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Democrat Senator sets up fake health news website to attack his political opponent


Democrat Senator sets up fake health news website to attack his political opponent Tuesday, July 17, 2018 by: Ethan Huff Bob Menendez , campaign , deception , democrats , Donald Trump , fake news , HealthNewsNJ , hoax , Journalism , left cult , Libtards , New Jersey , Politicians , politics , propaganda , Republicans , Senate , stupid , website - (Natural News ) The race for New Jersey’s up-for-grabs Senate seat is already rife with deception, as incumbent Democratic candidate ...

Corrupt bureaucrats demand Facebook censor all dissenting speech on vaccines to SILENCE the parents of vaccine-maimed children


How much is Bob Menendez being paid by Big Pharma to violate his oath of office by pushing for the First Amendment to be abolished? ... This is why platforms like Brighteon.com and the upcoming Webseed.com search engine are so vitally important: Because Facebook and the rest of the corrupt tech cabal is capitulating to the mindless demands of people like Bob Menendez who don’t have the slightest clue about real public health threats, and who instead fall for every ...

Every Democrat Senator running for president in 2020 voted for INFANTICIDE (the violent execution of living human babies)


Every Democrat Senator running for president in 2020 voted for INFANTICIDE (the violent execution of living human babies) Thursday, February 28, 2019 by: Ethan Huff 2020 , abortion , Amy Klobuchar , baby murder , Bernie Sander , Bob Menendez , Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act , Candidates , Catholics , child murder , core value , Cory Booker , Democrat Party , democrats , Dick Durbin , Ed Markey , Elizabeth Warren , human life , human rights , infanticide , Infants ...

Biden blasted by members of his own party for disorganized, disastrous, ill-planned pull-out of Afghanistan, leaving thousands of Americans in the lurch


Bob Menendez also expressed his angst but tried to pin some of the blame on former President Trump, who’s been out of office now going on seven months. ... We are now witnessing the horrifying results of many years of policy and intelligence failures,” Menendez added. "...

New Jersey hospital opting for holistic treatment in the emergency room instead of using deadly, addictive opiods


"Too many New Jerseyans have fallen to addiction, too many lives have been lost, too many families shattered," said Bob Menendez, a U.S. "...

The corporate-controlled media has been weaponized against America... "disinfo dictatorship" seeks to replace all FACTS with FICTIONS


Bob Menendez ) while exaggerating or fabricating whatever news events promote their narratives (like the recent Roy Moore accusations). ... The Bob Menendez criminal trial — involving child sex trafficking — is utterly ignored by the left-wing media for the simple reason that Menendez is a Democrat! "...

Congress votes down Sen. Durbin's anti-supplement amendment, as well as Sen. Paul's freedom of health speech amendment


Robert "Bob" Menendez (D-N.J.) Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.) Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) ... Robert "Bob" Portman (R-Oh.) Sen. James "Jim" Inhofe (R-Ok.) Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Or.) "...

Ecuadorian woman banned from US for visa fraud is allowed back in after giving Democrats


Bob Menendez, a Democrat, and the Obama State Department. The White House has given the green light to the family's patriarchs, Roberto and William Isaias, to stay in the U.S., steadfastly refusing to extradite them to Ecuador . ... The Times said that a day after, an email from Menendez's office, dated May 15, 2012, announced the good news for Ms. "...