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Antibiotic drugs found to cause harmful damage to the environment, even after being consumed by patients


Antibiotic drugs found to cause harmful damage to the environment, even after being consumed by patients Tuesday, August 01, 2017 by: Russel Davis antibiotic drugs , Antibiotics , Big Pharma , contaminants , dangerous drugs , ecosystem , environmental damage , Medicine , pollution , wastewater - (Natural News ) A meta-analysis published in the Microchemical Journal revealed that commonly used antibiotics make their way to the environment, which in turn may negatively ...

Researchers say that antibiotics do more harm than good


antibiotic overuse , antibiotic resistance , Antibiotics , Dangerous Medicine , disease causes , ear infections , gut health , immune system , infections , natural remedies , oral infections , superbugs - (Natural News ) Society is beginning to pay the price for years of antibiotic overuse, with superbugs claiming more and more lives every year and causing grave concern among health organizations and some medical professionals. ... Antibiotic overuse awareness ...

Listen to the experts: Antibiotics DAMAGE immune system function, warn researchers


While there is no question that there are some cases where they offer benefits when used properly, many of these prescriptions are unnecessary and they’re not just putting people at risk for antibiotic resistance – they can also damage your immune system function . ... Sources for this article include: NaturalHealth365.com Futurity.org Healthline.com Previous :Kanye West: Abortion has killed more black lives than COVID this year Next : Statin drugs used to fight cholesterol actually ...

Scientists study nanocapsules in the search for an antibiotic-free approach to superbugs


What are antibiotic-resistant bacteria? Antibiotic resistance, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is a term used to describe what happens when bacteria and fungi develop the ability to defeat the drugs designed to kill them . ... Sources include: BMCMicrobiol.BioMedCentral.com WHO.int NanoWerk.com Pubs.ACS.org CDC.gov Previous :Blue light found to accelerate aging and damage retinal cells - More news on antibiotic resistance Scientists ...

A single dose of antibiotics can cause long-term gut damage


The statistics are sobering: in the United States alone, antibiotic-resistant bacteria cause 23,000 fatalities and at least 2 million new cases of disease annually. ... Science shows that just one dose of antibiotic 'therapy' not only contributes to antibiotic resistance, but also brings about long-term damage to the microbes living in the gut. "...

Can common antibiotics harm your heart? Research links them to increased risk of heart conditions


The researchers compared the risk of death between patients taking azithromycin, amoxicillin (another antibiotic) or no antibiotic at all. ... He noted that the results raised concerns about the long-term use of the antibiotic. "...

The root bark of Indian trumpet tree, a widely used Ayurvedic herb, has cardioprotective properties


Conventional anti-cancer drugs, for instance, are known to be cardiotoxic and cause damage to the heart with prolonged use . ... Its ability to cause heart damage is widely reported and is its most serious contraindication. "...

Are Antibiotics Worth The Risk?


The use of any antibiotic eventually leads to the inability to continue to use that antibiotic due to the ability of microbes to adapt and create antibiotic-resistant strains. ... Use one antibiotic and you’ll create resistant strains. Use a second antibiotic and the resistance happens twice as fast, and so forth. "...

Treating an infection with antibiotics during pregnancy could put your child's mental health at risk


Treating an infection with antibiotics during pregnancy could put your child’s mental health at risk Sunday, July 28, 2019 by: Lance D Johnson antibiotic damage , antibiotic resistance , Antibiotics , autism , bacteria , bacterial infections , bad doctors , badhealth , badmedicine , blood brain barrier , brain health Dangerous Medicine , depression , fetal development , flu shot propaganda , Flu vaccine , gene regulation , gut wall , Hospitals , immune system , infant ...

Beware of Pfizer's tetracycline - Unless you enjoy permanently stained teeth


And one North Carolina man who is a victim of tetracycline has created a petition to Pfizer that he hopes will convince the company to pay for the damage the drug caused him. teeth ?'"... Tetracycline is also one of the many antibiotic drugs commonly given to conventional livestock and poultry to make them grow faster. "...

Educating the public about how drugs are prescribed can help prevent overprescription and antibiotic resistance, advise researchers


Educating the public about how drugs are prescribed can help prevent overprescription and antibiotic resistance, advise researchers Wednesday, April 10, 2019 by: Lance D Johnson antibiotic resistance , Censorship , coercion , Dangerous Medicine , genetic testing , health freedom , needless vaccines , over-prescription , prescription practices , public education , superbug infections , superbugs , toxic burden , Tyranny , vaccination practices , vaccine damage , vaccine ...

Probiotics help to repair the damage caused by antibiotics


This overexposure, in turn, led to serious problems like the rise of resistant bugs and damage to the gastro-intestinal system. ... Use of probiotics, however, has been proven to be able to restore this balance and avoid many of the problems associated with antibiotic use. "...

Researchers investigate green tea compounds that may help resolve antibiotic resistance


This means that it can help protect the body against cellular damage caused by free radicals. ... What is antibiotic resistance? Antibiotic resistance happens when germs develop the ability to defeat the drugs designed to kill them , thereby allowing them to continue their spread. "...

The benefits of Probiotics


This group, they discovered were protected against radioactive damage in their intestine. ... (https://www.naturalnews.com/034211_probiotics_radiation_damage.html ) Probiotics versus antibiotics Antibiotic literally means against life as opposed to probiotics which means for life. "...

Big Pharma is polluting the environment as well as your health: Pharma factories leak waste, worsening the superbug problem


antibiotic resistance , antibiotic waste , Antibiotics , badhealth , badpollution , badscience , Big Pharma , drug manufacturers , Ecology , environ , environment , infections , pharmaceuticals , pollution , superbugs , toxic waste , water pollution - (Natural News ) Big Pharma’s many wrongdoings are well-documented, but most of us focus on the damage they’ve caused to human health. ... The antibiotics given to animals in factory farms to accelerate their growth are also ...

US meat and poultry widely contaminated with bacteria including superbugs


"The emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria - including Staph - remains a major challenge in clinical medicine," Paul S. ... And should you get one of these antibiotic-resistant strains from meat or poultry, treatment can be difficult. "...

Brazilian Peppertree found to disarm deadly MRSA bacteria


As antibiotics start to fail, widespread antibiotic resistance is becoming a real thing. ... “It essentially disarms the MRSA bacteria, preventing it from excreting the toxins it uses as weapons to damage tissues,” Quave said. "...

Top 5 contributors to antibiotic resistance - one of the greatest threats to humankind


Top 5 contributors to antibiotic resistance - one of the greatest threats to humankind Tuesday, July 12, 2016 by: Ethan A. ... Worse still, they contribute to the rise of 'superbugs' that resist antibiotic treatment." "...

Your antibiotic might blind you, cripple you for life, or even kill you


Pharmaceutical drugs come with risks, risks most users choose to ignore. ... This antibiotic was the best selling antibiotic in the United States in 2010. Chris took two pills. "...

Protect your liver from drug-induced toxins with creeping marshweed herb


Hepatoxicity, or liver damage caused by harmful chemicals, is a huge problem that usually stems from taking high doses of certain medications. ... Unfortunately, some people get easily addicted to these poisonous medications, and they end up either suffering from stomach ulcers, liver damage and kidney failure, or worse, dead. "...