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Simple trick unleashes your brain's capacity to handle negativity and bad news (based on research)


If you live in the real world, you're going to encounter bad news and negativity every single day. ... Participants who were not allowed repeated exposure suffered the expected bad moods and slowed cognition. "...

Social media can jack up your hormones, especially if you're a woman


Apparently, both good and bad moods can be “picked up” from friends In a separate study titled Spreading of components of mood in adolescent social networks that was published in Royal Society Open Science, researchers at the University of Warwick in Coventry, England found out that people from the same peer group can pick up each other’s good or bad moods. Using mathematical modelling, having a lot of friends who are gloomy and suffer from bad moods ...

Negative emotions can make you sick – here are some ways to manage them


Negative emotions can make you sick – here are some ways to manage them Wednesday, April 24, 2019 by: Zoey Sky bad moods , badhealth , chronic stress , depression , destressing tips , Emotions , immune system , inflammation , mental health , mind body science , mood , negative emotions , Psychology , research , stress , stressors Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/344405.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Research has already determined a connection ...

Stunning scientific discovery finds that gut bacteria control your brain chemistry, altering moods and more


Stunning scientific discovery finds that gut bacteria control your brain chemistry, altering moods and more Saturday, January 28, 2017 by: David Gutierrez gut flora , IBD , microbiome , serotonin - (Natural News ) Researchers from the University of Exeter Medical School and University of Zaragoza in Spain have uncovered a new way that the community of microorganisms symbiotically living in the human gut may contribute to helping regulate brain chemistry. ... “Microbes have the capacity ...

Is too much sleep bad for you? Expert weighs in


The “27 club” is growing: Scientists link early declining health in millennials to unprecedented levels of chronic illness Understanding your endocannabinoid system and the role it plays in your health Both American and Asian ginseng are effective at treating fatigue in people with chronic illness Is too much sleep bad for you? Expert weighs in How exercise (even just a little bit) can help those with chronic illness Natural salt can help heal you from chronic illness – and modern research ...

More politically correct justification for bad behavior: Maybe cyberbullies are angry because they have ADHD


Researchers have hypothesized that quick responses that are possible via Twitter from other users could put ADHD patients in better moods. ... Other experts believe that the mainstream social media has itself created and perpetuated bad behavior [there are alternatives , by the way]. "...

Study finds link between stress and allergy flare-ups


According to researchers at Ohio State University, there's a link between people's stress levels and bad moods and the frequency of their allergy flare-ups, or flares. (1) In the study, 179 patients were analyzed for three months by experts at the university, 39 percent of whom had more than one allergy flare. "...

The food industry denies links between foods, nutrition and health; bad science meets aggressive marketing


The food industry denies links between foods, nutrition and health; bad science meets aggressive marketing Saturday, August 07, 2004 by Mike Adams , the Health Ranger Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...) ... Healthcare costs would plummet, quality of life would skyrocket, and people would be healthier, happier and even experience better moods and mental health. "...

Spirulina helps treat anemia


Depression: Wild blue-green excels for lifting bad moods; spirulina, chlorella, and cereal grass are also useful. "...

Recreational drug Kratom shows similar neurochemistry to opiods, offering America a natural solution to our addiction epidemic


Recreational drug Kratom shows similar neurochemistry to opiods, offering America a natural solution to our addiction epidemic Friday, August 12, 2016 by: Greg White addition , kratom , Opioids - (Natural News ) Leaves from the herb kratom, an evergreen tree in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia, are used to alleviate pain and boost moods as an alternative to opioids. ... I think what I would prefer is to see somebody not ban it but at least do some research to see how bad ...

Could your pet be your new probiotic?


For one, exposure to animal bacteria may have a positive effect on human moods. ... According to him, being exposed to animal micro-organisms early in life — particularly during the first three months — stimulates the immune system early on, allowing it to better distinguish between bad and good bacteria. "...

Positive thoughts are connected to making healthy food choices


People who regularly think bad, woe-is-me thoughts tend to want to fuel their bodies with things that are just as negative. ... Researchers at Cornell University Food and Brand Lab found that people eat " . . . healthy or indulgent foods depending on whether they are in a good or a bad mood" and that ". . . individuals in positive moods who make healthier food choices are often thinking more about future health benefits than those in negative moods, who focus more ...

People who eat processed junk food are angry, irritable, say scientists


One woman explained that her diet noticeably affects her moods, with junk foods bringing out the worst in her thoughts and perceptions of the world around her. ... According to that study, negative moods are amplified considerably following junk food consumption. "...

Cure your depression by making these simple dietary changes


Cure your depression by making these simple dietary changes Sunday, April 22, 2018 by: Jessica Dolores alternative medicine , bad diet , bad nutrition , Clinical depression , depression , depression prevention , depression risk , depression treatment , diet , folk medicine , food as medicine , food science , good diet , good nutrition , healing foods , high-fat diets , mental health , moods , nutrition , processed diets , proper diet , proper nutrition , unhealthy diet ...

#5) Cigarettes and alcohol go great together, like lung cancer and emphysema, or Alzheimer's and brittle bones, or low IQ and bigotry - NaturalNews.com


Bad food brews bad attitudes. Good food brews good moods. Want to party and relax with some organic superfood that tastes splendid? "...

The science behind comfort food: Why we reach for chocolate or potato chips depending on our mood


Comfort food and your mood In a separate study, titled “Better Moods for Better Eating?... To find out how positive moods affect food choice compared to negative moods, the researchers conducted four experiments. "...

Low-Fat Dieting can Lead to Depression


A study published in The British Journal of Nutrition monitored the moods of 20 individuals who reduced their intake of fat without altering their total calorie consumption. ... The result is a cycle that slowly depletes the body of its ability to make enough serotonin to stabilize your moods and prevent depression. "...

Set yourself straight: How to improve body posture


Taking measures to improve it may offer better sleep and moods. What does bad posture look like? ... Tips for improving body posture Bad postures stem from varying causes. Some people just got used to bad posture over time. "...

Why do we crave junk food so much? We explain the gut-brain connection and how you can train yourself to want healthier food


This is how bad cravings are created. (Related: Junk food is engineered to addict you to chemical ingredients .) ... Sources include: Lifezette.com DrDavidWilliams.com Previous :Vitamin E may be a natural remedy for dysmenorrhea Next : Melatonin PROVEN to have anti-obesity effects - More news on bad bacteria Klebsiella pneumonia: The bad gut bacteria that makes you drunk even without alcohol Bacteria in your gut can tell you if you’re at risk of getting colorectal cancer ...

The science behind cannabinoids is clear: marijuana helps brain achieve breakthroughs in learning, consciousness and understanding


When used appropriately, cannabis can help individuals break bad habits or learn new things. ... In other words, the nutrient chemicals present in cannabis act as modulators to keep a person stable and aware, and they might even help people overcome bad habits or unhealthy negative perceptions, which is why many people find relief from chronic depression and other mood disorders from using cannabis. "...