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Make your own natural anti-itch spray using essential oils


Make your own natural anti-itch spray using essential oils Wednesday, November 21, 2018 by: RJ Jhonson anti-itch spray , deet , essential oil , frankincense oil , goodhealth , insect bites , itchy skin , lavender oil , natural cures , natural remedies , personal care , skin care , Tea Tree Oil , witch hazel oil - (Natural News ) In most cases, insect bites are harmless and can cause nothing more than an itchy sensation. ... Science proves that living ...

Still not convinced? Science proves that living close to nature makes people healthier


Sources include: Science.news BetterHealth.vic.gov.au MarchOfDimes.org IntegrativePracticioner.com Previous :Make your own natural anti-itch spray using essential oils Next : Propolis from honey bees is a powerful superfood that kills Candida albicans - More news on blood pressure Tart, sweet and full of antioxidants: 5 Reasons to add nutrient-rich hawthorn berries to your diet Depression and increased cancer risk: 6 Reasons not to take birth control pills Pili nuts, grown as food ...

Don't throw them away! The skins and seeds of tomatoes make for highly nutritious animal feed


Sources include: Science.news Space.com TomatoNews.com WHFoods.com TAndFOnline.com FAO.org [PDF] Previous :Widely consumed in West Africa for its distinctive spicy taste, the pepper fruit helps fight off infections Next : Make your own natural anti-itch spray using essential oils - More news on Animal Feed Study finds new use for food waste, reusing it as feed, bioplastic Commercial octopus farming could have a “negative ripple effect on sustainability and animal welfare,” warns ...

Ten ways to use colloidal silver's amazing healing abilities


Ten ways to use colloidal silver for self healing 1) You can spray it onto burns to prevent infections and promote faster healing without scarring. 2) You can also spray or dab it onto ringworm, boils, herpes sores, and warts for faster healing. 3) If you're having bronchial problems or walking pneumonia, you can put some colloidal silver in a nebulizer and breathe it into your bronchial area and lungs directly. 4) Small amounts taken daily as a tonic will give what some call a ...

How to create a natural first-aid kit for travel


One drop takes the swelling and itch out of mosquito bites. It is an anti-inflammatory and has antiseptic properties. ... For example, if you're planning an outdoor excursion, you may want to add grindelia spray for poison ivy. "...

Aloe vera, honey and more: 10 Home remedies for itchy bug bites


(Related: Make your own natural anit-itch spray using essential oils .) Honey As a topical remedy, honey can reduce bumps and inflammation caused by bug bites. ... Lemon Lemons have potent anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effects against insect bites. "...

Cure eczema the natural way


Topical relief To arrest the intense itch of eczema, several external treatments show promise. ... Magnesium chloride spray - Applied topically to diminish inflammation. Sunflower seed oil - Anti-inflammatory. "...

DIY antibacterial spray for your workout equipment


How to make a DIY antibacterial spray Follow the recipe below to make a fragrant antibacterial spray. ... Recipes for other homemade cleaning products Why stop at a DIY antibacterial spray? "...

Mainstream media refuses to acknowledge health risks of anti-Zika DEET spraying


Judging by the number of horror stories circulating in the mainstream media regarding the so-called one might get the idea that Americans are facing a health threat as dangerous as HIV/AIDS or even the Black Plague. ... The bottom line is that we are in far more danger of being poisoned by anti-Zika pesticide spraying and combined exposure to DEET, than we are of suffering any serious effects from the disease itself. "...

Colloidal silver antibacterial liquid sprayed on Hong Kong subways as public health measure


The colloidal silver spray would also be applied to all grab poles and straps within the trains. ... A spokesman for Transport for London (TfL) said London Underground is in the process of developing anti-flu measures with the UK government and other agencies, including the possibility of using NSTDC spray in tube stations. "...

Dermatologists now treating eczema by spraying the skin with live bacteria


Dermatologists now treating eczema by spraying the skin with live bacteria Monday, June 18, 2018 by: Carol Anderson atopic dermatitis , eczema , good bacteria , goodhealth , Gram-negative bacteria , natural medicine , probiotics , R. mucosa , skin disease , skin health , skin itch , skin problem , skin rash , topical cream - (Natural News ) For years, people diagnosed with the skin problem, eczema, had no other choice but to consistently put topical creams to alleviate their symptoms. ....

It's not just pesticides that are wiping out bee pollinators... scientists now find that ANTIBIOTICS have a 50% kill rate of honey bees


Beekeepers spray honeybee colonies with antibiotics to help stave off foul brood. ... Sources include: ScienceDaily.com AntiMicrobe.org Previous :Vitamin B12 deficiency linked to impaired brain development and function in children… so why aren’t doctors recommending B12? "...

If you’re “anti-police” then you should not be allowed to call the police for help when other rioting idiots attack YOU


If you’re “anti-police” then you should not be allowed to call the police for help when other rioting idiots attack YOU Monday, June 08, 2020 by: S.D. ... They spray paint “Y’all not tired yet ” everywhere there’s a wall, even on veteran memorials. "...