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Rapid antigen tests for COVID-19 running out ahead of holidays


Rapid antigen tests for COVID-19 running out ahead of holidays Tuesday, December 21, 2021 by: Cassie B. ... Ten of the 15 home tests available there are manufactured in China, and experts have warned that the rapid antigen tests can provide people with a false sense of security. "...

FDA admits that covid-19 antigen tests DO NOT detect Omicron, yet labs routinely commit fraud to push "casedemic" hysteria


The FDA recently admitted that the new rapid covid-19 antigen tests do not properly detect a sequence named “omicron.” ... The FDA reported on the NIH findings, stating “early data suggests that antigen tests do detect the Omicron variant but may have reduced sensitivity.” "...

Louisiana cautions against rapid coronavirus tests due to erroneous results


Louisiana, other states question rapid antigen tests Lousiana’s latest guidance brings the issues with tests to the fore. ... Speed and low cost make rapid antigen tests attractive, but inaccuracy casts doubts What makes antigen tests attractive, especially for large-scale use, is their speed and low cost. "...

Australia insists on using FALSE coronavirus tests that cost $1 billion in tax money


The expensive PCR tests led to renewed calls for Canberra and state governments to explore the use of rapid antigen tests in tandem with the more expensive counterpart. Advocates said running PCR tests alongside rapid antigen tests can quickly identify potential COVID-19 carriers. "...

Evidence emerges that COVID tests are faulty. FDA and CDC admit as much


Concerns about the effectiveness of COVID tests extend beyond rapid antigen testing. ... The FDA likewise blamed the method of PCR tests when health workers in Vermont discovered that only about 6% of positive results from a sample of antigen tests were affirmed subsequently by PCR. "...

Airlines looking to implement broad coronavirus testing for passengers to keep industry alive


On a recent media call, International Air Transport Association head Alexandre de Juniac said that adopting rapid antigen tests would reduce the need for quarantines that are “killing” the market. ... The tests would cost as little as $10, could be carried out without professional medical training by employees and would produce a result in 15 minutes with 97 percent sensitivity. "...

After mounting evidence, FDA, CDC now admit that coronavirus tests are faulty


It stated that antigen tests “are not 100% accurate ,” conceding that false positive and false negative results may occur. ... The CDC’s concerns over the accuracy of coronavirus testing extend beyond the rapid antigen test. "...

Speed over accuracy: Public health experts lean towards fast results for COVID-19 testing, abandoning accuracy


Chan School of Public Health, said that antigen tests are better at identifying cases with huge viral loads – which meant that antigen tests will likely find highly infectious individuals upon testing. ... FDA regulations require that rapid tests should be as accurate as rt-PCR diagnostic tests, permitting antigen tests with a sensitivity rating of 80 percent or better. "...

CDC shortens recommended isolation time for asymptomatic COVID patients


Ashish Jha, the dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, said that five days of isolation and two negative antigen tests should be enough to end the isolation period. ... There are others who say that antigen tests are not foolproof . Antigen tests behave differently and each brand works slightly differently and has different “limits of detection,” meaning they vary in the amount of virus present before it can be detected. "...

Apple tells workers they must take COVID-19 vaccine boosters, even if it kills them


Apple employees who don’t get booster shots within a month of becoming eligible will be required to have rapid antigen tests before entering their workplaces starting February 15. ... The company also began requiring vaccinated individuals to take COVID-19 tests once a week before it lowered the frequency of these tests later. "...

Pandemic fraud exposed: CDC admits PCR tests don't work


Rochelle Walensky recently said on “Good Morning America” that the newly updated guidelines of the agency don’t require testing at the end of isolation because PCR tests can stay positive for up to 12 weeks. ... The guidelines have since earned criticism from several health professionals for not naming a negative antigen test as a requirement for leaving isolation. "...

Federal law prohibits mandates of emergency use COVID vaccines, tests, masks — 3 resources you can use to inform your school or employer


All COVID vaccines, COVID PCR and antigen tests , and masks are merely EUA-authorized, not approved or licensed, by the federal government. ... Any entity or organization that requires EUA COVID-19 vaccinations, COVID-19 tests or masks are in violation of federal law, and will likely face lawsuits if they don’t allow exemptions or alternatives.” "...

How the mighty (cancer screening tests) have fallen


Three of the most widely used screening tests in medicine have taken a hit lately and been cast into disfavor or abandoned. The Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test has been condemned as useless in saving lives and accused of leading to unnecessary surgical interventions. "...

Coca Cola tests COVID-19 positive in Austrian parliament


After demonstrating a positive result, Schnedlitz goes on to slam the tests as a waste of taxpayer resources. ... The corona mass tests are worthless! This was also shown by a simple experiment in parliament, in which a cola had a positive result! "...

World Health Organization stops recommending widespread testing of asymptomatic coronavirus cases


Antigen tests are immunoassays that can detect if you have an active coronavirus infection within 15 to 30 minutes. The tests are also less sensitive than a PCR test. The WHO noted that antigen tests are “sensitive only for detection of patients with a high viral load,” like cycle threshold (Ct) values [of approximately] 25 to 30. "...

Another screening fraud exposed: PSA tests do more harm than good


Doctors screen for prostate cancer by measuring levels of the prostate specific antigen (PSA), a marker of prostate inflammation. ... This strategy works well for aggressive cancers with reliable screening tests, such as cervical cancer. "...

Monsanto pleads guilty to multiple environmental violations in Hawaii as locals call for them to leave the islands


Sources for this article include: GlobalResearch.ca ChemistryWorld.com FarmProgress.com Previous :Environmental groups sue EPA over pesticide-coated seeds Next : Rapid antigen tests for COVID-19 running out ahead of holidays - More news on badhealth Biden says he’ll give cash rewards to doctors who adopt anti-white policies Lancet science paper DESTROYS false narrative of covid vaccines, reveals vaccinated are PERPETUATING the pandemic More vaccinated soccer players fall ill with ...

South African health minister says omicron hospitalizations are "relatively low" and nothing to worry about


All arrivals from the U.K. are required to provide negative PCR or antigen tests taken within the previous 24 hours. ... Sources include: TheEpochTimes.com Health.ClevelandClinic.org SACoronavirus.co.za Brighteon.com Previous :Investigative reporter: Push to vaccinate children is about “global digital identity system,” not health Next : CDC reports 8 cases of myocarditis in young students who received Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine - More news on badhealth Biden says he’ll give cash ...

Dying cancer patients subjected to expensive, meaningless cancer screening tests


Dying cancer patients subjected to expensive, meaningless cancer screening tests Wednesday, November 10, 2010 by: S. ... Yes, people with a very limited time to live are being given mammograms, Pap tests, colonoscopies and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests on a regular basis. "...

Athletes infected within 90 days now considered the equivalent of fully vaccinated by NCAA


Those who are participating in athletic activities without a mask during days six through ten can be considered if they have a negative PCR/NAAT test or antigen test. ... They will also be required to wear masks for five additional days, although they can be considered to participate in activities without masks from days six to 10 if they can submit negative PCR/NAAT test or antigen tests. "...