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Armed mom saves daughter from Muslim kidnapper in shopping mall abduction attempt


The mother told police the man then let go of the girl and ran out of the store into the mall > WATCH: A suspect in the alleged attempted abduction of a 5-year-old girl at the Huntington Mall appears for his arraignment in Cabell County Magistrate Court. https://t.co/7WpkrChiwl pic.twitter.com/PK49SIxxVp > > — Eyewitness News (@wchs8fox11) April 2, 2019 Zayan was taken into custody after he was located walking near the food court. ... #WSAZ https://t.co/B6cdO4O6HG > > — Melanie Shafer (@WSAZMelanie) ...

Viral ASSAULT: Woman coughs coronavirus at first responders after beating up boyfriend


Viral ASSAULT: Woman coughs coronavirus at first responders after beating up boyfriend Friday, April 03, 2020 by: Franz Walker arraignment , arrest , assault , attack , bail , battery , black belt , bond , China , conviction , coronavirus , covid-19 , domestic violence , felony battery , Florida , florida law , Flu , government , infections , jail sentence , lake county , martial arts , Mental illness , outbreak , pandemic , Police , superbugs , violence , virus Bypass censorship by sharing ...

CNN's up to its old tricks… lightens skin color of Waukesha BLM-supporting Christmas parade killer


CNN posted his photo on their website following his arraignment. They lightened his skin. "...

Robert Mueller investigated for staging alleged militia hoax now used to prosecute Jan 6 defendant


LOOMAN, former Sergeant of the Marines, drill instructor at Paris Island, he traveled with Darren Huff that day on April 20 from Georgia, never left his sight or his side: 2013 SWORN AFFIDAVIT FROM JOHN IVENS: “To Whom It May Concern: On 20 April 2010, I did attend a hearing for arraignment of Walter Fitzpatrick in Madisonville, Tennessee. I was one who had to stay outside and await the outcome of the arraignment. All around me were law officers and only a few others, like myself, ...

Indictment tsunami: 30-year speaker could go down as most corrupt dem in Illinois history


His arraignment is scheduled for March 9, according to CNN. Read more at: WesternJournal.com Submit a correction >> Previous :Professor excludes white students from class discussion, reaps reams of ‘inclusive’ support Next : PUT ON NOTICE! "...

Desperate Measures: Plot to stop Kavanaugh is deep state's last attempt to save itself from mass arrests (and military trials)


Typical language from this executive order: Nothing in Annex 1 shall be construed to invalidate any nonjudicial punishment proceeding, restraint, investigation, referral of charges, trial in which arraignment occurred, or other action begun prior to the date of this order, and any such nonjudicial punishment proceeding, restraint, investigation, referral of charges, trial in which arraignment occurred, or other action shall proceed in the same manner and with the same effect as ...

California man asks barista for free hot water, then throws it in her face


He is currently being held at a county jail on $8,000 bail, pending his arraignment. "...

Former NBC correspondent charged with asking 9-year-old girl for sexual photos


His arraignment has not yet been set. His lawyer, Steve Sitkoff, said his arrest came as a surprise. "...

Haliburton International Foods CEO arrested for child sex trafficking


Schenkel is currently free on a $100,000 bond and is set for arraignment next month. "...

Seattle social-justice activist charged over anti-Asian hate attacks


Hamner’s arraignment is scheduled for April 8 at the King County Courthouse. Read more at: ThePostMillennial.com Previous :How many adverse events from COVID mass-jabbing are too many? "...

Over 100 former cops, firefighters arrested for disability fraud perpetrated after 9/11


All four of the "ringleaders" reportedly pleaded not guilty to these and other charges at a recent arraignment, even though it has already been shown that they all received cash kickbacks for their illicit services that ranged between $20,000 and $50,000. "...

Anti-Trump, BLM, transgender, protester with unlicensed pistol and high capacity magazine, arrested near capitol


Further information about this man–or 5 other men from Michigan who were arrested at or near the capitol building, is not being released until their arraignment is confirmed. "...

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren indicted for campaign finance fraud


Warren’s arraignment was scheduled for Oct. 5. If convicted, she will be removed from office. "...

Man who frequents BLM protests charged with photographer's murder


On Tuesday, Lopez pleaded not guilty to all of the charges in an arraignment hearing that was held via video conference. "...

Man facing years in prison for placing simple off-the-grid cabin on his own property


He is due in court on September 7 for arraignment. He is facing a $4,000 fine and could even end up spending two years in prison. "...

Dying veterans received saline drips while VA hospital staff stole their morphine


If he had taken the drugs himself, "we'd be at his funeral, instead of his arraignment," prosecutor Ryan Sakacz told the judge as D'Alessandro entered his not-guilty plea. "...

Money-hungry doctor purposely misdiagnosed patients with cancer to feed his greed


In Fata's defense, two of his female patients actually showed up at the court room on the day of his arraignment with signs to protest his prosecution. "...

Harvard's Charles Lieber arrested for treason with communist China


His arraignment was set for a later day in federal court in Boston. Since 2008, charging documents reveal, Lieber served as the Principal Investigator of the Lieber Research Group at Harvard, specializing in the area of nanoscience. "...

Gun control now turns to machete control as NY lawmaker tries to criminalize common agricultural tool


The suspect, David Sadler, 45, told reporters on his way to his arraignment that he purchased the blade online. "...

Total medication LOCKDOWN: People indicted for


Magistrate Judge Jeremiah Lynch in Missoula, Montana, for arraignment, the only one of 14 individuals and companies named as defendants to, so far, appear in court to face criminal charges of smuggling, conspiracy and money laundering. "...