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Study: Biodynamic preparations could have a positive effect on the chemical compounds of mulberry leaves


Study: Biodynamic preparations could have a positive effect on the chemical compounds of mulberry leaves Friday, May 08, 2020 by: Evangelyn Rodriguez biodynamic agriculture , biodynamic preparations , compost , flavonoids , goodpollution , goodscience , harvest , horn manure , horn silica , organic agriculture , organic farming , phenolic compounds , phytonutrients , quartz crystal , research , soil activators , soil health , soil nutrients - (Natural ...

Cancer causing glyphosate herbicide now contaminating ORGANIC wines from California, says consumer group


Louis, Mo. to test 10 wines, including organic and biodynamic wines, for glyphosate-based herbicides. Biodynamic wine production differs from organic and sustainable agriculture in that it takes into account "the spiritual forces of the cosmos," according to FoodAndwine.com . "...

United Nations: Eat more ants and grasshoppers to avoid starvation


Food and Agriculture Organization (F.A.O.), which actually makes the claim that ants, grasshoppers and other bugs are somehow healthier and better for the environment than the traditional protein-dense foodstuffs we are all used to eating. ... These are the methods embraced by people like Joel Salatin, who successfully manages a biodynamic farm in Virginia that has been in his family for decades. "...

Is your organic produce really pesticide-free?


Small-scale, family-operated biodynamic organic farms, for instance, may be able to successfully grow all their produce using absolutely no chemical interventions whatsoever, while larger-scale organic farms may need to apply certain chemical solutions to their crops in accordance with the official organic standards established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). "[O]rganically produced fruits and vegetables are grown in an environment absent of synthetic chemicals, yes, ...

The trial of Vernon Hershberger, another raw milk farmer facing prison time for producing real food


But Wisconsin's oppressive, food industry-influenced agriculture department, which is vehemently opposed to the consumption and distribution of raw milk, along with the U.S. ... If you do choose to support Vernon by attending Grow Your Food Freedom, you will also have the unique opportunity to hear from prominent speakers and food freedom advocates such as Mark McAfee of California's Organic Pastures Dairy, The Complete Patient writer and journalist David Gumpert, Mark Kastel of the Cornucopia ...



Foods grown using methods of biodynamic gardening are far more likely to be free from e.coli than those grown as monoculture crops. What really causes foods to be contaminated are conventional mass-agriculture farming practices, not the foods themselves. "...

Groundbreaking heart disease myths exposed


As an inspiration to his own philosophy of health, he claims the work of Weston Price, author of Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, and reports he has also been inspired by Rudolph Steiner’s theory of biodynamic agriculture. "...

Eating for Consciousness and Vitality Is Also Eating for the Planet


The process in ancient times is very similar to the process as it is now: the trees are felled to make way for agriculture. ... This is the ethic of biodynamic and organic farming at their core, though organic can mean a lot of things today. "...

USDA deregulates GE alfalfa; opens door to new era of widespread genetic pollution of crops


This is all part of the USDA's insane program of death to protect the financial interests of conventional agriculture giants. ... It will simultaneously harm the health of humans, animals, plants, and soil life, and threaten the livelihood and purity of organic agriculture. "...

Blessing - and breaking - the very makeup of food


"Days" suggests the basic growing cycle in agriculture: sunlight shines for photosynthesis during the daylight, and in the cooler darkness of night, plants perform cellular respiration. ... - Is it a call for more home greenhouse gardening, permaculture, and local community organic, biodynamic, naturefarming, gardening for peace, and other such techniques to bring about whole, essential, and intact food cultivation? "...