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What to do when SHTF: Are you prepared to deal with a grid-down scenario?


Backup power One of the very first things to consider when planning for a grid-down scenario is backup power. ... Lighting If you don’t have backup power, lighting is one of the more pressing things to prepare for. "...

How to prepare a retreat for long-term survival


Reasons to have a backup retreat location available There are many system failures that could warrant the need for having a backup retreat to turn to. ... Proximity: How close will your backup location be to your current living quarters? "...

Nuclear power + grid down event = global extinction for humanity


In a real emergency situation, such as one that might be caused by a systematic attack on the power grid, it could take days or even weeks to bring control systems back online. ... But if the emergency results in longer-term power losses, and backup generators run out of power, this constant flow of cooling water will eventually run dry. "...

The best U.S. states to survive a grid down nuclear power apocalypse? Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada


In a power failure, battery backup power systems that cool nuclear reactor cores with water will kick in to prevent overheating. ... As Natural News explained a few years ago: Though they obviously generate power themselves, nuclear power plants also rely on an extensive system of power backups that ensure the constant flow of cooling water to reactor cores… But if the emergency results in longer-term power losses, and backup ...

10 things the recent D.C. power outage taught us about a real, large-scale collapse


In the wake of violent storms, the power went out for millions of Americans across several U.S. states. ... This means repairs will take significantly longer, and according to some experts like David Chalk and James Wesley Rawles, a national grid down scenario has the potential of being unable to be repaired at all, resulting in years of no power grid which would obviously cause a mass die-off across the U.S. population. #9) Modern cities are built on systems that have little redundancy ...

Survival basics: Alternative ways to cook without electricity


Still, it’s a good idea for preppers to have a backup plan. Grill This may be one of the most common solutions to cooking without electricity. ... The one key thing you need to remember with survival cooking is that you need a backup plan for how you currently cook your meals. "...

Top ten ways humanity is being murdered in the name of 'evidence-based science' (#10 Radiation)


While power plants have backup generators, all such generators are built with super-sensitive circuit boards that could all be "fried" by either a solar flare or even a high-altitude EMP attack from a rogue nation such as North Korea. ... If you're afraid of "assault rifles" and what that might do to a child, you need to look more closely at nuclear power and what that does to everyone. "...

Hurricane Harvey prepper update: Sh#t just hit the fan in South Texas... non-preppers hurting badly as food, water, power and emergency services FAIL


Hurricane Harvey prepper update: Sh#t just hit the fan in South Texas… non-preppers hurting badly as food, water, power and emergency services FAIL Sunday, August 27, 2017 by: Mike Adams backup generator , central Texas , emergency gear , emergency medicine , extreme weather , Flooding , Health Ranger , Hurricane Harvey , Mike Adams , Natural.news , preparedness , Preppers , storable food , storms , survival , tractor , water filters - (Natural News ) News from inside Hurricane ...

When the power grid goes down, will you bet your safety on a low-end flashlight? Get a Fenix instead


When the power grid goes down, will you bet your safety on a low-end flashlight? ... Right now, the storms that hit the Eastern USA and destroyed power lines are reminding people to have a reliable source of backup light. "...

How to create an effective emergency communications plan for when SHTF


Your phone might also not work during extended power outages. To avoid overloading the network, you can try sending a text message or email instead. ... However, if your landline phone is cordless, you probably won’t be able to use it during a power outage. "...

4 Must-have communication devices for a grid down situation


., and hopefully this is just saber rattling, plus escalating tensions with Russia over the Syria missile strike, it may now be an appropriate time for some advance planning about backup communications options in a grid down scenario. ... Cell towers need AC power to operate, and most don’t have an automatic backup system. "...

BREAKING: Racketeering indictment of Hillary Clinton now 'likely' as FOIA for Datto backup device reveals FBI possesses ALL the incriminating emails


That backup data set was turned over to the FBI in 2015, but the FBI likely did not realize what they were holding at the time. ... This means that from the very first moment Hillary Clinton might seize power in Washington D.C., she would be at the mercy of Chinese, Russian, North Korean or possibly even Iranian political leaders who would issue blackmail threats against her unless she granted them requested political favors. "...

Follow these water storage tips to ensure your family's survival


Additionally, it's best to store extra drinking water in food-grade containers to assure a backup drinking supply. ... By having a week to a month of backup water on hand, a family can feel confident during most short-term emergencies. "...

U.S. regulators are considering allowing a self-driving car with no pedals or steering wheel on public roads as early as next year


And when it goes on the road, it won’t have a human backup driver sitting inside it to make sure that it doesn’t cause any unexpected accidents. ... The U.S. regulators might have already given them permission already, if not for the simple fact that human backup drivers won’t be onboard to make sure everything goes according to plan — in person. "...

ALERT: Federal government may seize and shut down all internet sites that don't push vaccines during a national emergency pandemic


July 6, 2012 - Obama declares the power to "seize private facilities" and control all communications On July 6, 2012, President Obama signed an executive order that's stunning in its overreaching authority. [2] The order claims total federal authority over all communications, including granting the government the ability to seize private facilities such as web server farms, amateur radios, printing presses and all forms of communication. ... Time is running out for setting up communications ...

DHS says that Americans need to be prepared for a power outage of up to 6 months


You should be taking measures to protect yourself and your family, so stock up on firearms and learn how to use them in case of emergencies. - Prepare a backup power source – You may want to consider investing in solar chargers, power generators, and portable battery backups in case of emergencies. Make sure to have backup power to run things like emergency radios, flashlights, and other emergency gears. - First aid kit – Rescue may not be as quick as ...

Review of Sony DVDirect: A standalone DVD burner and video capture device that works flawlessly


Questions about piracy and copying movies Now let's talk about the big question: Can you use it to make backup copies of movies? ... For these reasons, my use of the Sony DVDirect is now limited solely to making backup copies of video I've filmed on my Sony MiniDV camera. "...

5.1 earthquake rocks Southern California: Here are 10 urgent preparedness tips for surviving a damaged city


Consider how city infrastructure is damaged by severe earthquakes If this quake is an early warning of worse things yet to come, consider all the essential services and infrastructure subject to damage by a larger earthquake: • Water lines can be severed, cutting off water supplies • Communications lines can be cut or disabled, including cell towers • The power grid can be damaged or disabled, cutting off electricity to homes and businesses • Police and law enforcement can be overwhelmed ...

Fukushima in America? Twelve nuclear power plants are in the path of Hurricane Florence... flooding, storm surge threaten cooling operations


At the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power facility, both backup diesel generators and battery power systems were present. ... What the NRC doesn’t explain, however, is what happens when all the electrical power and backup generators fail. "...

Learn how to build an off-grid generating system to produce electricity in any situation


However, a combination of wind and solar power can begin to approach the levels of power an average home would need. ... While the energy is free, the equipment is not, making the cost of power higher than utility prices. 3. "...