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New research: post-9/11 architecture of fear turns cities into police state zones


Almost a decade after the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., significant downtown areas in some of this country's most prominent cities remain largely sealed off with metal gates and barriers. "...

Biology matters: Male and female brains have distinct differences in architecture, activity and function, say scientists


Biology matters: Male and female brains have distinct differences in architecture, activity and function, say scientists Wednesday, November 21, 2018 by: David Williams boys , brain function , females , gender , girls , hemispheric lateralization , males , men , Sex , women - (Natural News ) Much has been said about the supposed similarities between males and females over the past few decades. ... After all, the researchers found the most clear distinctions in deep-level brain activity, ...

Obamacare computer code riddled with typos, Latin filler text, desperate programmer comments and disastrous architecture


Obamacare computer code riddled with typos, Latin filler text, desperate programmer comments and disastrous architecture Thursday, October 10, 2013 by Mike Adams , the Health Ranger Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...) ... This code was designed and written by utterly incompetent people who have built into the system exactly the kind of architecture that will make it fail if anyone tries to use it. "...

Future homes may soon be made of eco-friendly mushroom "bricks"


The team aims to develop a structural and computational living substrate using mycelium for the purpose of growing architecture. ... Though promising, fungal architecture is still in the very early stages of research and development. "...

Could bioplastics be a more sustainable option for 3D printed buildings?


Dus Architecture is also building a full-sized canal house with an area of 700 square meters. ... Back in 2015, Dus Architecture built a small-scale but fully furnished urban cabin out of black bioplastic. "...

Floating farm of the future to produce 20 tons of vegetables a day


There is clearly a need for innovative ideas to meet this challenge, and a company called Forward Thinking Architecture has risen to the occasion. ... The Smart Floating Farm, for which Forward Thinking Architecture won a Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award (SEA) in 2016, produces upwards of 8,000 tons of vegetables each year. "...

20 vehicles most vulnerable to hackers, putting drivers at risk of theft, hijacking, tracking and remote assassination


"It really depends on the architecture: If you hack the radio, can you send messages to the brakes or the steering? ... "The Infiniti Q50 in particular was a model of insecure architecture," Wired reported, citing the report's findings. "...

Microsoft Robotics Studio Provides Common Ground for Robotics Innovation (press release)


The services-oriented, message-based architecture makes it simple to access the state of a robot's sensors and actuators with a Web browser, and its composable model enables the building of high-level functions using simple components and providing for reusability of code modules as well as better reliability and replaceability. - Scalable, extensible platform. ... Both remote (PC-based) and autonomous (robot-based) execution scenarios can be developed using a selection of programming languages, ...

Ancient Romans created super strong concrete by mixing aggregate with mineral-rich sea water


Ancient Romans created super strong concrete by mixing aggregate with mineral-rich sea water Sunday, December 02, 2018 by: Russel Davis ancient architecture , ancient cultures , ancient history , Ancient Rome , ancient structures , ancient water structures , Architecture , construction , engineering , goodscience , materials science , physics , scientific discovery - (Natural News ) A recent study published in the journal American Mineralogist revealed the chemical structure that ...

Ancient people used shockingly advanced mathematics to erect monuments based on sacred geometry


Professor Sherry Towers saw that the Sun Temple featured several equilateral triangles, 45-degree right triangles, Pythagorean triangles, and even the Golden rectangle, which was used by the ancient Greeks in much of their architecture due to its pleasing proportions. ... This is not the first time that scientists have found confusing contrasts between supposedly “primitive” societies and superior “modern-day” architecture. "...

Algae canopy for urban areas generates oxygen equivalent to 400,000 square feet of wooded forest


The Urban Algae Canopy serves as a blueprint for the sustainable production of energy in urban environments - a functional form of art and architecture, if you will, that is both inspirational and practical. ... "In ecoLogicStudio we believe that it is now time to overcome the segregation between technology and nature typical of the mechanical age, to embrace a systemic understanding of architecture," says the company. "...

A new kind of magic mushroom: New sustainable material made of mushrooms can provide housing, food security, water filtration


Architect Chris Maurer and his collaborators at Redhouse Architecture in Cleveland, Ohio, aim for the creation of whole communities using mushroom “wood” and its byproducts. ... Despite her academic background in architecture, Dosier is inspired by microbiology. "...

This innovative skylight uses light from the sun to desalinate water for drinking


Solar-powered light fixture uses sunlight to desalinate water Glogau graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark with a master’s degree that specialized in architecture and extreme environments. ... Sources include: GoodNewsNetwork.org DaylightAndArchitecture.com Previous :Nearly three-quarters of California slips further into “extreme” drought, worsening food production supply lines - More news on breakthrough Flaxseed proteins are great sources ...

This "mind-altering" herb can cause fragmented sleep and induce depressant effects


The researchers noted that this caused “fragmented sleep architecture” in the mice models. ... like depressant properties that considerably affect physiological sleep architecture. "...

Archaeologists unlock even more secrets at the largest cathedral in the ancient world


Archaeologists unlock even more secrets at the largest cathedral in the ancient world Friday, November 15, 2019 by: Edsel Cook ancient achitecture , ancient history , Archaeology , Architecture , artifacts , breakthrough , cathedral , discoveries , Hagia Sophia , history , museum , Turkey - (Natural News ) The world’s largest Christian cathedral recently yielded many of its secrets after years of investigation. ... Visit Discoveries.news for more news and stories about ancient architecture....

Ultra-high performance concrete accidentally discovered when they added recycled, milled glass


Also called “reactive powder concrete,” it can replace reinforced steel in the architecture and machinery of nuclear power plants and other locations with “highly-aggressive” conditions. ... Vitoldas Vaitkevičius, a member of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture Research group. "...

Science #CreatorGate flap demonstrates cult-like obedience of present-day scientists who are intellectually intolerant


The authors of the study used the word Creatorto describe the "connective architecture" of the hand. ... Here's the piece that angered the scientific community: "the biomechanical characteristic of tendinous connective architecture... is the proper design by the Creator to perform a multitude of daily tasks in a comfortable way." "...

How America is being mind-controlled with chemical alterations designed by Big Pharma


, greed, a hodgepodge of toxic chemicals and suppression of symptoms rather than truly addressing (and ideally, ridding) them are often all part of the dance.(1) It's not any surprise, then, that researchers have discovered that a popular class of psychiatric drugs designed to treat depression can alter the brain's architecture in just a few short hours. ... This fluctuation in brain architecture that involves an ebb and flow of connectivity and alterations in synapses don't necessarily ...

Study: Eating a handful of dark-colored berries can help prevent tooth decay


In addition, the structural architecture of these biofilms appeared less compact compared to the control-treated biofilms. ... The blueberry extract did not affect bacterial/EPS biovolumes nor biofilm architecture. "...