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Titanium tires used in spacecraft now being redeveloped for Earth bicycles


According to the firm, METL bicycle tires that use the technology will never go flat or need air. ... The SMART Tire Company is also working with bicycle and scooter sharing company Spin, which is owned by the Ford Motor Company, to develop SMA tires for electric scooters. "...

Bicycle power can help you maintain self-sufficiency when SHTF


One of the persistent myths about prepping is that it requires spending lots of cash on fancy survival gear. ... A water pump, for example, can be relatively easily modified to be powered by a belt connected to a bicycle frame and pedals. "...

Prepper hacks: 20 Tips for surviving the next chaotic situation with ease


If you have old bicycle tires, save the inner tubes to make a recycled tourniquet. ... Store bits of bicycle tubes in your firestarting kit. The material burns even when wet, making it the perfect firestarter. "...

Emergency preparedness: All-season transportation options in a post-SHTF world


When it comes to cycling, you also need to choose the right type of bicycle for your needs. ... If you’ll be cycling, you may also want to consider bringing spare parts, such as spare tires, tubes, cables and even chains, in a small pull-behind trailer. "...

Low-tech transportation tools for the prepper: Do you have a wagon, wheelbarrow or yard cart?


If you have a bicycle, yard cart, wagon, or a wheelbarrow, it will be easier to carry gallons of water. ... Here are some examples: - Bicycles can transport heavy loads, simply sling a load over each side - Deer/Game hauler - Hauling wood/firewood - A mountain bike/pull-behind carrier - A manual means of transport for operations security (OPSEC) If you’re not sure what kind of bicycle is best for a survival situation, they all have their pros and cons. "...

Electric scooters shouldn't be treated as toys: Face and head injuries from their use TRIPLED in the last decade


The same UCSF research team had studied bicycle-related injuries using the same data set and found that electric scooter riders had more than double the risk of head injuries compared to bicyclists. ... Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk Rutgers.edu UniversityOfCalifornia.edu Previous :Fewer carbs, more protein and fat: Restricted carb diets improve blood sugar control Next : 12 Ways to reduce plastic waste in your garden - More news on accidents Electric scooters shouldn’t be treated as toys: ...



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