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Israeli company successfully transplanted lab-grown bones into humans


Asreported by Reuters , the biotech firm, Bonus Biogroup, may soon offer lab-grown, semi-liquid bone grafts after research and testing — including injecting the material into the jaws of 11 people to repair bone loss in an early stage clinical trial. ... Sources: FoxNews.com Israel21c.org NaturalHeightGrowth.com Previous :Rare, frightening superbug gene discovered on US pig farm Next : Doctors now trying to ban high school football to protect teens from concussions - More news on ...

The true story of SV40, the cancer-causing virus hidden in polio vaccines


"Data from the cancer tracking systems in the US suggest that childhood cancer is increasing," she adds, noting a graph which tracked the increase in pediatric cancer rates in the latter part of the 20th century. ... But in recent years, dozens of scientific studies have found the virus in a steadily increasing number of rare brain, bone and lung-related tumors - the same malignant cancer SV40 causes in lab animals," the report said. "...



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Autism, mercury, thimerosal and vaccines: Natural News releases large collection of scientific knowledge that's been suppressed by the FDA, CDC and pharma-controlled media


This live-virus vaccine recently tested to harbor 149 live viruses and bacteria living in the vaccine solution: including monkey Simian Virus SV-40 that damages cells and causes brain cancer (rare in 1950, has risen dramatically), found in non Hodgkins lymphoma, prostate and bone cancers, and may be passed genetically to offspring; Cruelly administered to tens of millions of Americans between 1940 through 1961. – Anti Aging Manual – The Encyclopedia of Natural Health by Joseph B Marion Researcher ...