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New PrepWithMike videos and podcasts: How to defend your neighborhood from terrorists; should you buy a gun with an arm brace?


Today, we have a new video that discusses arm braces. Should you purchase a pistol with an arm brace? ... Previous :COVID Derangement Syndrome (CDS) on parade: Mainstream media tells you everyone will die; alternative media tells you NO ONE died… behold the rise of tribal fanaticism Next : DEFEND YOURSELF: PrepWithMike reveals the single best car / truck gun for close-range self-defense - More news on arm brace Clearly… ATF needs to go as 4 million+ face ...

Beverly Hills residents arm themselves and form self-defense groups to counter rising violence


“Three or four years ago my guys would see something like that once every couple of months but now we are now dealing with it on a daily basis, multiple times a day.” ... Beverly Hills residents arm themselves and form self-defense groups to counter rising violence “AOC” mindlessly denies crime is spiking around country via “smash-and-grab” robberies, even as wealthy LA residents are forced to hire private security Feds raid Beverly Hills private mailbox business, force customers ...

Like when babies crawl, arm exercises help stroke victims regain use of their legs


Arm training exercises may enhance leg function in stroke patients . This was according to a study published in the Journal of Neurophysiology that looked at the effect of arm training on the leg function of people who suffered from a stroke. ... Furthermore, the study authors saw that the participants’ nerve activity increased during arm cycling. "...

Missouri senator demands DoJ civil rights probe into Soros-funded Leftist prosecutor targeting St. Louis couple who defended their homes from BLM mob


Louis couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the pair armed themselves with an AR-15 rifle and handgun, respectively, in defense of their home. ... Louis couple who defended their homes from BLM mob Reprinting this article: Non-commercial use OK, cite NaturalNews.com with clickable link. "...

Flashback: Health Ranger predicted ISIS would target 'gun-free zones' near LA after Paris attacks, warned Americans to arm themselves in self-defense


The couple was decked out in tactical gear and armed with explosives, say reports. ... The couple has a six-month-old baby. Farook was an environmental health specialist for the San Bernardino County Health Department, which had rented out the health center's auditorium for its Christmas party. "...

Fundraising scammers are more common than you think - This couple milked donors for $800,000 in Japanese tsunami relief fund


A lawsuit has been filed in the New York County Supreme Court, alleging that a married couple set up a fake relief fund for survivors of the 2011 Japanese tsunami and used it to scam donors out of more than $800,000. ... An also persuaded Kim to form two limited-liability corporations (LLCs), SCTA and SSOA, to participate in ACEO's investment arm. "...

It’s a SET-UP! St. Louis prosecutor ordered non-functional handgun used by St. Louis couple to defend home RE-assembled by crime lab


In response, she began by noting she wasn’t sure how much she could actually say about the weapon — probably on the advice of the couple’s attorney. ... Louis couple to defend home RE-assembled by crime lab Reprinting this article: Non-commercial use OK, cite NaturalNews.com with clickable link. "...

Natural first-aid treatments of old can help you survive off-grid emergencies


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Biden team has already reached out to ATF with an eye towards banning 80% receivers and pistol braces already owned by MILLIONS of law-abiding Americans


Our sources within the ATF believe that recent actions against pistol brace companies and ATF sending signals that they would make braced firearms an NFA item (AOW), was to try to undermine President Trump’s base before an election,” Ammoland continued. ... Sources include: Ammoland.com LSGR.live Previous :US, UK governments to deploy cyber warfare weapons against anyone questioning the propaganda about covid-19 vaccines Next : Sidney Powell’s massive “Kraken” election fraud lawsuit in Georgia ...

Walgreens just attacked two children with a biological weapon when all they wanted was a flu shot


A similar incident occurred recently in Baltimore when a couple took their four-year-old daughter in for a flu injection, only to have the same full-adult-dose Pfizer-BioNTech jammed into her arm instead. ... Personal injury lawyer Daniel Tuley, who is representing the couple in Indiana, has instructed them not to speak to anyone who reaches out to them about the incident at the Evansville Walgreens. "...

Moderna and Pfizer vaccine trials RIGGED by vaccinating the control group… blatant science FRAUD exposed


We don’t know efficacy against variants — for which we definitely need a good control arm — and we also don’t know if there are any differences in any of these parameters by age or race or infirmity.” By eliminating the control arm, the vaccine industry can make the false assumption that the unvaccinated are to blame for the rise of new variants. "...

Scientist tests "shark-proof" wet suit by trying to get bitten on purpose


For marine biologist Jeremiah Sullivan, a trip to the beach involves something far more extreme: thrusting his arm inside a shark’s gaping, teeth-lined mouth. ... – clamped down and unleashed more than 400 pounds of bite force on Sullivan’s armored arm, with one even trying to drag him off. "...

Vaccinated people are comparing adverse reactions in a Reddit subgroup


. > Shot one: I had no reaction except STRONG arm pain that lasted for a couple of days. ... After the session, I went to put on my jacket and felt a huge welt on my arm like a big bug bite. "...

Military servicemen call for an end to the Pentagon's vaccine mandate


However, he was “shocked and frustrated to have only received lukewarm responses from a couple of senators and their staffers.” ... Within four minutes, he felt a tingle go up his arm, into the neck and into his head, and felt like he was about to pass out. "...

HUH? Pizza maker offering probiotics with pizza


Interest in probiotics has soared remarkably in the last couple of years due to the growing amount of research that touts its numerous benefits. ... The food giant’s Enjoy Life arm infuses probiotics into their food items, and charges extra for retailing supposedly “gut-friendly” food. "...