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Are you washing your sheets often enough? Analysis shows most people don't


While washing your bed linens after each use would be overkill, the truth is that a lot of people are not getting their sheets clean nearly as often as they should. ... Next : Great Lakes fish found heavily contaminated with antidepressant drug chemicals - More news on bed linens Are you washing your sheets often enough? "...

U.S. hospital admits that five children died from fungus outbreak between 2008 and 2009


The cause can be right in the hospital bed sheets, replicating, perpetuating a patient's illness. New Orleans Children's Hospital admits that hospital-borne fungus outbreak took the lives of five children After more than five years of silence, a Children's Hospital in New Orleans is opening up publicly about a fungus outbreak that originated from hospital bed linens. "...

Contaminated hospital bed sheets could be the source of infections among patients, reveals shocking new study


Contaminated hospital bed sheets are the primary source of clostridium difficile (C. difficile). ... The bacteria survive on the linens even after they are washed. Even more concerning: when contaminated linens are washed alongside uncontaminated bed sheets, the bacteria are capable of spreading onto the sterile sheets. "...

Prepper sanitation: Preventing bed bug infestations with natural remedies


Adult bed bugs are brown and about the size of an apple seed. Once you confirm that you have a bed bug infestation at home, take action immediately to control and prevent its spread. - Wash clothes and linens in hot, soapy water (above 125 F or 51.7 C) using a hot dryer. - If you live in the far north and the infestation occurs in winter, four to seven days of temperatures that don’t get above 0 F (-17 C) may also work. - Vacuum and steam-clean mattresses, furniture, floors ...

6 tips for a better night's sleep


. - Don’t force it — Laying down in bed and forcing yourself to sleep is a bad idea. ... It would also be ideal to invest in a nice set of bed linens . - Try EFT — Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping is an alternative treatment method only gaining traction recently. "...

Use these 7 essential oils to improve sleep quality


If you find them to be the latter, it’s best to avoid using them before going to bed. - Lavender: Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils for sleep and relaxation, as well as anxiety. ... How to use essential oils for sleep You can use essential oils for sleep in different ways, which include: - Using them with an air diffuser (Related: Safely Diluting Essential Oils – Children, Pregnancy & Elderly .) - Applying a few drops on a particular part of your body and massaging that ...

What you need to know about bed bugs (and natural ways to get rid of them)


Possible bed bug hiding places include: - Furniture - Seams in backpacks, linens, and mattress - The wooden parts of headboards and baseboards Bed bugs are usually active at night and they will bite the exposed skin of sleeping humans to feed on their blood. ... Tips for getting rid of bed bugs To date, there is no proof that bed bugs can transmit disease. "...

Have you prepared your 'sick room' for a pandemic outbreak possibility?


Here are some items to consider when it comes time to stock a sick room: - Bed linens, pillows and blankets - A wastebasket lined with a sealable bag - A pitcher or large bottle, for water - Large plastic dishpan - Clipboard with paper and pen, so you can keep a daily log of events and changes in the patient's condition - Hand-crank or battery-powered radio - A good flashlight or other source of light, and make sure that you have extra batteries - A large clothes hamper or, better ...

Desperate to stop superbug infections, hospitals are now turning to robotic UV sterilizers


"Germ-resistant copper bed rails, call buttons and IV poles. Antimicrobial linens, curtains and wall paint." ... The Xenex portable UV-sanitizing machine reportedly costs $125,000 per unit, but it can be rolled in and out of rooms easily and is capable of killing not only C. difficile but many other bugs that might be lurking on hospital bed rails, linens, and even television remotes. "...

Find out why castor oil should be in your medicine cabinet


As a laxative, a teaspoon or so works well taken before bed for morning constipation relief. ... Then soak the linens with warm castor oil and place the compress over the area of concern. "...

Aloe vera, honey and more: 10 Home remedies for itchy bug bites


Mosquitoes, for instance, like to breed in stagnant water, while bed bugs thrive in dirty linens and carpets. "...

Canadian border is vulnerable to Ebola and other weaponized pathogens


"We took the bandages and the bed sheets and then we covered ourselves in it and hoped that we'd get infected. ... As he looked into the camera, O'Keefe ensures viewers that the terrorist, his "ricin" package and Ebola-soaked linens are only make-believe, but he warns ominously that "anyone can cross this border. "...