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Exclusive: San Francisco jetliner crash caused by airlines turning pilots into 'computer geeks who can't fly' says commercial pilot


The SFO flight 214 accident was likely caused by the pilot relying on the auto-throttle, Pilot X explained to me. ... "The pilot was probably being trained to use the auto pilot and auto throttle instead of developing his pilot skills . "...

Video proves that Tesla autopilot can get you killed


Unknown flaws in auto pilot technology + blind trust in technology + distracted drivers + overmedicated, ailing cognition will inevitably equal more accidents and fatalities on the road. ... - More news on auto pilot failures Video proves that Tesla autopilot can get you killed - Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-04-04-video-proves-that-tesla-autopilot-can-get-you-killed....

UK's NHS to open hospital databases to American spy-tech firm Palantir


In 2018, thousands of Google employees refused to participate in Project Maven, a secret Pentagon-funded AI pilot program taken up by Palantir. ... Sources include: ZeroHedge.com TheRegister.com InvestorsChronicle.co.uk NakedCapitalism.com Brighteon.com Previous :TransUnion: Auto loan delinquencies rise to highest level in over a decade Next : Detransitioner Chloe Cole to sue doctors who forced her to undergo “gender-affirming” procedures - More news on big government Biden meets ...

The collapse of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) supply will devastate the trucking industry, which supplies everything else: food, consumer goods, auto parts and more


Shameek Konar, the CEO of Pilot Flying J, a nationwide chain of truck stops, testified at a recent Surface Board Transportation meeting on April 27 – you can watch his testimony below – that his company’s large fuel stations, which dot the rural landscape, are having difficulties obtaining enough diesel and DEF to supply demand. ... Expect shortages of everything come summer and fall Konar says that Pilot Flying J is currently in danger of losing about one-third of its total rail ...

Experts warn about future uses of self-driving cars for heinous crimes


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Market manipulation? Elon Musk asked Chinese government to censor social media posts critical of Tesla


Musk clearly wants to keep out of the limelight the fact that Tesla vehicles are spontaneously bursting into flames and veering off the road for no apparent reason while on “auto-pilot.” ... In April, Musk had a small spat with his CCP buddies after a Chinese protester stood on top of a Tesla vehicle at the Shanghai Auto Show and declared the company’s brakes to be inadequate and unsafe. "...

Innovative doctor launches food 'farmacy' after selling his medical practice ... Food heals better than drugs!


People everywhere around the world are disconnecting their auto-pilot . Besides spreading awareness and proposing a great outdoors activity, gardening allows patients to come in contact with natural bacteria, the ones that are beneficial to our immune system, but that are destroyed by sterilization and common cleaning products. "...

Supercomputer simulation models the entire known universe


The growth in power and computing capacity is on auto-pilot in this, the second decade of the 21st century, as scientists can now construct entire universes like those which surround our own with the help of supercomputers. "...

General Motors Invests in Alternative Fuel Startup that Makes Ethanol from Waste Products


General Motors (GM) has invested in a startup company dedicated to the production of ethanol from waste products, chief executive officer (CEO) Rick Wagoner announced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. ... A pilot-scale plan is due to be built in Illinois this year. The company uses a two-step process, which begins when the feedstock (formerly waste) is cooked into a synthesis gas, which is made from a mix of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. "...

The cultural collapse of America accelerates as Democrat-run cities are plunged into crime, corruption and FILTH


This was all initiated because Tesla-owning morons have been activating auto-pilot while leaving the driver’s seat and joining other passengers in the rear of the vehicle, while hurtling down the interstate with no driver at all. ... They’re literally distributing full-auto weapons all over America, putting them into the hands of gangsters and violent criminals. "...

Yes, Elon Musk is completely full of crap with claims about "fully" self-driving cars


In Musk’s view, the best technology is image recognition, which just so happens to be what he plans to incorporate into his Tesla cars to equip them for running on auto-pilot. "...

Light therapy naturally increases blood flow and boosts brain cell mitochondrial function, research shows


The 30-minute treatment sessions have been shown in pilot testing to increase blood flow in the brain. ... Some of the injuries were caused by auto accidents, others were sports-related and one was from an explosive device. "...

Seven signs you are becoming a modern, brain-dead zombie


You just go through life on auto-pilot, doing your duty and not making any waves. "...

Restore your health and rejuvenate your body with Ayurvedic Panchakarma


In 2002, a pilot study confirmed the effectiveness of one purification method (Virechana) which demonstrated results far beyond scientists' expectations. ... The auto-immune system reduces its reaction to allergens, which previously could have caused inflammation, breathing difficulty, indigestion, skin rashes or other problems. "...

Movie Review: Wall-E from Pixar is the Best Animated Film of 2008


Respecting nature Getting back to Wall-E, there's a lot more to this film that will interest you, and I haven't even mentioned the primary character yet: It's a garbage collecting robot that has been on auto-pilot for 700 years, gathering and compacting small cubes of garbage left behind by the deserting humans. "...

Just say No to drunk "droning": Japan to fine offenders $2800


The event was organized by the city tourism association and the drone pilot was a qualified individual who represented a drone maker in the prefecture. ... Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk BBC.com DroneDJ.com JapanTimes.co.jp TheGuardian.com IFLScience.com Previous :Natural ways to treat dark spots on black skin Next : 16-Month dredging operation at the Port of Miami DESTROYED 50 to 90 percent of nearby reefs - More news on Alcohol Auto-brewery syndrome – when gut bacteria produce ...

VACCIDENTS GALORE: More people are dying in traffic accidents despite traveling fewer miles – is it the "vaccines?"


Even though Tesla’s so-called “auto-pilot” feature is killing people as well , Buttigieg believes that convincing Elon Musk to end more lives will somehow help to save more lives. "...

Unplugging from The Man, Part II


They are on remote control, auto-pilot, creatures of habituated behavior that hasn't been examined in decades. "...

Top 10 US Government and CDC COVID-19 FAILS since the scamdemic began


It’s all one big deflection from the fact that the Bill Gates gene therapy pokes are deadly “programs” that are setting people up for auto-immune disease and the next round of whatever Wuhan-crafted, genetically mutated virus the CCP/CDC releases next. ... Vaccine passports – so far, the 40 percent of unvaccinated Americans have halted that scam by protesting and going on strike (just look at the pilot’s unions right now) #5. "...

Autonomous vehicles to stop, roll down windows and unlock doors for law enforcement


These would be designed for existing police officers to familiarize them with how to interact with autonomous vehicles running on auto-pilot. "...