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People with aphasia can "reclaim" their voice with speech therapy


Aphasia: types and causes Broca’s aphasia, also known as expressive aphasia, severely limits speech to short utterances and makes it difficult for an individual to form full and coherent sentences. ... Global aphasia, the most severe type of aphasia, affects both speech and comprehension. "...

Pfizer, Moderna mRNA vaccines trigger AIDS-like syndrome


Then there is aphasia, a post-injection condition that recently caused 67-year-old Hollywood actor Bruce Willis to retire, ending his career. Aphasia is a common side effect caused by COVID injections, and is associated with brain fog and failure to concentrate. "...

Skin sensor made from stretchable electronics could revolutionize stroke recovery


New wearable sensor doesn’t impede body motions His throat bio-sensor is designed to help diagnose and treat aphasia, a common stroke-induced communication disorder. ... “Talking with friends and family at home is a completely different dimension from what we do in therapy,” said Leora Cherney, a colleague of Jayaraman who specializes in treating aphasia. "...

Scalp acupuncture found to effectively reduce ASD (autism) symptoms


Earlier trials for scalp acupuncture focused mainly on treating stroke-related complications like paralysis and aphasia — a condition marked by impairment of language following brain injury . ... Sources include: NaturalNews.com CMJournal.BioMedCentral.com NIA.NIH.gov Journals.SagePub.com Aphasia.org CDC.gov Previous :Red sage, also known as danshen, has many uses in traditional Asian medicine Next : Scientists discover that high blood sugar can cause muscle atrophy - More news ...

Prialt drug, derived from animal VENOM, is approved by FDA but causes hallucinations, depression and psychiatric problems


Cognitively, Prialt can cause memory impairment, speech disorders, aphasia, abnormal thinking, and amnesia. "...

Music and your brain: Scientists seek to understand how your memory of music affects your brain


Furthermore, the researchers hope that these findings will help people with aphasia and other individuals who are unable to speak to talk again by reading their internal speech and recreating it vocally. "...

Hypnosis Leads to Heightened Brain Waves and Levels of Consciousness


Level three is aphasia. Through suggestion the subject is able to block a number or word from memory. "...

STUDY: In order to "save" 14 children from covid, 28 MILLION kids have to get "vaccinated" with experimental cocktail posing severe long-term risks


The most common post-injection health condition is pulmonary embolism followed by thrombosis, myocarditis, ischaemic stroke, deep vein thrombosis, cardiac arrest, aphasia, blindness, death and haemorrhage intracranial. "...

Five-phase music therapy based on TCM’s elements found to be safe and effective for treating depression in stroke victims


For one, music therapy has been known to alleviate emotional and psychiatric conditions, including neurological disorders such as aphasia, autism, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and visual neglect, among others. "...

Eat these foods to protect the skin from sun damage


Sources include: AAD.org Prevention.com TheEpochTimes.com Academic.OUP.com Food.NDTV.com Previous :People with aphasia can “reclaim” their voice with speech therapy Next : 6 Essential oils for boosting the immune system - More news on #nutrition Nutritional science: Lower your risks of heart attack and death from cancer by taking vitamin D and fish oil supplements Americans are still consuming too many carbs and fats, warn researchers Food scientists recommend daily consumption of whole ...

Rosemary essential oil can enhance working memory in children


Sources include: NutritionFacts.org ScienceDaily.com NCBI.NLM.NIH.gov 1 NCBI.NLM.NIH.gov 2 Understood.org Previous :Study: Nutrient in eggs and meat found to significantly reduce dementia risk Next : People with aphasia can “reclaim” their voice with speech therapy - More news on alternative medicine Nutritional science: Lower your risks of heart attack and death from cancer by taking vitamin D and fish oil supplements Researchers investigate green tea compounds that may help resolve antibiotic ...

Fabric softeners contain toxic chemicals


Early symptoms of CNS problems include aphasia, blurred vision, disorientation, dizziness, headaches, hunger, memory loss, numbness in face, pain in neck and spine. "...

Natural, homemade alternatives to toxic dryer sheets


. - Dementia — Fragrant products like dryer sheets contain petrochemicals which can “directly affect the central nervous system ” (CNS) and cause symptoms like aphasia, blurred vision, disorientation, and memory loss. "...

Performing aerobic exercises can improve overall endurance, even after a stroke


Stroke survivors can experience a wide range of disabilities, from minor behavioral changes to serious conditions like aphasia, a neurological disorder that impairs speech. "...

Gone after Gardasil: Acceptable collateral damage?


Annabelle Morin: Annabelle ended up in the hospital with aphasia (the inability to understand spoken or written words) and great difficulty standing 16 days after her first dose of Gardasil. "...

Research shows apples prevent stroke


These post-stroke health conditions include (in no specific order): difficulty moving one side of the body and trouble speaking, which cause many mini-symptoms in and of themselves such as difficulty swallowing, aphasia (slurred speech or inability to speak at all), hemiplegia (weakness on one side of the body), or difficulty with bowel and bladder control. "...