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Arginine: Nature's remedy for sexual dysfunction and stress


Arginine is a health bolstering amino-acid with a heap of beneficial effects, and that can be easily acquired from plant sources. ... The many benefits of arginine Arginine has been described as pro-sexual, because it supports a healthy sex drive in both men and women. "...

L-arginine supplementation improved by cytosolic calcium maintenance


in cells exposed for seven days to L-arginine at Ca2+co-incubation concentration of >1200 mg/mL. - The >1200 mg/mL Ca2+ co-incubation condition also improved the overall cellular Ca2+to >200 nmol/L. - The researchers observed a similar tolerance response in cells co-treated with L-arginine and ?... MAINTENANCE OF CYTOSOLIC CALCIUM IS CRUCIAL TO EXTEND L-ARGININE THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS DURING CONTINUOUS DOSING. "...

Common Irregular Heartbeats are Completely Normalized by Taurine and Arginine


Common Irregular Heartbeats are Completely Normalized by Taurine and Arginine Thursday, June 04, 2009 by: Barbara L. ... Arginine regulates heart metabolism and keeps people looking great Arginine is important for muscle metabolism and maintaining proper nitrogen balance. "...

Amino acid L-arginine vital for fighting, preventing infections


Researchers from the University of Alberta (UA) have made an interesting discovery about the way the body fights and prevents infections. ... L-arginine, in conjunction with many other amino acids, serves other important functions as well. "...

Arginine lowers total body inflammation to help fight brain cancer


A diagnosis of cancer, especially the most prevalent form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma, can be devastating, with a dismal prognosis for this particularly fast moving form of the disease. ... Arginine is a well researched natural compound largely associated with lowering blood pressure and with cardiovascular health. "...

Get more out of L-arginine by keeping your cytosolic calcium levels healthy


The benefits and limitations of L-arginine supplementation L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that benefits human health in many ways. ... L-arginine is vital for many functions, but its production declines as people age. "...

Combining pycnogenol and L-arginine could help address erectile dysfunction naturally, suggests researchers


The foods found in a Western diet provide around five grams of L-arginine per day. ... L-arginine exerts minor beneficial effects on erectile dysfunction In 2000, researchers from the University of Cologne evaluated the efficacy of L-arginine as a natural means of treating impotence . "...

Amino acid arginine found to be crucial to mental health; low levels contribute to oxidative stress and inflammation


A new report has just concluded that patients suffering from severe depression have lower levels of arginine bioavailability . ... It must be emphasized that arginine played a negligible role in depression recovery though. "...

L-arginine news, articles and information:


L-arginine news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It Amino acid L-arginine vital for fighting, preventing infections 9/6/2010 - Researchers from the University of Alberta (UA) have made an interesting discovery about the way the body fights and prevents infections. Richard Lamb and post doctoral fellow Virginie Mieulet, found that L-arginine, an amino acid present in protein-rich foods, is necessary for the immune system to... "...

Could depression be caused by an amino acid deficiency?


The global arginine bioavailability ratio (GABR) is used to determine the body’s arginine levels and it was previously used to measure the body’s ability to produce nitric oxide. Decreased arginine bioavailability is also a recognized independent risk factor for heart diseases. "...

Amino acid found to improve birth outcomes for women with malaria during pregnancy


(Related: Amino acid L-arginine vital for fighting, preventing infections .) Here are rich food sources of L-arginine pregnant women can take for a safe delivery and a healthy baby. - Turkey — Turkey breast contains the highest amount of arginine. ... One rib alone has 14 grams of arginine. Pork loin also has less fat. - Chicken —Chicken ranks third as a source of arginine. "...

Boost your athletic performance with this proven amino acid


When L-arginine is processed by the body, it converts into NO, resulting in improved athletic performance. ... L-arginine is naturally found in protein-rich foods like nuts and meat. Chickpeas and coconuts, for instance, are rich in L-arginine. "...

Ever notice how you're still hungry after eating fast food? Here's why: Your brain detects the nutrients (or lack thereof) in food as you eat it, ground-breaking new study finds


Within 30 seconds, the team observed the tanycytes reacting to the lysine and arginine, sending messages to the part of the brain that controls appetite and weight. ... Increasing our intake of the “magic” trigger foods that contain lysine and arginine can be incredibly helpful to the thousands of people who are trying to lose weight and get healthy at any given time. "...

Improve blood flow and circulation with these supplements


L-arginine L-arginine is an amino acid that promotes the release of nitric oxide. Research further shows that L-arginine supplements help reduce blood pressure levels. "...

Agrochemical pollution is causing massive tumors in sea turtles


They suggested that excess nitrogen may cause algae to accumulate an amino acid named arginine, which is a major food source for herpes viruses. ... "The energy and arginine content of (the algae) may therefore act as a sort of one-two punch for promoting this disease," the researchers wrote. "...

Watermelon Found to Function as Natural Viagra


This is significant because the body converts citrulline into arginine, another amino acid that functions as a precursor to nitric oxide. ... "The vast majority of Americans produce enough arginine," he said. "Men with erectile dysfunction are not deficient in arginine." "...

Top 5 natural substances that could cure type 1 diabetes


Arginine Arginine is an amino acid and is available in most health food stores as a nutritional supplement. ... Berberine has been shown in studies on laboratory animals to, like arginine, stimulate the production of the pancreatic beta cells which the body needs to make insulin. "...

Watermelon extract lowers blood pressure better than dangerous pharmaceuticals


The scientists recruited fourteen volunteers with an average age of 58 to receive either a concentrated watermelon extract (providing six grams of a citrulline/arginine mixture daily) or a placebo for a period of six weeks. ... Researchers found that blood pressure is lowered in a dose-dependent manner with optimal results found with six grams of citrulline/arginine each day. "...

Pistachios are Heart Healthy Antioxidants


Another heart healthy benefit to these smiling nuts, as they are commonly referred to as, is the presence of the amino acid, arginine. Arginine benefits people who suffer from angina and those who have undergone serious trauma. "...

Watermelon found to lower blood pressure


In addition to healthy vitamins and minerals, watermelon contains two amino acids, L-arginine and L-citrulline, that reduce hypertension. ... L-Arginine Alone is Not Enough Taking the amino acids L-arginine by itself is not an effective treatment for high blood pressure , nor is it recommended because the amino acid is not easy to digest and can cause digestive problems, including diarrhea. "...