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Americans no longer live in a free society


Americans no longer live in a free society Wednesday, January 20, 2021 by: News Editors brain washed , Donald Trump , free society , free speech , Harvard , lies , mainstream media , mind control , totalitarian , US Media Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/490448.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) The Establishment Who Control US Media and Universities Are Determined to Destroy Trump Supporters (Article by Paul Craig Roberts republished ...

Exposing the hidden epidemic of crippling, painful neurological adverse effects of antibiotics


Unfortunately, most of them are locked into the Medical Mafia system of harmful drugs and brain washed medicine. "...

Microsoft now conspiring with pro-Monsanto front group "NewsGuard" to censor all anti-GMO news on mobile devices


Microsoft now conspiring with pro-Monsanto front group “NewsGuard” to censor all anti-GMO news on mobile devices Friday, January 25, 2019 by: Vicki Batts access to trutch , biased , brain washed , Censorship , corruption , discrimination , fake fake news , fake news , First Amendment , free speech , Glitch , GMOs , independent media , information control , internet , Liberty , lies , mainstream media , Microsoft , Monsanto , Neocons , newsguard , political ideologies , propaganda ...

Schools now indoctrinating 4-year-olds with guilt, labeling them 'racist' for asking questions


Among them was Chris McGovern, a former headmaster now with the Campaign for Real Education, who stated, "In many cases in many schools we have over-zealous bureaucrats who have responsibility for politically correct behaviour, who are almost brain-washed by their teacher training and put upon by their local authorities." ... Oh right, they can appeal to psychiatrists for prescriptions to cure brain imbalances among the newly categorized behavioral conditions that aren't ...

5 DUMBEST things Americans are doing that make themselves more susceptible to catching and maybe dying from the upcoming Covid-19 virus mutations


Consumers in America are some of the dumbest, most brain-washed sheeple on the planet (no offense if you’re reading this now). "...

Vaccine skeptics now being labeled part of "extremist" groups in latest merger of Big Pharma and the police state government


The New York Post reported : Ocasio-Cortez said the House subcommittee on civil rights she serves on has held hearings over the prior two years on white supremacy and said there are programs to “de-radicalize” brain-washed adherents. "...

A North Korean defector says that the brainwashing in U.S. schools is similar to the brainwashing in North Korean schools


Read more at: EndOfTheAmericanDream.com and BrainWashed.news . Previous :Academic journal publishes paper calling whiteness a “malignant, parasitic-like condition” for which there is “not yet a permanent cure” Next : “Delta variant” fear mongering ramps up: Tyrants say “get the shot” - More news on America A North Korean defector says that the brainwashing in U.S. schools is similar to the brainwashing in North Korean schools MSNBC host explains anxiety she felt over American flags ...

Gary Null's Power Aging


The book also deals with alternative approaches to heart disease , cancer, the aging brain , and anti-aging in general. ... Keep this in mind: For every sincere doctor and nutritionist that publishes a book educating the brain washed Americans about the importance of healthy foods, etc, there are crazy people who feel threatened by Null's (and other similar nutrition doctor's) ideas who work feverishly to attack and discredit him. "...

Abuse Your Illusions : The Disinformation Guide To Media Mirages And Establishment Lies


And alternative journalist, Paul Krassner's article theorizing that Sirhan Sirhan and Charles Manson were brain-washed by scientologists screams crack pot. "...

How Google and Wikipedia brainwash you


On the one hand, it gives us access to knowledge and technology that improves our lives, but on the other hand, it’s an addictive and dangerous mind-control tool that can be exploited to influence your choices and manipulate your thinking. ... Read more at: Off-Guardian.org and BrainWashed.news . Previous :A conspiracy to murder Next : Breaking here first – Proven election fraud in Georgia! "...

Flu shots, Fosamax and pharmaceutical fakery: The common use of misleading and deceptive statistics


I have to admit that I was as fooled as the rest of us Big Pharma-brain-washed physicians until I finally figured out the mathematical trickery. "...

U.S. chicken farms are so dirty, meat has to be washed with chlorine before being sold for human consumption


“Not surprisingly, there has been tremendous pushback by European activists who don’t want chlorine-washed U.S. chicken consumed in their countries,” reports NaturalHealth365.com. ... As much as 97 percent of American chicken meat is treated with chlorine before being sold Keep in mind that this is the norm, and not the exception. "...

DISGUSTING: Nearly 90% of privacy curtains in hospital rooms are loaded with MRSA superbugs


As reported by Science Daily , an often-overlooked source of such infections are hospital privacy curtains which are washed far less often than other hospital linens but which are touched repeatedly by doctors, nurses, visitors and others. ... The study’s lead author, Kevin Shek, BSc, noted that since the majority of the curtains were already contaminated by the second week, it is evident that these items need to be washed far more often than they usually are. "...

Monsanto nation: Exposing Monsanto's minions


Keep in mind that one of the decisive Supreme Court swing votes in the "Citizen's United' case was cast by the infamous Justice Clarence Thomas, former General Counsel for Monsanto. ... Monsanto's Minions: Frankenfarmers in the Fields The unfortunate bottom line is that most of the North American farmers who have planted Monsanto's Roundup-resistant or Bt-spliced crops (soybeans, corn, cotton, canola, sugar beets, or alfalfa) are either brain-washed, intimidated (Monsanto ...

Patients' health put at risk as doctors fail to practice good hand hygiene


According to a study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, only about 57 percent of 163 doctors washed their hands between patients. ... Keep your hands washed and clean as often as possible to prevent the spread of potential diseases. "...

ANIMAL DIE-OFFS escalate: Alaskan cod populations are plummeting and Australian beaches are littered with dead seabirds


The thousands of short tailed shear water birds that washed up dead on the Australian beaches were the result of incredible fish shortages in the Pacific. ... Instead of arriving as flocks of healthy birds, thousands of shear water bird corpses washed up on the shorelines of Bondi, Manly and Cronulla. "...

Hurricane wildlife victims: One hurricane washed away thousands of sea turtle nests, another destroyed monkey habitat


Hurricane wildlife victims: One hurricane washed away thousands of sea turtle nests, another destroyed monkey habitat Thursday, October 12, 2017 by: Russel Davis animals , environment , habitat , hurricane , monkeys , natural disasters , turtles - (Natural News ) The devastating Hurricanes Irma and Maria that recently hit the U.S. and Puerto Rico, respectively, not only caused extensive damages on human lives and properties but have also threatened the wildlife population in both countries....

Rind and all: This unusual orange remedy can help address constipation


Ingredients: - 1 orange, organic, washed thoroughly - Cayenne pepper - Cinnamon Steps: - Wash the orange thoroughly. ... Just make sure you use organic oranges that are thoroughly washed before preparation. "...

Chemo drugs are dangerous to families and healthcare workers as well as patients


Hands should then be washed carefully with warm, soapy water. Care should also be taken when handling the dishware of chemotherapy patients, and these should preferably be washed in a dishwasher if possible. Soiled linen and bedding should be washed separately, not once but twice, and on the machine’s hottest cycle. "...

Study suggests compounds in goji berries can boost eye health


How age-related macular degeneration (AMD) affects quality of life AMD’s symptoms may include: - Blurriness of central vision - Colors appearing faded or washed out - Distortions in vision, such as straight lines appearing curved If you have AMD, even if your peripheral vision is unaffected, it can still impair your ability to read, write, drive or even recognize familiar faces. ... Sources include: NaturalHealth365.com DownToEarth.org Brighteon.com Previous :Regular olive oil consumption ...