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Small fish found to be essential to coral reef health by keeping them clean, according to new study


Small fish found to be essential to coral reef health by keeping them clean, according to new study Saturday, March 31, 2018 by: Edsel Cook aquarium fish , biodiversity , cleaner fish , cleaner wrasse , coral reef , Ecology , marine animals , marine conservation , marine ecology , marine ecosystem , marine life , marine species , parasites , vet , veterinarian , wildlife preservation - (Natural News ) If human communities have health professionals, coral reefs ...

Drug-Induced Fish: Hormone Causes Tilapia to Undergo Sex Change


Has the fish on you dinner table gone through a drug induced sex change? ... This technique was first developed in Japan in the 1950s for sex reversal of aquarium fish and species of carp. "...

Scientists create an autonomous robot that can hunt for lionfish that threaten coral reefs


Lionfish are colorful fish that vaguely resemble the terrestrial lion. These traits make them popular aquarium fish. ... (Related: Researchers create robot fish that can swim right next to real ones in coral reefs .) "...

Researchers develop tiny robots that are able to blend into bee colonies and interact with them


Like its bee equivalent, the robot fish is indistinguishable from living fish and is happily welcomed by actual zebrafish into their ranks. Also called danios, zebrafish are small, colorful, and very popular aquarium fish. "...

Nurturing can CHANGE nature: How mothers nurture their children can influence the formation of NEW SPECIES


Nurturing can CHANGE nature: How mothers nurture their children can influence the formation of NEW SPECIES Friday, May 15, 2020 by: Arsenio Toledo animal research , animal science , animals , aquarium fish , Ecology , environment , Evolution , fish , goodscience , guppy , marine life , Oceans , pet fish , Poeciliidae , research , wildlife Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/420625.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Researchers ...

Plastic pollution is threatening fish populations and the fishing industry in Central America


This suggests that the chemical signature of plastic debris was enticing to fish. ... He further explained that the study indicates plastic may be “more deceptive to fish” than previously thought. "...

Noise pollution threatening the food supply? Human-generated underwater noise found to disrupt the ability for fish to school


Human-generated underwater noise found to disrupt the ability for fish to school Wednesday, March 27, 2019 by: Jhoanna Robinson animals , badpollution , bats , biodiversity , Ecology , environment , fish , fish population , noise , noise pollution , wildlife , Wind Turbines Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/169835.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Fish generally cluster together and move as one because they need cohesion and ...

Human rights abuse continues in Thailand’s fishing industry; new database lets seafood importers know if there is slavery in their supply chain


Human rights abuse continues in Thailand’s fishing industry; new database lets seafood importers know if there is slavery in their supply chain Tuesday, July 10, 2018 by: Rhonda Johansson child labor , child trafficking , fish from Thailand , forced human labor , human trafficking , imported fish , Liberty Asia , Seafood Slavery Risk Tool , Sustainable Fisheries Partnership - (Natural News ) A new tool has been developed to inform the public whether the fish that they’ve ...

Is seaweed a prepper food?


Tools: - An aquarium heater - A large aquarium - A large, wide rock and a slightly smaller rock - Fresh kelp (with roots/holdfast still attached) - Salt - Water Steps: - Set the aquarium in a sunny spot. ... Repeat the process until the aquarium is full. - Once the water cools to 72 F (21 C), use the aquarium heater to maintain the temperature. - Get the fresh kelp. "...

Mysterious sea star wasting syndrome spreads to public aquariums in Washington State, killing hundreds of creatures


More than 50 percent of captive sea stars die at Washington aquarium Washington's Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium has lost more than half of their 369 sea stars to wasting syndrome , including all of their sunflower starfish. ... "Initially you don't know what's going on," said Neil Allen, curator of aquatics at the Tacoma aquarium. "...

It's a simple chain of cause-and-effect: Toxic green algae in Florida is the result of man-made pollution


While satellite photos still reveal red tide blooms in southwest Florida, the concentrations of K. brevis are still declining even in those areas, according to Vincent Lovko of Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium. ... The toxins are potent enough to kill fish, seabirds, turtles, and even marine mammals. "...

Whale learned to mimic human speech; demonstrating free will among intelligent animals


Water carries sound well, so even below the surface, a whale or dolphin can hear caretakers talking above the surface or observers talking while gazing through an aquarium glass wall. ... Aquarium keepers dismiss these characteristics as unimportant in captivity because they're fed and don't need to hunt in pods as they do in the wild. "...

Man-made ocean pollution has severely affected the immune systems of wild dolphins, researchers claim


Based on the results, the researchers discovered that the healthiest bottlenose dolphins were from the Georgia Aquarium. ... Gregory Bossart, study co-author and chief veterinary officer at the Georgia Aquarium. "...

Dead dolphins washing up on shores of Maryland


Dittmer said that, in Maryland , pods of as many as 30 dolphins follow schools of fish far up the Chesapeake. ... Susan Barco, the research coordinator for the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center Foundation, told the paper that early findings indicate some sort of sickness. "...

Study reveals glass knifefish use tiny active sensing motions to keep track of their surroundings


The tiny movements increase the accuracy of the data that is being sent to the brain of the fish. ... They placed the weakly-electric fish inside an aquarium tank with an artificial refuge and video cameras that can follow the fish in real time. "...

How to create a fully off-grid indoor food production system


A solar-powered aquaponic grow room can provide fish and veggies for as long as needed when the zombie apocalypse arrives. ... You will need a large aquarium to hold the fish (talapia, trout, catfish, prawns, snails etc.) and grow trays or vertical towers to grow the veggies in. "...

Depressed Army reservist attacked by police force after calling for help


Dead Fish The result? Corrigan had to spend three days at the VA hospital receiving treatment because "having weapons pointed at him upon leaving his apartment triggered his PTSD hyper-vigilance and caused irregular heartbeat," said the complaint. Sixteen days later he returned to his apartment only to find the front door broken and unsecured, his place a mess: dresser drawers and contents strewn about; his eyeglasses broken and tossed in a corner; the electric stove still on; broken locked ...

Home gardening hacks: 7 Household items you can use as fertilizer


Fish scraps Burying fish scraps in garden soil can help boost its nutrient content. ... Discarded fish tank water can be used to hydrate garden beds and potted plants. "...

ALL bluefin tuna caught off West Coast are radioactive


It is unknown what further effects radiation poisoning might have on this threatened fish. ... Every fish exposed Since radioactive cesium floats, it is easily swallowed by fish, and steadilymoves up the aquatic food chain . "...

Iceberg ecosystems may help ease global warming


The researchers found that the icebergs attracted huge colonies of sea birds above the surface and increased the concentrations of algae, phytoplankton, krill and fish below, thus increasing the biological productivity of the sea by nearly 40 percent. ... "While the melting of Antarctic ice shelves is contributing to rising sea levels and other climate change dynamics in complex ways, this additional role of removing carbon from the atmosphere may have implications for global climate models ...