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Court rules California bakeries may REFUSE to decorate cakes for gay couples... Backlash against the "gay mafia" accelerates


The case centered around Bakersfield cake baker Cathy Miller, of Tastries Bakery, who was sued by a lesbian couple after she refused to bake a wedding cake for them. ... But not in Bakersfield; not this time. “Cathy would never discriminate against anyone who walks through her bakery’s doors,” argued Charles LiMandri from the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, a religious conservative non-profit group. "...

California water wells saturated with extremely toxic cancer-causing chemical


In Bakersfield, city water rates are poised to climb 41 percent over the next two years to cover the $55 million cost of ridding its waters of TCP. ... Sources include: NBCNews.com CleanWaterAction.org KQED.org BakersfieldNow.com Bakersfield.com Previous :Why the cancer industry doesn’t want you to learn the truth about anti-cancer foods: Combination of apple peel, turmeric root and grape skins found to BEAT prostate cancer Next : Ravens are PREPPERS? "...

Top 10 US cities running out of water


The U.S. city with the worst drought conditions overall, Bakersfield went from having no areas of exceptional drought last year to an astounding 90 percent this year. And yet, despite facing the biggest water shortages of all, Bakersfield has implemented no water restrictions whatsoever on its roughly half-a-million residents. "...

Wells Fargo has man falsely arrested for trying to withdraw trust fund money


Claire sued Wells Fargo Bank, Bakersfield branch manager Nima Farokhirad and employee Stephen P. ... The San Joaquin Valley in central California extends another 110 miles from Bakersfield to Fresno. "...

Starbucks employee facing charges for spitting in police officer’s coffee


A McDonald’s employee was recently sentenced to 45 days in jail and 100 hours of community service after being arrested for spitting on food that a Bakersfield police officer ordered. ... Sources for this article include: JonathanTurley.org Bakersfield.com Previous :Trump sending federal agents to more cities to fight violent crime - More news on anti-police Starbucks employee facing charges for spitting in police officer’s coffee Revealed: The anti-police narrative is easily destroyed ...

Nestle recalls ice cream, kids lunchables for listeria and misbranding of allergens


Two of the company's ice cream products, a Drumstick Club 16 Count Variety Pack and 24 count Vanilla Pack, were recalled after routine testing found Listeria monocytogenes on equipment surfaces at Nestle's Bakersfield, California production facility. None of the ice cream involved has yet tested positive for listeria, but because it originated at the Bakersfield facility where listeria traces were discovered, it was decided that a recall was in order. "...

California just banned pesticide use near public schools to protect children from brain damaging agricultural chemicals


According to Bakersfield Now, fumigants will be subjected to further restrictions . ... Sources include: Yahoo.com BakersfieldNow.com TheCalifornian.com NaturalNews.com NaturalNews.com Previous :Scientists sound alarm as PLAGUE mutation could become resistant to all known conventional medicine Next : Boob job BUST: More women now REMOVING breast implants than getting new ones - More news on California California has highest poverty rate in the nation as the collapse of “Calizuela” ...

California cities are among the most polluted in America


In their annual “State of the Air” report, the American Lung Association revealed that the city of Bakersfield, Calif., had the worst spikes of short-term air pollution. ... The Central Valley—which includes Bakersfield, Visalia, Fresno, and Modesto—has been described as “topographically cursed” because its flat bowl shape traps air pollution that accumulates over time. "...

Report: 4 in 10 Americans breathe polluted air


Cities with the worst particle pollution year-round included Fairbanks, Alaska and several cities in California, including Los Angeles and Bakersfield. "...

Note top ten U.S. cities with worst air pollution


Bakersfield, Calif. 3. Visalia and Porterville, Calif. 4. Fresno and Madera, Calif. 5. "...

Infectious fungal lung disease on the rise in California as open borders invites wave of disease to the USA


She also warns that the use of leaf blowers should be minimized at CSU, as pathogens have been discovered in the soil on the Bakersfield campus. "...

Honeybee populations are collapsing so rapidly that bee hive thefts are now on the rise


"We lost a couple hundred hives in Bakersfield," said beekeeper Jack Wickerd, co-owner of the Happie Bee Co. "...

Water being auctioned for millions of dollars in California as drought reaches extremes


A water district northwest of Bakersfield, California, announced that it would sell off water from the Kern River.The district claims its right to the river due to a century-old right-to-use law. "...

Water costs skyrocket 1,000% where half the nation's fruits, vegetables and nuts are grown


The most severe shortages have occurred in the San Joaquin Valley, in an area from Bakersfield to Patterson and Chowchilla, said Mike Wade, executive director of the California Farm Water Coalition, a group based in Sacramento that represents farmers and most agricultural irrigation districts in the state. "...

FDA issues warning to 8 bariatric surgery centers following multiple confirmed fatalities


The FDA issued warning letters to Beverly Hills Surgery Center, Palmdale Ambulatory Center, Bakersfield Surgery Institute Inc., Valley Surgical Center, San Diego Ambulatory Center Valencia Ambulatory Center, Top Surgeons and Cosmopolitan Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. "...

City life is KILLING humanity: 95% of humans living today are breathing polluted air, mostly from cities


Their top ozone-polluted area in the nation was, not surprisingly, the Los Angeles-Long Beach area of California, followed by several other places in California, including Bakersfield, Fresno, Sacramento, San Diego and Modesto. "...

California government allows fracking companies to inject 3 billion gallons of wastewater into aquifer despite worst drought ever


Sadly, 40 supply wells, including domestic drinking wells within one mile of a Bakersfield, CA, well that is used to re-inject wastewater, are also thought to contain high levels of these harmful substances. "...

After mandating toxic vaccines, California Gov. Jerry Brown now mandates state-controlled speech of pregnancy centers


Of course not," said Assemblywoman Shannon Grove, R-Bakersfield, in a statement. "...

Liberal fascists of Colorado finally decide to stop trying to criminalize a Christian baker who refuses to surrender to the LGBT mafia


This really great news for Phillips comes just weeks after a judge in California ruled that another cake baker by the name of Cathy Miller, owner of Tastries Bakery in Bakersfield, did nothing wrong when she similarly refused to bake a cake for a lesbian couple. "...

Cold war brewing between the US and China as coronavirus outbreak spreads


Sources include: Bakersfield.com LATimes.com Previous :Cuomo: The worst of the coronavirus is over “if we continue to be smart” Next : “Double-duty” hydrogel promotes bone growth while fighting bacteria - More news on biowarfare Cold war brewing between the US and China as coronavirus outbreak spreads NIH spent more than $700 million in taxpayer money to develop coronavirus pharmaceuticals, vaccines and bioweapons The same media liars who ran total fearmonger stories over the MEASLES nonsense ...