybullies on the left want to dismantle it


America’s Founding Fathers fully realized that many people who live in cities tend to be out of touch with reality, living in delusional bubbles built on fantasy rather than the real world. ... The Electoral College gives extra weight to rural voters by design: It’s called “diversity” The only way to keep a nation on a path of sustainability that grows organically out of diverse cultures and geographic regions, the Founding Fathers knew, was to give rural voters extra electoral weight to ...

Save Money: Make Your Own Tasty Nutritious Bread


Gluten in wheat captures carbon dioxide bubbles produced by the yeast. These bubbles make the bread rise. ... Punch the dough down with your hand to redistribute the bubbles. This gives the yeast more time to work, and creates more bubbles. "...