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The Coronavirus Pandemic is a BLACK SWAN Event


The Coronavirus Pandemic is a BLACK SWAN Event This "black swan" event will have tremendous repercussions across the economy and the globe. "...

Paul Craig Roberts - Russia to unleash ultimate black swan against the west


(Story by Eric King, republished from KingWorldNews.com ) Today Dr. Paul Craig Roberts warned King World News that the Russians are going to unleash what he called the "ultimate black swan" against the West. "...

Top US fertilizer socked with rail delays to Midwest as planting season approaches: Black Swan event?


Monday, April 25, 2022 by: JD Heyes agriculture , corn , farmers , fertilizer , fertilizer shipments , fertilizer shortage , food crops , food insecurity , harvest , Inflation , limited production , midwest , Midwestern farmers , rail carrier , rail lines , rail shipments , Russia , sanctions , scarcity , Soybeans , starvation , Ukraine , Union Pacific This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/578173.html ...

The vast majority of our pharmaceuticals, vitamins and supplements are made in China – is coronavirus the black swan event that will collapse it all?


The vast majority of our pharmaceuticals, vitamins and supplements are made in China – is coronavirus the black swan event that will collapse it all? ... Top 5 Ways to HEIGHTEN your chances of catching Covid-19 - Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-02-14-pharmaceuticals-vitamins-supplements-made-china-coronavirus-black-swan.html Embed article link: (copy ...

Chronic shortages of a few items now will evolve into chronic shortages of hundreds of products later in 2022


The global response to the COVID pandemic during 2020 and 2021 created the most epic supply chain crisis in modern times, and now “black swan events” such as the war in Ukraine and the bird flu pandemic are making that supply chain crisis even worse. "...

North Korea tells citizens to buckle up for more food shortages until 2025


Black swan meat is delicious and has medicinal value ,” the party-run media said. ... South Hamgyong Province Chief Party Secretary Ri Jong Nam led a ceremony to open a new black swan center in Johnphyong county. "...

Supply chain issues plaguing U.K., food shortages worsening


There is much talk about an unprecedented “black swan event” occurring, which could deliver a death blow to the already unstable situation. ... This black swan event is also affecting the agriculture industry, meaning the food supply chain from start to finish is under turmoil. "...

Nobel laureate GMO promoter presided over firm that lost billions


Taleb has written a book on his theory, titled Black Swan, and a paper that classifies GMOs as "black swans" that pose the risk of "global harm", as well as related discussion documents. [12], [13], [14], [15], [16] In his Twitter comment on the laureates' letter promoting GMOs, Taleb picked out Merton as the only signatory with any knowledge in risk management, except as an "inverse expert". ... Taleb's verdict is that Merton is "black swan blind". [17] ...

Cary Watkins confirms embalmer Richard Hirschman's story about the telltale blood clots


. - Recently, two high school basketball players died on the same day , a Black Swan event. ... It is unconscionable to me that we [are] seeing these Black Swan events and not a single member of Congress (other than Senator Ron Johnson), public health authority, government agency, any doctor in mainstream medicine, or any reporter in mainstream media is demanding an investigation of these unusual deaths. "...

McDonald's CEO warns companies will vacate Chicago due to rampant crime


“One gets the sense that as bad as things are in blue cities, they could get a whole lot worse in the near future should a single ‘black swan’ event take place,” reports Zero Hedge. "...

Evergrande DEFAULTS - Contagion risk will spread to crypto, institutional investors, pension funds and more


The Tether / Crypto Black Swan scenario The default of Evergrande is a Black Swan event, and as we have covered the last several days, many analysts believe that Tether, the “stablecoin” provider that creates cryptocurrency out of thin air — digital currency printing — . "...

Globalization and Complexity Has Made Our World More Vulnerable to Catastrophe


"Random insults to most parts of the network will not be consequential since they are likely to hit a poorly connected spot," he wrote in his book The Black Swan. "...

First coronavirus death in USA, Washington declares State of Emergency as Trump administration flounders with narrative control


This is the “black swan” event that we’ve repeatedly warned about, and instead of taking the black swan seriously, Trump is floundering, getting horrible advice from the NIH (Fauci), the CDC (Redfield) and the WHO (lunatic communist bureaucrats). "...

EMERGENCY ALERT: On the heels of rail carriers canceling grain shipments, CF Industries warns that FERTILIZER rail shipments are now being halted during spring planting


A perfect storm of black swan events spell FOOD DOOM on a global scale If 2020 – 2021 was the “covid” chapter of global collapse, 2022 – 2023 is going to be the “famine” chapter. A convergence of black swan events is spelling out the absolute certainty of global food scarcity and mass famine. "...

Paul Craig Roberts news, articles and information:


Paul Craig Roberts news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It Paul Craig Roberts - Russia to unleash ultimate black swan against the west 12/24/2014 - (Story by Eric King, republished from KingWorldNews.com) Today Dr. Paul Craig Roberts warned King World News that the Russians are going to unleash what he called the "ultimate black swan" against the West. "...

Situation Update, Jan 29th - America becomes a terror state as governments wage terror campaigns against their own people


Three black swan events that might disrupt Biden and his coming reign of terror against Americans As far as we know, there are only three things that can prompt the military to remove Biden from power due to his acts of sedition, corruption and treason against the United States: - A domestic nuclear attack on a major U.S. city using dirty bombs or nuclear detonations, both of which were threatened to be used against Trump by the deep state. ... After any of these three possible ...

World War 3 is coming, warn a large number of the world's top financial advisors


A black swan in the form of a war between China & Japan?" He had also tweeted : "[B]oth Abe and an influential Chinese analyst don't rule out a military confrontation between China and Japan. "...

Inflation is making cheap food a thing of the past in Great Britain


“It is not a ‘black swan’ event happening – it is a black curse event,” wrote one Natural News commenter about the situation both in the U.K. and abroad. "...

Wuhan coronavirus threatens to DESTROY commerce throughout China as just 34% of businesses have enough cash flow to stay open for longer than a month


He said that a trio of “black swan events” are currently playing out in China that could eventually have a deleterious effect on the ruling regime: The ongoing trade war with the United States, the protests in Hong Kong, and the negative effects of the Wuhan coronavirus, all of which are placing “extreme pressure on the regime.” "...